See it Again: The Anthem

Last night, the Oilers’ anthem singer, Robert Clark, made a surprise appearance in the crowd for the Canadian anthem and it brought the house down. We wanted to give the Oilers and Robert Clark a quick shout out for the innovation and doing the anthem in a way that we haven’t seen before.

Have another look.

    • Sammy D

      As someone who wanted to see the Paul Lorieau video one last time, this was an absolute amazing way to honour the past and move into the future. Rob did a great job.

      What wasn’t mentioned was the the crowd also sang the American anthem as well with Brett Kissel. But when Rob started to sing, the volume grew and grew. And when he held the mic up to all of us, it got louder. To whomever planned this out, well done!!

  • Corbs

    Am I the only one who didn’t like this? I thought it was brutal gimmick. I also don’t think he’s a good anthem singer at all. Not trying to be rude…just my opinion. Wondering if anyone else agrees?

    • corky

      Totally agree. Making way to big a deal of this. And to claim the oil just invented this is a bit of a stretch. The oil are serving up a lot of kool aid and people are gulping it down.

      • Florescent Oil Orange

        I am sure the 2006 playoff run is where the fans singing g the anthem is where it originated. It was never done in regular season and only in playoffs is why we haven’t seen it since

    • paul wodehouse

      …a little late to the party here but I am of the opinion that while Robert Clark IS a decent anthem singer (he IS an operatic singer and not an optometrist like the late great Paul Lorieau) this GIMMICK sucks …the picture at the top of the piece is maybe…all of 3seconds that he actually sang anything… my jaw dropped when I thought someone actually ‘pitched’ this idea and if it stays this way I smell a radical opinion poll produced right off the kick next season to the dumbass foolish embarrassment of our National Anthem …Clark will get better but GET HIM INTO A TUXEDO AND OUT THE CROUD!!!!!