GDB +9.0 Wrap Up: Bad Starts Make for Bad Finishes

Knoxville’s is your post playoff party destination

That bad start was a killer and the refs were able to finish the job. Final Score: 6-3 Ducks

I don’t think I have to tell you how important tonight’s game was. To go up 3-0 would have been like having the Ducks on the ground with the Oilers’ foot on their neck. I also don’t think I need to remind you that only four teams in NHL history have been able to come back after being down three games. Needless to say, this was a game that the Oilers needed to find a way to win. With the way the night started, it looked like that dream was going to slip away from them as the Ducks were able to pop three goals in the first period that gave them a huge leg up on the evening. Even though the Oilers were able to get one back before the end of the first period, they found themselves with an ugly mountain left to climb.

When Pat Maroon got the Oilers on the board late in the first period it put Edmonton in a good spot to make a comeback happen, if they could find a way to get something done early in the middle frame. Fortunately, the Oilers did exactly that, as they hit the ice like a house on fire and were even able to claw their way all the way back into a tie game, albeit temporarily. Heading into the third period down by a single goal, the Oilers had to find a way to maintain the pace they kept in the middle frame and, if they could find a way to do that, the game was theirs for the taking. While they did have some jump to start the third, the Oilers’ defensive zone play fell apart and they weren’t able to keep the Ducks off the board, effectively killing the comeback. The Oilers made too many mistakes in their own end and in net and the lack of attention to detail ended up costing them the 3-0 series lead.

This was a game that the Oilers could have won, but their sloppy start rained on the parade before it even had a chance to get going. All of a sudden, Game 4 on Wednesday becomes a whole lot bigger for Edmonton.

Let’s wrap it up.


  • Pat Maroon got the Oilers on the board and it was a goal that his team desperately needed. The Ducks were up by three goals and Pat Maroon scored by getting himself to the front of the net and having Nuge’s deflected shot bounce in off of him.
  • Anton Slepyshev got the Oilers back to within one goal within the first two minutes of the second period by charging to the net and getting a lucky garbage goal bounce. That’s the kind of the goal that the Oilers haven’t really been scoring lately and it was a well-timed Gigantor of a goal.
  • Connor McDavid scored a huge goal in the second period that temporarily tied the game up at three goals apiece. McDavid almost broke Sami Vatanen’s ankles with a quick move up near the blue line before absolutely sniping the top corner.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins didn’t get any points in the first round against the Sharks but he’s quietly landed himself two points in his last three games to go along with his fine defensive work. His points are starting to catch up to his two-way play and that would be a huge add for the Oilers as the playoffs move forward.
  • Two assists for Kris Russell which was more than the number of blocks that he had on the night. Who saw that coming?
  • The Oilers penalty kill was perfect tonight, killing off all four of the Ducks’ chances. While the penalty killing was excellent, Edmonton still gave the Ducks too many chances with the man advantage.
  • Having Oilers fans sing the American National Anthem was a pretty cool moment. Nice work, Nation.


  • The Oilers had a tough start to the game when the Ducks pulled out a set play off of a defensive zone faceoff win that saw Ryan Getzlaf send Rickard Rakell in alone on a breakaway. To the Ducks’ credit, it was a hell of a pass from Getzlaf on a play that the Ducks clearly had planned out.
  • Jakob Silfverberg continued his hot start to the playoffs as he was able to bang home a loose puck at the side of the net after the Oilers were unable to break out of their own zone. Silfverberg wasn’t done, though, as he gave the Ducks some insurance early in the third period. The goal should have been called back for being offside but who are we to actually have a call go our way?
  • Ryan Getzlaf read Darnell Nurse like a book on his attempted breakout pass/rim around the boards and after intercepting it he walked in and ripped it past Cam Talbot to give the Ducks a three goal lead.
  • Chris Wagner scored his first ever playoff goal only seconds after Connor McDavid had tied the game up with an absolute beauty. Wagner’s goal not only gave the Ducks back the lead, it also seemed to stop the bleeding as the Oilers were coming on like a hurricane and Anaheim really had no answer for them. That’s a goal that Talbot usually stops but it found the space between his arm and blocker.
  • How is it that the Anaheim Ducks are able to get away with as much stick work as they do? I can’t wait for the time to come when the Oilers have enough playoff experience that they’re able to hack and slash as much as they want.
  • As you would expect from my last point, I was once again unimpressed with the officiating, as per tradition. I don’t know why Ryan Getzlaf is allowed to do whatever he wants but that’s a thing, apparently.
  • The Oilers got three power play chances but couldn’t manage to score on any of them. Had they been able to get even one goal on the PP then this game could have gone another way.
  • It was a tough night for Darnell Nurse on a few occasions, including the giveaway on Ryan Getzlaf’s first-period goal. Darryl has been solid throughout the playoffs so far, but he’s been an adventure in the last two games.
  • Not close to the night Cam Talbot wanted to have as he got caught for six goals with probably half of them being markers that he’d like to have back. You know Talbot will want to forget about this one, and he’ll have to because suddenly Game four is a must-win night for the Oilers. Talbot finished the night with 22 saves and a .786 save%.
  • Lucic and Eberle share the green jacket by finished the night with a -3 next to their names. I’m not really a big +/- person but I think it was telling about the night these two had.
  • The NHL site lists the Oilers with 14 giveaways but I’d swear that the number is higher than that. Edmonton gave the puck away at the blue line far too often and those are the kind of mistakes that will always come back to haunt you.
  • The Oilers got pumped again in the faceoff circle after winning only 42% of the draws. Lather, rinse, repeat. Edmonton needs to find a way to get better on the dot because the Ducks cashed in a couple times directly after a faceoff.



