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I BLACKED OUT WHAT HAPPENED? Baggedmilk went to the game again tonight so I graciously took the wrap-up from him for the night. *boos from crowd* I, along with everybody else in Oilersnation cannot contain themselves right now. Is this real life? Did we just come back from a 3-1 game and absolutely destroy the Sharks in overtime? Are we going back to San Jose with a 3-2 series lead? Somebody pinch me, seriously.

I’ll have you know that the Oilers are officially 3-0 while I’m writing wrap-ups so Baggedmilk better watch himself or I’ll be put in this spot permanently.

The first ten minutes of the first period was probably the best we’ve seen them play this round… before overtime. They were hitting, shooting, skating, smiling, and scoring goals. The Oilers proved that the 7-0 game didn’t mean a thing to them, which made it an exhilarating time in Rogers Place. The next ten minutes however, were completely different. They made a couple mistakes, one at their own blueline, one at the Sharks blueline, and it cost them two goals agains. The Oilers played on their heels for the last half of the period and I couldn’t stop thinking about whether I was wearing the right lucky clothes for this game.

The second period was opposite of the first. We were unable to create any chances… heck, we could barely get into their zone until Connor McPlayoffs sent Marcus Sorensen into another dimension with a shoulder to chest hit. Some would say it was interference but I say WHO CARES THE REFS ARE BLIND ANYWAYS. Whether it was clean or not, it was a momentum changer, that’s for sure. The crowd got off their feet, the MVP chants began, and the refs even got on board by calling back to back penalties on the Sharks. Our stellar powerplay did its job ending the period with a 3-2 game after a goal from powerplay specialist and hard working Albertan, Mark Letestu.

I think I can speak for us all when I say the third period was the most nervous we’ve been for a game in the last few years as Oilers fans. The Sharks did a great job chipping away at the clock but we persisted. I swear Connor played like 25 minutes in that third period but low and behold our game-tying heroes were David Desharnais and Oscar Klefbom! Oscar practically took a running start from the red line and fired one off the post and in. I let out a scream from my couch, and I almost heard Rogers Place erupt from 20 blocks away as well.

But the OVERTIME. Don’t get me started on the overtime. The Sharks didn’t get their first shot on net until over twelve minutes into the period. The Oilers walked all over them and taught them a lesson about bouncing back from a 7-0 blowout. Five hours ago I was telling everybody how Desharnais should be scratched for this game and he goes out and scores two of the biggest points of his career. Excuse me as my hands are shaking while typing this.

We’re going back to Cali. Game six. Sleep well Oilersnation, or don’t sleep at all. That works too.


  • Props to the Oilers for finding another creative way to perform the anthem. Joey Moss killed it in the stands, and Rob Clark was awesome as usual in the concourse. It turned out a little funky through the broadcast, creating some sort of round type singing.
  • The first ten minutes of the first period was amazing and made me proud to be an Oilers fan. Lucic came out like a wrecking ball destroying everything in his path, and MAROOON followed up with a couple big ones himself.
  • Maroon put the injury rumours to rest tonight with a huge first period goal. His celebration said it all. He was pumped to get that playoff monkey off his back.
  • I could go on and on about how well everyone came out to play in the first period. They showed everyone that the 7-0 game WAS a write-off and wouldn’t affect them. Great to see Draisaitl find his legs also. He was buzzing all night long.
  • I actually loved all the camera shots of the Molson Canadian Hockey House. Created a fun atmosphere and just showed how pumped this city is.
  • Who doesn’t love when McDavid lays the body? Connor threw a HUGE hit on Sorensen in the second period which got the whole crowd pumped. He’s been surprisingly physical this series and the hit led to the MVP chant.
  • The back-to-back powerplays we got in the second period were hot fire. We had puck control for a heavy majority of the time and ended with a goal from power play specialist, Mark Letestu, assisted by Draisaitl and McDavid. LETESTUUUUBE!
  • The camera was all over Wayne Gretzky this game and his reactions were priceless. More Gretzky please!
  • This was easily the Oilers best night in the faceoff circle, winning over 70% of the draws.
  • KLEFBOMMMMMM! I’m going to be honest with you all, I was pretty upset when I saw Desharnais on the ice in the last five minutes of the game. He picked a good time to tally his first point in 17 games.
  • The Sharks didn’t get their first shot on goal in overtime until over half way through the period. The Oilers outshot them 14-2. Dominance.
  • The Oilers only took one penalty all game and battled tough officiating while doing so. They were patient and disciplined. It paid off.
  • Anybody have Desharnais in their fantasy pool? Wow. I’m stunned right now.
  • Also shoutout to Drake Caggiula who played awesome on the first line. He excelled with the pace of the line and created a lot of scoring opportunities in the last half of the game.


  • BOOO to the Flames fan holding his Flames phone case in front of Robert Clark during the anthem.
  • Nurse hits two posts in first period and was inches away from turning the first period into a blowout. BOO YOU POST. Eberle followed up with another post in the same period. No surprise there.
  • The boys got a little too excited halfway through the first and left the zone too early leaving Boedker driving home a tic-tac-toe pass tying it at one.
  • Another bouncing puck at San Jose’s blueline combined with a bad change by Adam Larsson lead to Marleau’s goal putting the Sharks up 2-1 in the first.
  • Braun & Vlasic are incredibly annoying for Connor McDavid to play against. They do a really good job at shutting him down and I was hoping we could take advantage of the home ice change a little more tonight to get Connor away from them.
  • Maroon gets a warning from an angry ref for snowing Martin Jones and then takes a brutal goalie interference penalty in the second period when he knows the ref is all over him… not good.
  • We had a really hard time skating through the neutral zone this game. San Jose gave us no room to work with and made it really hard to set up in the zone.
  • I would have loved to see the Oilers come out rocking and continuing with their momentum from the end of the second period. Instead both teams came out nervous and safe which essentially killed ten minutes off the clock.
  • Martin Jones played amazing and I hate him so much. This game could have been over in the first two minutes of OT but he continued to stand on his head until we all nearly pulled our hair out. Kudos to him.



05:28 Edmonton Patrick Maroon (1) ASST: Matt Benning (1) 0-1
10:12 San Jose Mikkel Boedker (1) ASST: Chris Tierney (1), Marcus Sorensen (1) 1-1
15:52 San Jose Patrick Marleau (2) ASST: Joe Thornton (2), Brenden Dillon (1) 2-1


08:38 San Jose David Schlemko (2) ASST: Mikkel Boedker (1), Joel Ward (3) 3-1
18:33 Edmonton PPG – Mark Letestu (1) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (1), Connor McDavid (2) 3-2


17:14 Edmonton Oscar Klefbom (2) ASST: David Desharnais (1), Matt Benning (2) 3-3


18:15 Edmonton David Desharnais (1) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (2), Andrej Sekera (1) 3-4


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