GDB +3.0 Wrap Up: Oilers Poison the Shark Tank, Take 2-1 Series Lead

KASS-I-AN! KASS-I-AN! KASS-I-AN! Final Score: 1-0 Oilers

Have you guys missed me? I haven’t written one of these babies in five straight games and I figured it was about time that I sat down and actually wrote my first playoff wrap up. I’ve written 160+ of these post-game recaps and have never been able to talk about the playoffs, and the chance to do it was long overdue. To start, the game looked like a reversal of what happened at Rogers Place on Friday night and I was starting to get nervous. The Sharks were buzzing, the crowd was into it, and the Oilers were hanging on and looking for ways to weather the storm. Fortunately for Oilers fans everywhere, Cam Talbot was the wall that Trump dreams about and he gave his team a chance to win even when things looked ugly early on.

As the game wore on the Sharks’ pressure slowed down a little bit and the Oilers were able to settle into their game and even out the time of possession. Frankly, it was an impressive turnaround. Even so, San Jose wasn’t about to lay down and they maintained their share of the action and both teams were lucky that their goaltenders were ready to play. Heading into the third period with the game locked at donuts meant that every mistake would be amplified and the margin for error was razor thin. This game basically had an overtime vibe to it from the second period onward, and it really wasn’t surprising that Kassian’s game winner was the only goal scored all night.

For the Oilers, this was a massive road win that gives them back the home ice advantage and sets them up to put San Jose on the ropes on Tuesday night. Huge win, boys!

We wrap.


  • How does Zack Kassian follow up Friday night’s performance? With another massive goal, of course. Kassian picked up a loose puck in the slot and he made no mistake getting it through Martin Jones’ gaping five-hole. Two games, two massive gaming winning goals for the Kassassin.
  • Cam Talbot was lights out fantastic tonight. During the first period, the Oilers were on their heels and it was Dadbot’s brilliance that kept them in the game and gave them a chance to win. For the third straight game, Talbot was better than his counterpart and he records his second straight shutout after stopping all 23 shots that he faced.
  • Props to Todd McLellan for pulling out the blender and getting some juice back in his team’s batteries. The Oilers looked sluggish early and the lines getting switched up seemed to kickstart the engines and give the Oilers a lift. True?
  • After leaving Game 2 early, Oscar Klefbom came back and played 24:44 minutes (team lead) worth of solid hockey on the backend. He’s turned into a showstopper for the Oilers and we’ll forgive him for that missed empty net.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had a sneaky effective game as he some solid scoring chances and led the team in shots on goal with five.
  • Props to the Nurse/Benning pairing for playing some solid minutes on the third pair. They were physical, they broke the puck out well, and they stayed composed when the Sharks turned up the pressure.
  • The Oilers killed off both of the Sharks’ power play chances and their PK has been rock solid so far in this series. Normally you wouldn’t say that getting only two calls against you is an improvement but that is truly the case for Edmonton.
  • How can you not love the ‘let’s-go Oil-ers’ chant happening at the Shark tank before the game started? Oilers fans are the best.
  • Shout out to Martin Jones’ five-hole!


  • Not a great start for the Oilers tonight as they got only 6 shots in the first period as compared to San Jose’s 13 shots. Edmonton was able to weather the storm but it was definitely a departure from what we saw in Game 2 back at Rogers Place.
  • The Sharks did a good job of shutting down the Maroon-McDavid-Draisaitl line to the point where they got split up f0r the final half of the game. Connor will adjust. I believe.
  • I find it hard to believe that the refs only found one time to put a San Jose Shark in the penalty box but, hey, what do I know?
  • The Oilers only went 48% in the faceoff circle but that’s not too bad considering the veteran talent the Sharks have down the middle. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter.
  • Desharnais has been almost invisible over the last little while and I wonder if McLellan would think about taking him out of the lineup? That said, he’s a veteran guy that has playoff experience and the Oilers are short on that luxury.
  • Why can’t the Oilers hit empty nets? I don’t know how many times they’ve missed this year but it has to be approaching double digits.
  • What’s with fanbases trying to extend one-syllable team names for the Let’s-Go chant? Let’s-Go Shaaaarks sounds ridiculous and they should be embarrassed.