00:25 ANA Rickard Rakell (3) ASST: Ryan Getzlaf (4), Brandon Montour (3) 1-0
05:33 ANA Jakob Silfverberg (5) ASST: Hampus Lindholm (3) 2-0
11:51 ANA Ryan Getzlaf (5) 3-0
19:20 EDM Patrick Maroon (3) ASST: Kris Russell (1), Leon Draisaitl (6) 3-1


01:28 EDM Anton Slepyshev (2) ASST: David Desharnais (2), Kris Russell (2) 3-2
08:40 EDM Connor McDavid (3) 3-3
09:28 ANA Chris Wagner (1) ASST: Josh Manson (1), Shea Theodore (4) 4-3


04:56 ANA Jakob Silfverberg (6) ASST: Josh Manson (2), Shea Theodore (5) 5-3
10:38 ANA Ryan Kesler (1) ASST: Jakob Silfverberg (2) 6-3


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  • slats-west

    The Oilers were very flat at start and not sure why? It’s like the coaches are trying to tell them to play so “controlled” that they are merely going thru motions. That was a “house money” game you should have pinched all the time, fore checked like crazy, and hit Getzlaugf and Silverberg every play. Instead they sleep walked the first 15 mins and you spotted them a 3 spot. Cmon Coaching staff that Game 3 strategy belongs in the trash can.

    On the referring I don’t know where to start if I was McL I would have challenged Coglian for goalie interference in the crease. Not sure how that’s not like the ones called in Anaheim- he slashes Talbot in the chest and then he’s lying on Talbots pads for FFS. Manson at end of the period bumps the goalie with no one on him – no call. No offence Cam but sell that as your competitor just sold one on Maroon just before that.

    The Nuge trip was in sight of both referrees and even the reluctant Craig Simpson commented “that’s an obvious tripping call” followed by “that’s 3 penalties that Getzlaugh has gotten away with” – tell me this game is not different with #15 going to the box for 6 mins of PIMs. We are a least into OT.

    It’s an embarrassment to the NHL.

  • Clayton

    All this complaining about the officiating? Seriously? This is playoff hockey…that is how games are called. It is like you all haven’t seen playoff hockey…oh yea.

  • Devolution

    Defensive lapses and slow starts aside, if Talbot plays as well in game three as he did in game two, they win this. He didn’t, he was average, or a maybe a little below. Can’t be perfect every night, I am sure he will bounce back game 4.

  • toprightcorner

    I didn’t expect the Oilers to sweep the Duck so I am glad that the one loss they took in Edmonton was a game that they dominated for large portions of the game. The Ducks got a series amount of lucky bounces in one game, so that won’t happen again.

    The Oilers could have score 8 goals in the 2nd period if not for Gibson.

    After hardly being able to generate any offence in Anahiem, being down by 3 goals finally got the Oilers to open up offensively and this was the best offensive efferth the have had in the playoffs, even though they did not score as much as they deserved.

    McDavid woke up and will dominate the rest of the series.

    Nuge is playing his best hockey since his rookie year and he is due for a huge offensive breakout.

    Oilers will knock the 3rd leg from the ducks chair on Wed, setting them up for the series win.

    Talbot will bounce back like last time and shut the ducks down.

  • slats-west

    Line up changes? I’m going with Gryba for Nurse – if they win great if they lose Darryl gets to regroup and will play game 5.

    If you’re taking out Caggiula (and I wouldn’t unless he’s injured) I would go with Parkanen not Hendricks (Ducks speed will crush him). Eberle needs to go to third line – heh if Perry can then so we can we make such a move.

  • Oil9744

    Eberle needs to get demoted off that 2nd line, switch him out for Kassian or Slepy, Pouliot needs to be out of the line up all together, Useless, Give Hendo or Iro or a try on that 4th line

  • Tombstone

    It’s not that easy as what people think to win every hockey game especially against a good hockey team.

    I predict another roit when the Oilers get eliminated. Fans are way to delusional thinking that this team can win every night.

    Chill out!!!

