Photo Credit: Cam Lewis

Playoff Parties with the Nation

The playoffs are upon us and that means that we’re trying to organize landing places for the Nation to gather before and after the games. This year, we’re going to #KeepItDowntown

With the new arena opening up we figured that it would be best to set up a couple different headquarters (#ONHQ) downtown and within walking distance to make things easy. As a result, we wanted to set up a couple spots that Nation citizens can go to party pre, during, and after every playoff game. The idea is to give you two places to party in the downtown core without ever having to leave and to be able to do it with your fellow Nation citizens.


If you’re going to the game or just looking for a place to watch it then the Pint Downtown is where you’re going to want to be. The Pint will have NationBeer on tap and in can form with daily specials that will fill your face and keep your hydrated. The Pint also set up the ATB Playoff Tent over the patio to expand the capacity and make sure that Mother Nature’s unpredictable moodiness won’t rain on our (eventual) parade. See what I did there?


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Starting Wednesday, our friends at Knoxville’s Tavern will be hosting Nation post-game parties after every single playoff game. After you watch the team win it only makes sense that you’re going to want to channel your inner dance machine and hit the club for some post-game rug cutting.

Not only will you have a chance to show off your moves every other day you’ll also have the chance to interact with some very special guests. After Wednesday’s game, Knoxville’s will welcome local legend Georges Laraque to talk a little 2006, take photos, and answer any questions you may have about being one of the greatest warlords of all time.

Be sure to keep your eyes on Knoxville’s Instagram account to get updates on who the latest party MC will be. I’ve seen the list and there are some absolute beauties that you’re going to be a part of this. Looking to party with your entire crew? Knoxville’s is ready to accommodate your entire life circle if need be.


If you’re planning to be at either the Pint or a Knoxville’s for any of the game day festivities you’re going to want to keep you iPhone charged and your camera active. Every time you post a playoff picture from either the Pint or Knoxville’s be sure to use the hashtags #MISSION17 and #ONHQ and you’re automatically entered to win NationGear packages as the playoffs go on.

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We’ll also be setting up a #MISSION17 album on our Facebook page so that we can post all of the pictures in one place. Not only is this playoff run big for the team, but also for our community and we want to show the world how the Nation parties.


Looking for NationGear for the playoff run? Head down to Crash Hotel or Denizen Hall before home games to grab a NationBeer and get yourself stocked up on fresh threads. We’ll  be having pop-up shops for two hours before every home game during this run.


Order delicious Oodle Noodle delivery and use the promo code MISSION17 to get 17% off on all order’s of $30 or more throughout the playoffs. Click HERE to get eating!