GDB +10.0 Wrap Up: Oilers fall in OT

Final Score: 4-3 in OT

The Oilers opened the game with sustained pressure, spending most of the early time in the Ducks’ end.

A few strong shifts led to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins getting his stick caught in Josh Manson’s stick. Manson fell, and RNH sat in the box.

The good news is that the Oilers killed it off, allowing only one shot.

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Off the kill, the Oilers kept momentum up with more strong cycling. McDavid capped off a great few shifts with a solid chance around the 12 minute mark.

More early pressure led to Milan Lucic crosschecking Ondrej Kase in the ribs. Lucic did get tripped and reacted to so by taking a shot at Kase.

Minutes later, the Ducks got caught with too many men on the ice and Milan made up for his penalty. Leon Draisaitl tried to go cross-crease to McDavid, but the puck hit a skate and Lucic was able to wire it top shelf over a sprawled John Gibson.

Again, the pressure kept up and the Captain Connor took over the game. A two-on-one opportunity saw Draisatil and McDaivd break into the offensive zone. Connor tried to pass one too many times, but the puck ended up back on his stick. Like Lucic did 2:05 earlier, McDavid was able to pick the top corner over Gibson.

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Shortly after, Benoit Pouliot got tripped by Sami Vatanen, sending the Oilers to their second power-play of the game. The Oilers didn’t capitalize on the call, but started the second with nine seconds of power-play time.

Unable to take advantage, the Ducks scored a minute and a half into the second. Corey Perry bumped into Cam Talbot and an Oilers coaches challenge saw the call on the ice stand as a good goal.

Not sure about this one. In my eyes, there was clear interference by Perry on Talbot. Larsson didn’t do anything to cause the interference, but that’s why I’m a journalist and not a referee.

It was an early rush from the Ducks. They flustered the Oilers and the non-goal goal led to the Ducks being able to get another one. Getzlaf slid a cross-creaser to Rakell, who made no mistake in potting it by Talbot.

In what was a challengeable call, it looked like Perry had skated offside on the play. Nonetheless, Todd McLellan’s Oilers were unable to challenge due to the lost call earlier.

The two goals seemed to start to really suck the life out of the Oilers. Between 4:16 and 10:31, the Oilers didn’t even muster a shot attempt.

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In that time, the Ducks had 11 which included a goal.

The second period was ugly. There is no other way to put it. The Oilers lost momentum that was sucked out of them through those early goals. Being outshot 21-5 just goes to show it.

While the third frame wasn’t nearly as awful as the second, the Oilers struggled to get back into the game.

That was all until the Oilers had a late power-play chance with four minutes left. The Drake (Caggiula) was able to bang in a loose puck in front of the net with 1:32 left, and the Oilers got back into the game.

It only took :45 for the game to end in OT.

Edmonton really seemed to get away from their game in the second and it was detrimental to getting back into the game. The Oilers did a poor job in Corsi tonight, as the Ducks were able to muster up 52.7% of shot attempts.

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The Oilers are still in this series after winning two on the road and losing two at home. The series now becomes a best of three. Edmonton has shown an ability to play through adversity all season long and I expect them to have a strong response in game five.

Todd McLellan will get these boys ready. Watch out, Anaheim.


  • The Oilers had a good first period and a good third period. The middle frame was awful.
  • Drake Caggiula’s late goal was HUGE and helped the Oilers stretch the game to OT.
  • I watched the game with my older brother, and he made me a really good Moscow Mule.


  • Where do we start?
  • The fact the game got away from the Oilers was disappointing to see. The goals scored early in the second by Anaheim took life out of the Oilers and the team was never able to recover.
  • The Oilers certainly didn’t get any help from the referees tonight.



15:38 Edmonton PPG – Milan Lucic (2) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (7), Mark Letestu (3) 0-1
17:43 Edmonton Connor McDavid (4) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (8), Patrick Maroon (3) 0-2


01:37 Anaheim Ryan Getzlaf (6) ASST: Brandon Montour (4) 1-2
05:33 Anaheim Rickard Rakell (4) ASST: Ryan Getzlaf (5), Corey Perry (3) 2-2
14:25 Anaheim Ryan Getzlaf (7) 3-2


18:18 Edmonton Drake Caggiula (1) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (3), Patrick Maroon (4) 3-3


00:45 Anaheim Jakob Silfverberg (7) ASST: Ryan Getzlaf (6) 4-3


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  • Big Perm

    Also what a joke this has been lately with McDavid and Crosby taking this abuse and not someone not beating the living s**t out of the guilty player(s). Eliminate the instigator penalty already! Listen to Gary Roberts’ recent comments on this matter, did they ever used to take cheap runs at Gretz and Lemieux what a joke

  • Randaman

    No articles yet today because Gregor is trying to figure out how to defend Eberle for his pathetic effort last that cost the team the win. You heard me. I have defended and defended but no more. Weak, non-committed, lazy, scared, selfish, etc. PC will be trading his sorry ass and I support that like I supported the Hall trade. Good ridden side to the spoiled brats.

    • btrain

      Listen there is no defending Eberle on that play but to magnify that play as the reason the Oilers lost is just ridiculous. As bad as that turnover was and it was bad, how it ends up on a unmarked Getzlaf’s stick with a clear lane to the slot is not all on Eberle. Every other time Getzlaf got the puck unmarked on equally poor board plays from Russell and Larsson, and he had a puck set up on a tee from RNH, was not Eberle’s fault. Focusing on Eberle avoids the real concern in game 4 which was an inability for those responsible for covering 15 not being aware of where he is at all times. In any regard we still have a best of 3 series and like many I am still excited to see what this team can do. It is far from over.

  • O.C.

    Dear Edmonton Media:

    Until you ask the fair, hard questions along with the cliche softballs, you are irrelevant and not doing your job. Hint: Read what a “reporter” does to fulfill their duties.

    Let me help you.

    “So Jordan, after taking a public berating from your coach with a duty to two things last game, and one of those was not to give up the puck in your own end but ensure it is cleared out, how do you explain your numerous giveaways on that shift for Anaheim’s 3rd Goal?”

    Do your job please.