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Carlyle says McDavid gets ‘White-glove Treatment’

Before the series began Randy Carlyle said the Oilers would be whining about faceoffs and other things. Todd McLellan responded jokingly due to the Oilers lack of success in the dot with, “I’ve been complaining about them all season.”

Today Carlyle was back at it and his comment will surely fire up Oilersnation.

Carlyle had an interesting take on Connor McDavid.

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“To me it seems like there is somewhat of a white-glove treatment for Mr. McDavid. The restrictions on anybody touching him seems to be a little bit higher than normal. It’s fact. Simple. We review the tape numerous times. He does draw penalties because of his speed. But if you don’t get close to him and you’re not inside of him, you’re going to watch him or you’re going to try and impede his progress.”

This is classic Carlyle trying to get the refs to think twice. McDavid did draw the most penalties in the regular season, and in three games vs. the Ducks he has drawn four calls.

Ryan Kesler and Jakob Silfvergberg in game one, Josh Manson in game two and Corey Perry in game three.  I thought the Perry call was a bit soft, as they just ran into each other, but the rest were deserved and there has been other calls

I’m sure Oilers fans would argue it is the Ducks star centre, Ryan Getzlaf, who is getting more leeway with his stick work, than McDavid is getting calls go in his favour. And I do believe the Oilers have got away with a few calls themselves.

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Carlyle loves stirring the pot, and this is classic gamesmanship from him. If his comment saves his team one penalty that could be the difference in winning or losing.

I’m curious to see how McLellan responds. Historically he is calmer than Carlyle and rarely makes statements about opposing players, but I wonder if he feels now is the time to defend his captain and possibly plant a seed in the ears of referees to take an extra look at the hacking and whacking in the series.

We won’t know for sure if Carlyle’s comments impact the officials or not, but it just adds another piece to a rivalry that will be much more intense next season.

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  • Ol_OneNut

    Jason, the play the Ducks used to score their first goal on Sunday is well know to the officials. They call it the ‘magic door’ and it is an illegal play and a too many men on the ice penalty should have been called. Any thoughts on this.

  • Natejax97

    Cue the fan raging pandemonium in 5….4….3….2….1….

    It’s no wonder he left Edmonton between games with stupid comments like that. Yikes Randy…grow some nuts.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    This is what eight year olds do… They move their fingers from up their noses to in their ears and say ‘I know you are but what am I?’

    What a chump.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Especially classless after the news that Crosby is out with a concussion. The league does nothing to protect its superstars and money-makers. It’s open season on talent.


  • giddy

    I doubt McLellan will have much to say. Maybe another witty, non-serious reply, but that’s likely it. He doesn’t have time for bullcrap, McLellan is there to focus on getting his players to win hockey games, not talk crap in a media scrum.

    I do like Carlyle trying to add a little drama into the mix. He’s sure got a lot of my fellow Oilers fans up in arms.

  • Newhip44

    If anyone gets the white glove treatment it’s Getzlaf. Lucic and Maroon get 2 minutes for ever post whistle shove yet Getzlaf skates around sticking and punching everyone after the whistle and gets nothing!

  • Drill Bit #97

    Ha, ha…… this is like Carlyle saying he would have won a Stanley Cup as a player if only those other teams didn’t keep scoring more than his teams did……..

    Fake news. Move along people, nothing to see here….

  • BringitbacklikeSlats

    Hey Jason,
    It’s not always to catch your weekly segment on air with Fraser. It would be really great if you included some of his more poignant comments in here. I’d love to hear his take.
    As far as Carlyle goes; well I’d say that’s an old vet coach of playoff hockey doing whatever he has to. It stinks of a bit of desperation but hard to fault the guy. And as much as I dislike Kesler (immensely) he’s paid to do what he’s doing to Connor. The biggest disappointment of that last game was the lack of physical retribution doled out once we slipped 3 down late in the 3rd. It was a perfect opportunity to take a “stupid” penalty and make a few of the ducks think twice about their stuckwork going forward.

  • btrain

    I think calling it gamesmanship is giving Randy a little too much credit. I think it’s just him beimg a grumpy old man. I see absolutely no way that this comment would have any impact on the game. If anything it’s an unwarranted criticism of the officials which is more likely to encourage them to call more not less.

    • Oil_Thick

      Agreed, and his comments also seem to be an admission that his team is in trouble. But calling out the refs could swing them to make more calls against Anaheim. And the timing of Crosby getting double head slashes doesn’t really help him Either. Oilers in 5 Carlyle! Yeah, 5!

  • JumboJim

    The timing here is interesting. Carlyle knows that Crosby’s injury yesterday plays to the Oilers’ advantage. There will be a correction in the way the refs call penalties vs. stars going forward until the novelty wears off again, and McDavid until Crosby’s return is the game’s biggest star. Gamesmanship to be sure, and the timing is telling.

    • Rob...

      Love it. “Hey Connor, why are you looking so serious. Lazar says you never smile on the ice”. McD: “Really!?!?!? Would you smile if you were about to get the ‘White Glove Treatment’. Would you?!?!?!? Have you seen the size of Steve Kozari’s hands?!?!? His fingers are as thick as Mundare Garlic Sausage!”

  • camdog

    The only player that I have noticed getting special treatment is Getzlaf. If any other player would have played the way Getzlaf has this series, they would all have had half a dozen penalties by now.

  • Tombstone

    Even though I don’t agree
    Good for Carlyle to say something that will piss people off.
    The media is so sugar coated and everyone is a snowflake.
    Besides he’s just saying it to gain popularity with ANA fans.
    Do you think he cares about the Oilers feeling because the Oilers fans sang the Star Spangle Bander.

    Here come the Edmonton hockey roit of 2017.

  • That's My Point

    Can’t the league fine Carlyle for complaining about the officials? I’m sure if any Oiler says anything about the officiating after tonight’s game even though it’ll be warranted they’ll be fined.