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GDB +8.0 Wrap Up: Cam Talbot propels the Oilers to a 2-0 series lead

Final score: Oilers of Edmonton 2, Ducks of Anaheim 1

This was a game played in bursts, at least on the Edmonton Oilers’ side. With the exception of goaltender Cam Talbot, who was great throughout, the lineup was consistently inconsistent.

They jumped out to an early 1-0 lead, then sat back and let the Ducks take the game to them for the rest of the first period. They reset at intermission, and came out strong in the second before again slumping after taking a 2-0 lead, finishing the period with a narrow 2-1 advantage.

The malaise continued into the third period, as with a few exceptions Anaheim continued to push Edmonton hard, collecting two goal posts and forcing Cam Talbot to make a lot of good saves. Fortunately for the Oilers, Talbot was equal to the task.

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The bottom line, though, is that the ugly moments in this one don’t matter to the result. The result is a 2-1 Oilers win, and more importantly a 2-0 lead in this second round series. Now the Ducks have to win four of five remaining games in which Edmonton holds home ice advantage.

The Oilers are only halfway through this series, but they’ve given themselves a massive advantage.

Since I don’t normally get a chance to do the postgame write-up, I’m going to take this opportunity to depart from our traditional approach, and instead steal a page from David Staples and the Cult of Hockey. The following are game grades for every player in this one.

First Line

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LW Patrick Maroon, B. Maroon played a better game tonight than he has in a while, but some of that was simply a byproduct of McDavid’s improved play. Not attributable to McDavid: the 2-0 goal that he redirected as part of Edmonton’s second power play unit.

C Connor McDavid, B+. This was probably the best game McDavid has played in the postseason yet. He played on different lines early and looked dangerous, creating several brilliant chances and drawing penalties (some of which the referees even called). The only thing missing was execution.

RW Leon Draisaitl, B. Draisaitl has been an impact player since midway through the first round, and while he took a backseat to McDavid in some ways he still had a strong night. He hit a crossbar, made a bunch of lovely passes, and played a nasty, gritty game along the boards in both zones.

Second Line

LW Milan Lucic, C-. On a night where his linemates were going pretty well with the puck, Lucic seemed out of sorts, misfiring on several passes. A third period turnover to Cam Fowler, in particular, nearly cost Edmonton the game. Even when he isn’t clicking at 100 percent, though, he’s still 6’3” and 230-odd pounds, which comes in handy along the boards in games against Anaheim.

Game Notes: Canucks @ Oilers

C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, C. Nuge had some jump in an uneven night. He was good on special teams; he was a workhorse on the penalty kill and had one of the prettiest second assists you’ll even see on the Oilers’ 2-0 power play goal. Even-strength was a different matter; he got burned badly by Andrew Cogliano early and this whole line was taken to the woodshed by Getzlaf and Co.

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RW Jordan Eberle, C. There was a time when Eberle was a pretty dynamic presence on the power play, and tonight was one of those games where he reminded Oilers fans of his skill level, playing a critical role in Edmonton’s 2-0 goal. He had some tough minutes at evens, and was part of some tough moments against.

Third Line

LW Drake Caggiula, B-. The best play from Caggiula in this game was also the play that ended his night. He showcased his speed, blowing past defenceman Shea Theodore and driving hard to the Ducks net, but then went even harder into the end boards. He was playing decent two-way hockey before exiting the game.

C Mark Letestu, C-. Letestu negated a goal and took a penalty late in the first period, knocking defenceman Brandon Montour into his goaltender and sending both sprawling. He had a rare off night in the faceoff circle, too.

RW Zack Kassian, C+. Mr. Disallowed Goal had yet another one taken away from him late in the first period after Letestu bowled Montour into the goalie. He both drew a penalty and took a penalty, with the key distinction between the two being that Edmonton scored on their opportunity and the Ducks failed to do so on there’s.

