The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Limping Ducks

Remember when Kevin Bieksa hurt himself in his first shift of the series? I sure do.

I began writing this injury report talking about all the injuries the Ducks are currently facing right now and you know what? It’s been making me feel a lot better about the devastating loss we faced on Wednesday night in game 4. Who knew talking about the suffrage your enemies are facing would make a guy feel so good?

I went into this series expecting to have my Kevin Bieksa hatred metre exploding but I never even got a chance as he ended up hurting himself in the first few minutes of game 1. Bieksa travelled with the team to Edmonton, is currently skating with the team, and considers himself day-to-day. As much as I care for the well-being of other humans, I’m sort of happy that Bieksa hasn’t had a chance to play in this series yet. If he does get a chance to play before the series ends, I say bring him on. Lucic looks tired of hitting Hampus Lindholm over and over again and needs a new target.

Patrik Eaves has also been catching all the games in the press box after suffering a lower-body injury. He left game three after blocking a shot and did not return. Eaves was seen in a walking boot after the game and ended up travelling to Kelowna in it with the team. If there’s any way to make a Kelowna trip REALLY FUN it’s to do it while in a walking boot. Eaves is no longer in the boot now, and also considers himself day-to-day.

For those of you who know nothing else about the Ducks cause you hate and despise them, Simon Despres has also been on the teams IR for a while with concussion-like symptoms, and Clayton Stoner has been out for the majority of the season after receiving abdominal surgery. I have to say it feels good looking through all the injury problems everyone else is suffering through and we’re essentially just missing one guy. *knocks on wood x10*

Tyler Pitlick and Andrew Ference are still doing injury things that injured people usually do and continue to watch this playoff push from their couch at home. I’m sure they’re both wishing they could be a part of this team right now, but for now they get to relax in the sun while raking in that Injury Reserve money.

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