Rest Up, Round Two Starts on Wednesday

I hope you’ve spent the last day and change relaxing because round two against the Anaheim Ducks starts on Wednesday night.

Once again, the Oilers are playing against a California team which means that we’re all going to be short on sleep for another week. Aside from Sunday’s 5pm start, I’m guessing that the remainder of the games will also start at 8 PM or later because TV hates us so we’ll have to sneak in our naps when we can. Fortunately for Oilers fans, that first round win gave our bodies and livers a good primer of what life is like on little sleep and high beer diets.

According to the Oilers site, the remaining games “will be announced when available” but it’s probably fair to guess that they’ll be late starts again. I guess it’s nice that the NHL threw us a bone with a 5 PM start on Sunday which means that we can all get down to the Pint and be back home and in bed at a reasonable hour (or not). Either way, the second round is nearly upon us and I’d encourage you to get some vitamins in you and get to bed early over the next two nights.

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