Fourth Line

LW Benoit Pouliot, B-. It was a frustrating night for Pouliot early, as he just seemed a little bit off with the puck, but he picked it up as the game went on. He showed some jump on special teams, driving to the net on Edmonton’s 2-0 goal and working hard in the defensive zone on the penalty kill. He also drew two penalties for the Oilers.

C David Desharnais, C+. Desharnais didn’t show very well in the early going, and ended up playing extremely little over 40 minutes as the Oilers moved to three lines after Caggiula got hurt. He looked fresh and energetic when he got back into things in the third period.

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RW Anton Slepyshev, C+. Slepyshev had a good look in the opening minutes of the game, putting the puck just wide during a rare shift with McDavid. Perhaps that should read as a rare shift, period; he suffered the same fate as Caggiula through the first two periods. As with Desharnais, he looked good when he got some opportunities.

First Pairing

LD Oscar Klefbom, B-. This pairing was mostly good, give or take a few of their shifts against Ryan Getzlaf. Klefbom generally excels when the pace is high and that was broadly true tonight, though at points he had trouble making the puck do the things he wanted it to do.

Oilersnation Pre Game Podcast - Game Three vs Montreal

RD Adam Larsson, C+. Larsson isn’t quite as comfortable as Klefbom in high-speed situations, but again outside of the Getzlaf minutes there wasn’t much to complain about here. He had a couple of tough moments with the puck but generally did well with those nasty defensive zone battles.

Second Pairing

LD Andrej Sekera, C. Sekera scored Edmonton’s 1-0 goal, wiring the puck top corner from a miserable angle; John Gibson probably should have had it but Sekera deserves credit for making life hard for the goalie. He had some trouble moving the puck at later points in the game and was the Oiler most obviously at fault on Jakob Silfverberg’s goal.

RD Kris Russell, C. Russell looked especially bad in the first period, as he was the Oilers defenceman most obviously struggling with Anaheim’s speed. He was good on the penalty kill, but too often played 5-on-5 hockey like the Oilers were down a man, settling for clears over passes and backing in at the defensive blue line. He did make some key defensive plays in the third period.

Third Pairing

LD Darnell Nurse, C-. Nurse was in the penalty box after a needless high-sticking call when Anaheim scored its goal, a goal which injected some life into the team in the second period. He was pretty good with the puck, but decidedly erratic without it. Of note: He may have been playing injured in the back half of the game after an awkward hit by Ryan Getzlaf.

RD Matt Benning, C. Benning does a lot of things well, but matched against Anaheim’s size and speed in the defensive zone he at times looked wanting. He was a lot better in the other two zones.

Goaltender & Coach

G Cam Talbot, A. Talbot was tested on his very first shot of the game, a point blank chance for Andrew Cogliano, and turned it aside with apparent ease. The saves wouldn’t always look so easy, but with a sole exception Talbot was the equal of Anaheim’s chances. Goaltending made the difference in this one.

Todd McLellan, A-. I liked a lot of what McLellan did tonight. His early shuffling of McDavid to random lines put a wrench in Randy Carlyle’s matchup plans, and later in the game he mixed and matched his 11 healthy forwards to good effect, taking advantage of the strengths of Desharnais and Slepyshev. The Oilers sat back too much at points, but always found a way to right the ship.

The Bottom Line: Edmonton took an early lead, and spent too much of the game hanging on for dear life. But as much as it was a near-run thing at points, the Oilers did manage to hang on to that lead and are now in firm control of this series as it shifts back to Alberta.

  • Slipknot 8


    A C average for RNH is criminal! Besides Talbot, RNH was arguable the best player out there for the Oilers! That was a massive shut down on the Getzlaf line! Played over 20 minutes and assisted on the GWG…I’m not sure what more you want in shutting down the other team’s best line!
    Oh, and he was one of the few players able to play both centre and wing after the Drake went down!
    Easy B to a B+ for the Nuge

  • Heschultzhescores

    The game changed after the OBVIOUS non-call Hold on Mcdavid by Getzlaf. Like What is that? There is zero chance they didn’t see it, and then they call a weak one on Kassian. That’s what gave the Ducks life! I CAN’T stand corrupt refs!