    • ed from edmonton

      It doesn’t take much for the nation’s faithful to channel their inner animosity. If the Oil don’t win the cup, many of this sight (Oiler Al etc.) will be calling for another total rebuild. Gotta love the passion but sometimes it gets stupid.

  • Connor'sGotHart

    I’m pretty sure there was no failure on the microphone. Watch the video again. Totally planned it. Also pretty sure that could never happen in a U.S. arena.

    • blark

      The way I interpret what happened is that Kissel walked up to the mic and shouted “Oh…” and then backed off the microphone for the arena to take over the song. But nobody understood that they were supposed to sing. So he tried it again: “Oh…” and the crowd was still confused. So then he tried to ‘fix the mic’ like there was something wrong, when we clearly could hear him trying to start the song. Eventually the crowd figured out what was going on and picked it up, and it’s been spun to be a mic failure to ‘save face.’ I love the guy, but you gotta at least give us more of a lead-in than just one syllable. We’re all a few beers deep at that point…

      • CBK

        I was at the game. The microphone was not working in the arena. No one could hear him including Kissel himself. It may have been working on Television but the in-house arena was having issues all night.

        You can’t stage something like that. To rely on 19,000 fans randomly to sing an Anthem that isn’t our own is too big a gamble.

        Edmonton fans were on point and do it right. First class citizens all the way.

  • jaszby

    First game back after a long road trip. Never came back after they won in San Jose. Yes they were a little flat and sure Talbot would like a couple back but you can’t win every game. One great thing about this team is they bounce back really well from games like this. Wednesday will be fun. Go Oilers Go.

  • paul wodehouse

    EDIT BUTTON TO FOLLOW…93 had his best assist of a total of two in these last 9 games … 14 ….did he play?… must have even though his name was hardly ever mentioned through the broadcast that I turned off at 10:36ish of the last frame…so 41 shots between the two of them in their first SC playoffs…just more half-hearted effort (mostly from the feckless 14) and time after time either pure giveaways or being skated off puck possession … and sharing a minus FIVE +/- between them…last night would have been a perfect night to sit either one up in the press box OR even better maybe even sit with 99…oh maybe not… he’s no coach so no matter …forget & move on I guess … and for all the whiners who think the refs had this team’s number …think of it like this …could the refs have made 14 & 93 play like 6 million dollar players and helped out with some REAL secondary scoring and not leave it up to the bottom six…? please!!! This team is NOT a Vegas 3to1 favorite to win the Cup with those two softies…will they EVER contribute?

    • paul wodehouse

      EDIT BUTTON TO FOLLOW woulda helped you out there O.A. …LUCIC is a force in case you haven’t noticed…the only reason he’s where he is in stats 1goal 2 assists is because he has to play with these ‘boys’ 14 & 93… I CANNOT imagine how frustrating it must be for him playing with these two overpaid do nothings…if they were making Cagiulla money I’d understand…93 needs to go this summer…follow the bad 1st overall pick parade outta there and WIN IT IN WHITE !!!

  • ed from edmonton

    Karma came back to haunt the Oil. Game two the Ducks could take as many shots as they wanted, either Talbot or the posts were going to stop them. Game 3 the Ducks score 6 on 9 Grade a chances.

  • Muleman84

    I understand that this is playoff hockey and the refs usually let more go but GOSH DAMM!!, how does Getzlaf get away with all those trips, holding and such every game!!!????? Please explain anyone!!!

    • paul wodehouse

      …hockey gawds wear no glasses…’splainin’ why this is happening will come in the form of a trend in the other direction one day …maybe even in the next game ! I look at Getzlaf and wonder what it would be like to have HIM play center on this Oiler team after 93 is shipped out … I DID say ‘wonder’ golly gee!

  • Been there

    Question for BM and Gregor. Why do you think that the media covering any of the series never ask the coaches or league about the inconsistency of officiating, I will still say officiating is blatantly biased to American based teams, to the point where it still looks like Bettman and company want or need the US TV ratings to continue growing the game in certain markets. Just once I would like to see them ask.

    • That's My Point

      Coaches/players will be fined for anything negative they say about the officiating. The media knows it’s a joke but there is nothing a team can do about it. Maybe the media should be bombarding Bettman with questions and video examples of some of the games and compare it to other sports where they don’t let everything go?

  • McJesus_for_100

    The first goal is a product of just how confident the ducks are in their face offs. I’m sure they spend a little more time then usual going over set face off plays. I know Todd hates him but put lander in, take little D out. We need the puck off the draw!

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    Where’s Ebs big gamae plays I’ve heard so much about?? McDavid was getting roughed up by Kesler after a whistle, Ebs is right there, skates right by and heads to the bench. Get him out of town as soon as possible

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    Are those member’s of the media who shamed the Hall trade, and the Russell signing, ready to eat a portion of Crow now that the beloved Oiler’s are 2 wins away from the Conference final? Or would they rather be right that Hall is better and that Russell has bad analytics and remain in the lotto? For gords sake eat the CROW brother it’s just sickening!!!