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Todd McLellan Responds to Carlyle’s ‘White Glove’ Complaint

Yesterday, Randy Carlyle caused a stir by whinging about Connor McDavid getting the ‘white glove’ treatment from the referees. Today, Todd McLellan responded to the allegation and dropped the mic with his response.

As I’m sure you all know, Randy Carlyle did his best to stir the pot when he said that Connor McDavid was getting favoured by the refs with the number of calls going his way. As Gregor mentioned yesterday, McLellan isn’t nearly as likely to shoot from the hip as Carlyle and that made his response to the ‘white glove’ theory even more hilarious.

“I heard that and I was surprised because I thought we were supposed to be the team whining. So, that threw me off a little bit.”

McLellan continued by spitting some hot truth about how McDavid deals with this kind of thing all year, and that it’s nothing new for a player of his calibre.

“As far as Connor goes, I think there’s two or three, maybe four players in the league… Connor, the guy that’s not playing in Pittsburgh tonight, and some others that have to play through that hooking and the holding and the mauling and all that type of stuff that goes on. Not just in this series against Anaheim, but all year and they do a tremendous job of it. They entertain, they’re terrific at playing through it.”

For fans of the Oilers, we already know that players get away with all kinds of crap when it comes to McDavid and it’s clearly not only us that notices it. McLellan continued:

“Yeah, they do draw some penalties but when it’s all said and done they could probably double that total but it doesn’t happen.”

Yesterday, I tweeted out that I’m hoping that Carlyle’s bitching actually backfires on him and clearly Coach Todd and I are on the same page.

“The ‘white glove’ part of it… that is questioning the integrity of the officiating so I’m gonna stay out of it and let them do that.”

When asked about the Ducks leaving Edmonton and spending a few days in Kelowna, McLellan shut down any further discussion on what Anaheim is or is not doing.

“I don’t know, I’m done with all of that stuff. We have to play a game tonight.”

Amen, Todd. Who cares what theories baby Randy makes up in his dreams? Let’s just do the hockey and win this thing. You can check out the clip of McLellan’s comments in the video below.

Todd McLellan: 1 Randy Carlyle: 0 #MISSION17 #Oilers #NHL

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