GDB +4.0 Wrap Up: Find a Plunger Because This One May Not Flush

Nothing to see here. Moving on. Final Score: 7-0

After playing a mostly airtight road game on Sunday the Oilers were going to have to be extra sharp heading into tonight’s matchup. You just knew that the Sharks were going to come out flying in the hopes of not going down 3-1 in the series, and the Oilers were going to have to be ready to play and be prepared to weather the storm. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen at all. When Joe Pavelski opened the scoring within the first few seconds of the game and Logan Couture followed it up with his first of the post-season season you just knew we were in trouble. As far as starts go, this one couldn’t have gone much worse.

Even though the Oilers were able to find some traction late in the first period, they weren’t able to sustain it and they weren’t able to get anything past Martin Jones – that’s a tough way to win a hockey game. The Sharks came out firing from the opening draw and Edmonton was only able to dodge so many bullets. At the end of the night, the Oilers were outplayed for 95% of the game apart from some sparse moments in which they able to get the puck away. They were outworked, out chanced, and outscored from start to finish and the result was the one they deserved. Frankly, the best part about this game was when the final buzzer sounded.

If there’s a positive to be found it’s that this game means nothing for what happens on Thursday.Shit happens – on to the next one. Series tied 2-2.

Wrap it up.



  • Joe Pavelski scored only 15 seconds into the first period by deflecting a point shot past Cam Talbot. Talbot didn’t have much of chance on that one but it certainly wasn’t the start the Oilers were looking for. After the game was long over, Pavelski added another goal in the 2nd period.
  • Logan Couture scored his first goal of the season on the power play that was a result of a pretty weak hooking call on Kris Russell. Unfortunately, that goal seemed to fire him up as he was able to get a second goal in the second period.
  • After the refs called a third consecutive horrible penalty against the Oilers it seemed almost inevitable that they would score another power play goal. This time it was Patrick Marleau that was the beneficiary of the generous officiating. Must be nice to get so many gifts.
  • Marcus Sorenson was at the side of the net when the puck rebounded to him off of Talbot’s pads and he made no mistake of burying it.
  • David Schlemko converted the touchdown with the Sharks’ fourth power play goal of the night. *sigh*
  • The Oilers’ passing was off all night and it cost them all kinds of zone time. I don’t know how many chances the Sharks got off of missed passes/breakouts but it had to be in the double digits.
  • Leon Draisaitl got frustrated and speared Chris Tierney in the balls, a decision that got him tossed from the game. Not the smartest choice for a player they need to be on the ice.
  • Tough night for Cam Talbot as he was give the hook after allowing five goals on 24 shots for a .792 save%. That said, Talbot barely got any support in front of him and even though he’d like some of those back there wasn’t much hockey being played by his teammates.
  • Connor McDavid was getting visibly frustrated tonight and it completely threw him off his game. After coming out flying, he started to get mad and didn’t look the same. I’ll expect fire from him in Game 5.
  • Nuge missed a wide open chance late in the first period that should have been a sure goal. As it turns out, that was just how the entire night would go for the Oilers.
  • The refs were horrible, as per tradition.
  • The Oilers went 0/4 on the power play and allowed four power play goals on the eight chances against them. How do you expect to get anything done when nearly a full period is spent in the box? Though, I guess the Sharks did them a favour to let them out early. All in all it was a terrible night for the special teams.
  • Why couldn’t Matt Benning hold onto his stick?
  • What’s with the Sharks being dicks and trying to screw with the Oilers’ practice times this morning? Are they that nervous about Edmonton that they refuse to let them practice? Piss babies.


***Tables are now scrollable on mobile***


00:14 SJ Joe Pavelski (1) ASST: Justin Braun (1), Patrick Marleau (1) 0-1
11:02 SJ PPG – Logan Couture (1) ASST: Joe Pavelski (2), Brent Burns (1) 0-2


02:02 SJ PPG – Patrick Marleau (1) ASST: Brent Burns (2) 0-3
09:46 SJ Marcus Sorensen (1) ASST: David Schlemko (1), Joel Ward (1) 0-4
12:52 SJ Logan Couture (2) ASST: Jannik Hansen (1), Joel Ward (2) 0-5
16:46 SJ PPG – Joe Pavelski (2) ASST: Brent Burns (3), Joe Thornton (1) 0-6


06:45 SJ PPG – David Schlemko (1) ASST: Tomas Hertl (2), Marc-Edouard Vlasic (3) 0-7



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  • Pouzar99

    Good grief. 2 questions. Can the Oilers put this behind them and play they way they are capable of on Thursday? I’m not sure. 2. Will Leon get suspended for spearing a guy in the balls. Well, it’s the playoffs and he has essentially a perfect disciplinary record. Let’s hope they take that into account and give him a nasty fine, but he might get a game.

  • This.Is.NHL

    Can anyone take a f#”@*+$ slapshot maybe top corner i dont even know if im watching hockey or what, give a big hit i mean come on. I guess Ebs is the player we thought he was and playoffs dont make a diff, players really need to step up.

  • man oh man….. that was rexall ice and a couple Taylor hall fbombs from a full on flashback eh gang? Might have to listen to foghorn today… just for giggles and delusional context.

  • Huey Hewitt

    Everything would be different if we had Hall, Demers and Gagner instead. Hell, we’d have won the series by now. Need to trade Eberle, Pulujarvi, Jones, Bear and 2017 first round pick to NJ for Hall and 2017 second rounder. Then flip that pick and Larsson to FLA for Demers. Then probably offer up Leon and Griffin to CA for Gagner, though I doubt they bite.