No Scoring


No Scoring


10:45 EDM Zack Kassian (2) 1-0

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  • toprightcorner

    I thought Dasharnais had his best game in a long time. He dumped pucks in deep, played hard on the forecheck and had energy in his game. as a 4C, that is all we need him to do. Really cut back on the turnovers tonight as well.

  • Moneyball

    A win is great, but this game could have gone either way, but its great to get a few wins like that. I would really like Maroon to start getting back to the maroon of old, I’m not sure whats up with him in this series, not much of a factor so far.

    • Ronr68

      You could say that about all the high scorers on Edmonton. It’s not that they’re playing bad, there’s no space and Jones has played really well. Don’t worry, they’ll have a break out game at some point.

  • It’s amazing when you think about how Kassian was public enemy #1 in Oil Country a few years ago. Absolutely despised.

    And just a few days ago, his name was being chanted by tens of thousands in and outside Rogers Place.

    If you’d told me that 3 years ago I’d never, ever, would’ve believed you.

    Here’s the thing… Or adoration has nothing to do with him simply playing for us, but rather he’s even cleaned up his game on the ice. There’s a line and Kassian never crossed it in his time with the Oilers. Burrows, Kesler, Tkatchuk, Bieksa, those clowns play dishonorably. I’d hate to have those guys on my team. But Kassian is above their garbage, and I love him for it.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    First time in along time your post game title can have the word tank in it and you didn’t lose lol. But serious congrats guys enjoy the feeling alberta deserves it.

  • OldeTymeHockey

    ***Note that tables are now scrollable on mobile***

    Noted. And while it’s better than the previous iteration where text spilled over columns in the tables and made them unreadable, it’s still worse than how they appeared before the site update. Same with the lineups.

    But definite props for continuous improvement attempts. Way to agile!

  • Hemi

    Although the game did not have the high level of intensity of game two, the result is everso pleasing. Kuddos to both Talbot & Kassian! It was great to see/hear the Oil fans in the crowd.

    Tell me it doesn’t feel good to be a Oiler fan this past year! Reading some of the other team’s sites (nation included), there definitely is a vibe of both jealousy and supprise regarding the Mighty Oil. You know you got something happening when your team is spoken about on Non-Oiler sites. Good on the fans, the team and the city. A long time in the making and very much enjoyable.

    More please!
    Go OIL Go!

    • Ronr68

      I think the Oilers win on Tuesday. San Jose acts like they’ve already lost. When Edmonton went down in the first game I didn’t get any sense of impending doom. Watching the post-game the Sharks seem totally deflated.

  • ed from edmonton

    I have been one of RNH’s toughest critics on this site. I may need to change my tune. Last night might be the most complete game of RNH’s career.

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      I really appreciate this comment. Thanks for being an adult and pointing out that someone you’ve criticized before is playing well. That doesn’t mean you can’t go back to being critical of they back-slide… But it’s nice that you’re mature enough to recognize if one of your goats had stepped up their game.

      Wish that everyone commenting on this site was that sensible…

      You rock, ed from edmonton!

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Had to listen to the San Jose feed on satellite radio last night since I was travelling back to work… Funny to hear how critical the San Jose colour commentator was of Brent Burns… the HNIC and Spotsnet guys can’t stop gushing about him like teenage fan girls and seem to think he can do no wrong. Meanwhile the San Jose guy was pointing out when he was weak on the puck and the many times he didn’t shoot when he had a chance… wonder if the Oilers are getting under Burns’ skin and causing him to play differently?

    The San Jose guys were also pointing out Eberle who threw a couple body checks on Ward. Wards a pretty big dude…. Shows that folks who don’t have an Irrational anti-Eberle bias think he’s a pretty decent player.

    Great close game by the team. Sometimes these playoff games are that tight and you need to grind it out to win. That’s exactly what they did last night and after ten years of looking for it, it seems we’ve finally found that ‘grit’ that the ‘experts’ keep talking about. Now to look forward to the Shames losing their third game-in-a-row tonight! Right on!