  • At first I thought the Oilers didn’t deserve the win and Talbot stole a game for them.

    Then I realized that the refs handed the game to the Ducks, and had the reffing been consistent, the game would’ve been closer.

    That’s all I want, consistency. If the refs are letting hooking and obstruction go, let it go for both teams. If they are letting players perform UFC style chokeholds on the Oilers, then allow the Oilers to do the same back rather than calling the Oilers for it.

    So credit to the Ducks for keeping on that pressure, but that’s not hard when you’re allowed to do anything you want and the other team, the Oilers, can’t even risk getting their stick up to waist level for fear of being called for hooking.

  • Reinman

    I thought the ref was the guy who had the most impact on the game (outside of Talbot). That non-call on Getzlaf on McDavid, when we took his hand off his stick grabbed mcDavids should as he blew past him, and knocked him off baalnce, was nearly the turning point in the game. Then he calls Kass on a slightly weak one. I don’t really have an issue with the Kass penalty, but to call that one right after watching a latent hold, was just salt on the wound.

    The was the turning point in the game for sure. The oilers though in a defensive shell, I thought were controlling the Ducks to that point, and there was little energy in the building. Oilers were looking good til then.

    • O.C.

      I don’t like the “blame the ref” card but that non-call was a key momentum turning point.

      The goaltender interference was iffy, and the exact play the other way wasn’t called (Ducks nearly scored)

      • West

        The interference call on Letestu wasn’t iffy. It was ridiculous. Gibson felt a little contact and fell down. There is no way that the amount of contact there was should have been enough to knock him over so completely.

    • Rob19

      I feel exactly the same way. That hold on McDavid could not have been any more obvious, and the game turned after that with the Kass weak call. Wind was gone from the Oiler sails. It’s a shame the refs can be so blatantly inconsistent and impact the game like that…
      Good on our boys to get the two early, then hold them off with Talbot leading the way. The right team won.

    • slats-west

      The Officials (and perhaps the players as they are the perpetrators) are really robbing hockey fans of plays and a great series. Nurse’s spin on him was not a good Getzlaff hit – it was a cross check that may take Darrell out of the series – but were we the fans robbed of a “Chara-like” spin move that he did during the Bruins playoff run. The Getzlaff hook/tough hockey play(?) again another fantastic “almost” play by McDavid will never know what would have happened? Maybe a fantastic save by Gibson that sparks his team to a comeback, maybe a goal rivalling Lemieux’s highlight goal against the Stars…. will never know.

      Until they call the rules we will watch a less skilled hockey play be our entertainment ….it’s pathetic. And when your paying $250-$1,000 a seat ….that’s a Crime!

    • HeinrichDude

      Couldn’t agree more. That non call on Getzlaf was a turning point. Getzlaf’s hold and Kassian’s hold were exactly the same and both penalties. A penalty called there would have slowed the Ducks down. There is no excuse for the ref to miss that one as he is standing right there about 10-15ft away.

  • DXB

    Dirty, gritty, greasy win for the Oil. Our goaltender was our best player and our coach was a mad genius. I have never seen a coach mess with another team as badly in my life. I think like the 7-0 drubbing the boys will learn a lot from this one and be on fire for their homecoming. Blood in the water, can’t wait to see the roof getting lifted at Rogers on Sunday. Man am I homesick right now…

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    You have to have your goaltender steal a game or two in the playoffs, and Talby just did that tonight. Grab it and come out swinging Sunday in Edmonton!

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    I didn’t mind this style of wrap-up… wouldn’t want it every game but nothing wrong with something different every now and the .

    Totally agree with the commenters saying that Russell deserved a little more love. The grade might have been about right considering the night the Oil had penned into their own zone – but sheesh were there ever some elbows thrown in the grade explanation.

