Anthem Singer, Robert Clark, Thankful for Fan Support

Yesterday, Oilers’ anthem singer Robert Clark put out a video thanking the fans for the support he’s been given and I wanted to help him spread the word.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to three playoff games at Rogers Place so far and one of the coolest parts is when Robert Clark pops up in the crowd and leads 18,000 people in singing the Canadian National Anthem. When I saw that Rob put out a thank you message to the fans I knew that I wanted to help him get a few more views on his video.

Check it out:

Personally, I thought it was pretty cool to hear that Paul Lorieau’s daughter reached out to him to offer support and that the community, in general, is rallying behind him. I know that some of you may be wondering why I posted this video on the site, but I think that this kind of stuff is exactly what OilersNation is all about. We’re a community of fans that are all in this thing together and Rob a big part of that culture.

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While Robert is thankful for the support that he’s getting from the community, I’m thankful for the twist he’s put on the anthem this year and how it gets the crowd going before the game has even started.

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    I love his anthems. He sings it without the warbling up and down like most of the US anthem singers and even a few of the Canadian singers. Perfect pitch, perfect voice.

  • elliotsmom

    Robert Clark: awesome voice, humble, unassuming, appreciative, sensitive, crowd- pleasing, thankful, a fan of the Oil and of the people. We are lucky to have him.


    Baggedmilk doesn’t need to explain himself when posting on ON just because some people complained about other articles. They’re just desperate for attention.

  • Robert Clark

    Well I was happy being just an anonymous reader of this awesome site but I had to finally make a real profile after you posted this. Thank you SO much for your kind words BM and OilersNation. I wish I could hug and fist bump every one of you. The experience of singing the anthems for Oilers games has been incredible but I gotta say, singing with 18,000 people and hundreds of thousands more across the country goes beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. It honestly and truly is each and every one of you that make this experience so memorable and SO EFFING EPIC!! I love you all and I look forward to MANY more playoff games together. Ok cheesiness over. LET’S BLOODY WIN THIS THING!!

    • positivebrontefan

      Well, this put me over the top, first time commenting on the new format, Mr. Clark, I love what you do, and you are doing a marvelous job bringing the energy to the building before the play even starts. I was at the first game that Paul Lorieau raised the mic to the crowd all those years ago, and can also proudly say I was at the first game that you sang from the crowd. Both experiences brought tears to my eyes and I thank you both for that. Way to go Rob, and lets keep this run alive!!!
      Go Oilers!!!!!!

  • Nick Khron

    Rob, as a long time lurker but never felt anything I had to say was really important enough to sign in for(I rant enough on HF), I finally did just to comment here. I love how you have embraced the old traditions and made it uniquely your own. I’ve been impressed with you so far but this video made me a giant fan of yours. Hopefully you are with us a long time and become a legend in your own right in Oiler history.

  • Corbs

    I actually find it way too much of a gimmick. I don’t enjoy him being in the crowd at all. I also don’t find him to be a very good anthem singer. I’m obviously in the minority around here. As long as the Oilers win I don’t really care who sings the anthem!