    • Hemmercules

      Change doesn’t always work for everyone. Im not a fan of the new comments section but getting used to it. I love the new site otherwise but I’m sure some changes and tweaks will be made this summer.

  • Hemmercules

    Great win. Always nice to take them down in their own barn. Next game can’t come soon enough! I love playoffs! Kassani!

    I actually though Deharnais was pretty decent last night. Cant say I watched him really close all game but him and Pouliot were buzzing around the ozone at times, unfortunately they didn’t get payed off. If Deharnais can improve his pass out front from behind the net he will be more dangerous. He always seem to find himself there and makes a little dish to no one. As bad a Pouliot was this season I still love his penalty killing and speed, he just needs to take a page out of Lucic and Maroon’s book and get to the net a little more.

  • Oiler Al

    Character win for the young team!! Talbot was outstanding ,yet again.He was the difference, and the Gods are following Kassian around the ice. Good for him. Unsung heros are for the play-offs.Will be interesting to see what line up Mclellan uses next game?

  • There needs to be a huge shoutout not only to the kickass fans who knew the way to San Jose and represented the Oil so very well and made us proud, but to the 11,000 fans who filled Rogers Place to watch the game on the giant screens. It was a festival-like atmosphere in our barn and the constant “LET’S GO OILERS!” continued followed by “KAS-SI-AN! KAS-SI-AN!” after his game-winning goal became a frenzy-fest of goodness and went on after the game through the concourse and outside. The same nervous/resolve feelings we had in 2006 have returned, and oh baby, I feel good!

  • camdog

    It sort of is ironic that right about the day that Oilernsation site changed their format and went a little one dimensional that Eberle and RnH started playing a complete game. They have both been fantastic since about game 60 this season.

  • JimmyV1965

    Would like to see Gryba back in the next game. Benning is a good prospect, but he’s been awful the last couple games. He can’t maintain possession and has a hard time in along the boards and getting the puck out. Whenever the Oil were hemmed in their own zone, it was the Nurse Benning pairing out there. And Although Nurse looked shaky, he was much stronger than Benning.

  • 916oiler

    Drove down to the game – right away, walking down the street, there were oilers fans hanging out of a hotel window yelling “Let’s Go Oilers!”. And then again a few blocks up fans walking around “Let’s Go Oilers!”. The Sharks fans were way less rowdy and into than I would have thought, and our little section behind Martin Jones out chanted their fans most of the night! Even the people I was sitting next to were a little disappointed in their own fans lack of cheering. Overall, great time at the game, and great win!! “Let’s Go Oilers!”

  • OilBlood

    What the hell is this comments section????

    I read some comments that start from 11 hours ago, get down and hit load more and it freaks out and takes me to comments just now.

    • OilBlood

      Then after posting a comment it takes me back to the old page and I once again have to hit “Load More”

      Sorry guys but this is garbage. An EPIC FAIL. I’m losing my appetite coming here when you can’t post a thing

      • Not a First Tier Fan

        It’s honestly not that hard to figure out. A little annoying, sure. But this isn’t rocket science here…

        A comments ‘page’ fills with some number of threads – let’s say 50. (Keep in mind that unless there are replies they just look like single comments.)

        When thread / comment #51 is posted, a new page is formed and the fist thread / comment is placed on it. As more threads are posted then #2 gets placed on the new page above the first, then #3 and so on. The comments appear reverse chronologically.

        When comment #100 is posted, then the process is repeated.

        Easy to understand. The oldest comments are first and in backwards order based on date. It would make perfect sense if the newest comments page was at the front instead of at the back. However it appears some setting is in place where the oldest comments are put out front. Reverse that setting and everything should be hunk-dory. That would also mean that the site directs you to the newest comments when refreshing.

        I’m sure this change is coming down the line. Folks just need to be patient and enjoy the playoffs.

  • Stick boy

    How does a team get 32 hits in one period and not one of them was a penalty?…How you say embellishment!!…They have to be more frugal on getting this stat count right because it’s an important stat in the game of hockey.