Dylan Wells Scores Big in Draft +1 Season

Dylan Wells is having a helluva year and he capped it this week by scoring a goal. It is here. What’s more, it wasn’t one of those boring goalie stops puck, five touches later it hits the net and the goalie was the last opponent to touch the puck. This was a shot from 500…


Whatever you did on Wednesday, do the opposite of that

With the Oilers getting pumped for the last 2/3 of Wednesday’s game I think that we need to do our part to reverse the tides and help our boys in orange get back in the series. If we’re going to make it work we’re going to have to do it together.


GDB +2.0: Oilers Expecting To Be A Smarter Team

“It was one game. Our game didn’t go to crap because of one night. We can learn from it, but we are excited and upbeat,” Patrick Maroon said Thursday morning. He was surprised how many people were freaking out and pushing the panic button. This is his sixth playoff series, and his teams are now…


The Roundup

Previewing all the 1st round matchups, a Jets player calls out their goaltending, Leafs look to upset Caps, why Oilers fans should hate the Sharks, 5 reasons the Flames will beat the Ducks, safety was death for Willie Desjardins in Vancouver, Detroit saying goodbye to the Joe and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to…