    Every good team has nights where their goalies steal a win. This is one where it happened for the Oil… Coming home with the series up two to biscuits is farking awesome!! Especially seeing as how the Flames couldn’t manage one win against these guys…

    Thank you Cam.

    • Anton CP

      He upgraded Russell from D+ to C now, seem a bit fairer. The entire Oilers were outplayed by the Ducks so C across the board (other than Talbot, that’s a shutout away from being A+) is about right. I actually think that Slepyshev with limited ice time has been played decently well considering that he was able to pin the puck in offensive zone and kill off a lot valuable time for the Ducks. Sekera was however a goal away from being D, he is a good defenseman but he has too many careless passes that almost cause the game. Lucic’s final minute play salvaged some of the bad night he has considering that he was unable to protect the side to keep the puck in the zone and brutal turnover that almost cause the game too. Nurse may still just be inexperience that he still has lots to learn, the pairing with Benning need to break up in the future because both are having more of offensive mentality than being defensively reliable.

      • Not a First Tier Fan

        Not sure why you got trashed for this. Your comments were right on based on what I saw last night. You know that this stuff is exactly what the players are talking about getting ready for game three.

        Nurse and Benning might not be discussing breaking up their pairing, but guarantee both are looking at tape to see when they should be making more defensive choices.

        • Anton CP

          Peoples are in celebratory mood so they don’t like to see negative comments? I wasn’t being negative just because that the Oilers won with the incredible play by Talbot that everyone else need to play better and not just hoping for a moment of mental lapse of opposing goalie (the first goal by Sekera was a terrible play by the Ducks at the opening minute) and our goalie can stop every single shot to bail them out.

          Also, I’m not talking about breaking them up now. I’m talking about the future that years to come. One of them needs to learn how to play defense better.

  • Stack Pad Save

    I thought that throughout the first and second period the Oilers controlled play and where the much better team. That non-penalty call really did change the momentum in the game. I cant wait until we see a play-off series between 2 Canadian team just to see if their is a change in riffing consistency. Even though it wrecks all my brackets I am now hoping the Oilers play Ottawa in the finals! Go Oilers!

  • Oilfansince88

    When is Getzlaf gonna get called on a penalty. Just ludicrous. Most blatant hold on Mcdavid taking the outside! You all know which one I’m talking about. Aside from that, fortunate to get out of Anaheim up 2-0. Good work Boys! Dadbot is unreal! #goilers!

    • The refs have a difficult job… BUT… it’s an embarrassment to the league and a disrespect to the players and fans when they don’t call the blatant penalties. That interference on McDavid was in plain view and was inexcusable. Then, the refs call a penalty a minute later on Kassian (which was a penalty) but was less obvious and didn’t affect the play nearly as much. Where’s the consistency?

      • Its there. Consistent on letting US based teams get away with anything and calling every chincy infraction against us. Even my Flames buddies were outraged at the way this game was called. McDavid interference penalties , should have been at least five,Gibson clipping the Drake gets let go , while they constantly run our goaltender and nothing gets called. It is absolutely BS.

  • blark

    How about that “Last Oilers Shot” clock they threw up mid-way through the second period. Why don’t they throw up a “Last Ducks Lead” clock next game…

  • Petrolero

    Love that they win but man lucic was brutal. By my count he had 6 giveaways that ended up in extended offensive zone time for the ducks. But then heales the perfect play in the last minute to protect the lead and I’m like loooch!! Such a game this was.

    • Reinman

      I like what Chia has done with the team, but I am not sure the Lucic signing was the best thing for the Oilers. I mean, he did it for sure, because it was like, well no Hall, but look we got Lucic. But going forward, we are going to regret that 6 million a year. I mean, would we been that much further behind if we didn’t have Lucic on the team at all? Maroon, Kass, Larsson, and Talbot were great moves. I never minded trading Taylor Hall. Reinhart, Lucic, were not nearly as good. Lucic type deals are exactly what you need to stay away from to be a long term successful GM. We have enough depth and prospects in the system, we did not need Lucic.