  • paul wodehouse

    …going into game five with things they gotta remember to forget…someone said of 14? “at least he backchecks”…just what this team needs is a 6million dollar backchecker…I remain in favor of getting as much as they can for both he AND 93 in the off season … 97 is going to need to be paid and HE certainly is more important than those two

  • GK1980

    Tough game. Benning was lost out there and the sharks exposed our defence big time. Nuge and eberle need to step the hell up or I expect they will be gone this summer. They are the vets and they aren’t getting it done. Period.

  • OldOilerFan

    Brutal. What really choked me was the lack of emotion. No one tried to fire the team up? No one tried to start a fight? Wasn’t happy with the line blender neither, it made things worse tonight – guys were lost. Sigh. Reset …..

    • Seriously Bored

      They got pushed around and sucked into playing the game San Jose wanted. Chasing and responding all night until the game was lost. Doesnt matter if the Sharks were selling calls and getting the benefit of the doubt that is what happens when you dominate play.
      Good to see people are here to hang this game on Ebs.

  • Jordan88

    Great teams lose. It is how they respond to those losses that show true character. San Jose is a great team. 2 shut outs, they wanted blood and they stepped up. Its 2-2, take the beating and put thursday in your sights.

    I mean…. lets face it you could be down 3 nothing in the series where your team gave up a 4-1 lead in a game at home.

  • Hemmercules

    They sure didn’t come to play right from the start. Bad passes, everyone looked slow and not engaging. Very little hitting like they have been doing most of the series. Crazy how they can go from that big Kassian game that was all energy to whatever it was we saw last night.

    Mcdavid was obviously really frustrated, he’s worrying too much about being physical and not just playing his game.

    I wonder if Drai gets a suspension for that spear? Very cheap and selfish. Not a good look on him. Hoping he learns from that and we do’nt see it again.

  • Blueliner44

    I kept waiting for a response by the Oilers last night. Why did they not come out in the third hitting everything in sight? They needed to set the tone for the next game and came out completely flat. To quote Letterkenny “time to reach into your pants boys and give your set a tug, see if they’re still there”

  • That's My Point

    One good stat is that San Jose has scored 7 goals in a playoff game twice before and LOST BOTH series. Benning should not play in the NHL again this year, WTF hang on to your stick man and when you do don’t break it in half. Reinhart should be playing Thursday. Hendo or Pakarinen should be in. Do they bring in Puljujarvi? They need a spark of offense only 5 goals in 4 games.

  • Draisaitl and McDavid were completely out of character and they ended up playing into the fins of the Sharks, throwing them off their game and not focusing.

    Rookies Caggiula and Benning were horrible. I would not play them the next game.

  • Been there

    A few things, Larssen and the goalies the only ones that showed up. Personally don’t understand the coaching staff. Last night the three worst players kept getting more and more ice time as the game went on. Benning not only played half a game with no stick, he was lost positionally all game, and Caggiula was just as bad, totally in lala land. Shepyslev seemed like he was on his wrong wing. No one other than McDavid made a hit all night. Where were Maroon, Lucic, Nurse and Kassian? Can you say “time out”? They don’t have to only be used in the last period, maybe call one when it is time to regroup the troops in the first period, stopping the other teams momentum. Last but not least, why are we only targeting Pavelski? Hit Thornton, Couture and Burns, doesn’t have to be dirty, but dammit hit them!!
    End of rant

  • Clayton

    Does it not get tiresome using bad reffing as an excuse for EVERY Oiler loss? The plain fact of the matter is that last night the Oilers got beat…no…dominated…in every aspect of the game. Reffing was not an issue and in fact it is the Sharks that should be complaining about the missed calls…Couture gets cut by a high stick from Russel…no call. McDavid crosschecks a shark three times while he is vulnerable face down on the ice then follows up with a punch to the back of his head…no call. McDavid delivers three elbows including one that was in direct contact with a shark’s players head…no call. If any of these plays were done against McDavid Oilernation would be demanding suspensions. Quit complaining about the reffing…and examine the game for what it was…a dominate performance by a much more experienced team.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      This only proves one of the above posters comments about the reffing, not that the Oil lost because of reffing. Pointing out more of what is a penalty? Your examples about of the Oilers infractions are to the point. I also saw a head shot on Larsson and very late hit on Benning in the first. When they talk about experience that is one of the things the Oilers need to learn. There is zero doubt that playoffs are officiated differently than the regular season (maybe because the game is played differently, or maybe the game is played differently because it is reffed differently. Chicken and egg). SJ is very good at interfering without “Interference” Oil need to work through and avoid the blatant stick infractions. A great example was 5 on 3. Pavelski hits McD away from the puck just hard enough to spot McD forward momentum they uses the advantage to get a step on him. McD ‘hauls’ him down and boom 5 on 3. Smart play by little Joe. Regular season maybe he gets an interference call maybe not but in the playoffs he knows that will for sure not get called.

      • Spiel

        The Sharks have several players who have the ability to get under the skin of their opponent including embellishing certain infractions. McDavid and Draisaitl were caught up in trying to respond physically to every little jab, stick, and bump. Clayton is right that if a Shark had done what McDavid did with his cross-checks and forearm shivers, Oilers fans and media would be raising holy hell.

        • BobbyCanuck

          If Connie, yes Connie, just like Cindy and the Sedin Sisters, catch my drift?…If I was a Shark and he pulled that sh!t on me, I would be looking to injure with intent

  • Seriously Bored

    The playoffs are officiated differently because it makes the games more physical and more exciting. If they played 82 games like that too many of the star players would get hurt throughout the season.

  • Florescent Oil Orange

    Special shout out to the oil fans in attendance last night who started the we want ten chant. The sharks fans hijacked it I to we want 8. But a very clear message to the oiler players on the ice who were around to hear that before