      • BlueHairedApe

        The reasons Lucic was brought in was toughness and the fact he scores 50 plus points per year consistently. Having played competitive hockey myself I’ve seen the effects these type of players can have on a team. The calming influence and confidence building in a dressing room can’t be measured by stats but everyone can see how much better the Oilers are able to play with this guy on the team. And how the other teams take a step back when Lucic is watching over them. Chris Pronger had the same effect and how did we do after he left? The Oilers would simply not be where they’re at without him.

      • Tombstone

        I didn’t know you paid Lucic his salary. In fact what business is it if yours what Lucic makes per year. I guess you think you own emergency personal workers because your taxes pay their wages.
        Lucic makes the Oilers a tougher and more competitive hockey team where player aren’t getting injured over cheap shots. And better hockey teams can sign players for less so I guess it all works out in the end.

        • srelio

          I would think this would be obvious but hes mentioning it because looches salary effects the salary cap and how much the oilers can spend on other players in the future. Plus where did he imply “you own emergency personal workers because your taxes pay their wages”. Dont just make up some random crap to insult someone.

      • Mitch92

        Looch was brought in to play with Connor but the marriage of convenience was not to last as Looch and CMD were unable to develop any chemistry. I look forward to a top line of Maroon, McDavid and Puljujarvi. Then the Oil can run CMD, RNH, Dr. Drai and Letestu down the middle while letting Desharnais walk as a UFA.

  • not so daily doug

    Well, i will take this in the spirit it was written. The OIlers played an average game, still came out with a win. So if we ratchet it up to a B+ or above game for everyone at home on Sunday we will come out with a 3-0 series lead. So lets encourage the boys to step it up, clean it up and on Wednesday they can wrap it up.

  • Derian Hatcher

    Whether the Oilers win or lose is not the point. It is not only the Oilers games. The NHL officials have embarassed themselves this entire season and now into the playoffs. The inconsistency and complete lack of obvious penalty calling, offset by borderline calls all leads to nobody knowing what the heck is a penalty and what is not. Letestu called for goalie interference…exact same play at the Oiler net but no penalty. Getzlaff takes his hand off his stick, places it on 97’s shoulder and spins him around and no call. Not to mention the choke hold on Maroon. The NHL is fast becoming comical when it comes to the moving target of penalties. In all situations, in all games.

    If it’s a penalty, just call it, whether it’s an Oiler penalty, an Ottawa penalty or whatever. Just call it – don’t stare at it and debate whether you should call it, – call it. Doesn’t matter what the score is or time of game. Do what you are paid to do, show some integrity and call the game CONSISTENTLY. That is why you are a referee.

    Drops mic …rushes back to pick it up “GO OILERS” ….drops mic again

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    it doesn’t matter whether or not the Oilers “deserved” to win or not, they found a way to do it and the Ducks didn’t simple as that ! and the reffing continues to be atrocious ! i have seen a lot of dirty play not be called and the choke on Maroon right in front of the blind pro wrestling referee is another example of it, although his eyes could have been elsewhere.

  • Alberta Ice

    No Cam Talbot; no run for the Cup 2017. Good goal tending this time of year is not good enough. Exceptional goal tending is the only kind that cuts it. And Cam is showing it in this run. And that gives this Oilers TEAM confidence to take their play to another level. And it’s showing. Wow.

  • theJason

    Let me sum this up… As soon as the Oilers scored 1 min into the first, the whole game plan changed for both teams. Anaheim threw absolutely everything they had at the Oilers and they didn’t break. These two losses for the Ducks have to be very demoralizing. They tired to beat them with their type of “bully” game in game 1 and the Oilers were better. Then the Ducks tired the skill game (they have some very good skill players on that team) and gave it their all in front of the home crowd but came up short. I’m not sure how they recover from those losses. This series now belongs to the Oilers. They are in control and if they stay focused they willl sweep.