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GDB + 11.0 Wrap Up: Cheaters never prosper, save sometimes in the NHL playoffs

Final Score: Ducks 4, Oilers 3 (2OT)

The story here is either Edmonton’s collapse in the last four minutes of the third period or the NHL’s miserable goalie interference call on the crucial 3-3 goal. We’ll get to both in a bit, but let’s start from the beginning.

The early contest was not kind to the Oilers. Leon Draisaitl made a defensive zone turnover on the first shift, and chaos ensued. Mark Letestu lost the draw which followed and Anaheim nearly took a 1-0 lead on the second shift.

Worse, Matt Benning was hammered into the boards by Nate Thompson and stayed down until the whistle blew. Hampus Lindholm rang a puck off the post. Ryan Getzlaf caught Andrej Sekera along the boards and then Sekera had to be helped off; he would not return. Oscar Klefbom blocked a shot high and was in obvious pain on the bench.

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For good measure, there were penalties. Getzlaf took a penalty shot after Milan Lucic was ruled to have hooked him just enough for the call. Patrick Maroon took a far more blatant high-sticking minor. Benning, who returned in the first period, took a slashing minor that had Twitter seeing red.

Through it all, there was Cam Talbot. Talbot turned aside 13 shots, dealt with a ridiculous amount of traffic in his crease (even drawing one penalty) and kept Edmonton afloat through a period in which they were badly outplayed.

And the Oilers took advantage. Klefbom returned for the first shift of the second, and picked up a point on Draisaitl’s 1-0 goal. The Ducks took a couple of penalties, and Edmonton took a 2-0 lead thanks to the magic of Connor McDavid and Mark Letestu on the power play. Corey Perry got burned by his reputation for diving, and the Oilers got away with a 3-0 goal, too. The second period was the reverse of the first, as Edmonton dominated the play and the scoreboard, despite a badly banged up defence corps.

The physical play never stopped – Kris Russell got hammered and returned in the game after a brief interlude – and the Ducks didn’t go away but it looked like the Oilers were going to grit out the win.

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That is, until the last five minutes of the third. Edmonton had been trying to hang on for most of the period, and finally the team couldn’t. Anaheim scored once and then a second time. Then, with 15 seconds left, Darnell Nurse pushed Ryan Kesler into the crease. Kesler, opportunist that he is, took advantage of the situation and grabbed Talbot’s pad with his hands.

The NHL ruled that a good goal, with an official explanation that put all the blame on Nurse and didn’t even mention Kesler grabbing the pad. And thus a 3-0 lead turned into overtime.

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Overtime was thrilling, as it is, with chances at both ends of the rink. But it ended with Corey Perry scoring the winner off a Ryan Getzlaf pass as Draisaitl veered too far to the boards to get back into position. The ending would have stunk for Oilers fans regardless; that it was Perry driving the knife home was insult added to injury.

The Bright Side

  • That was a gritty night for Edmonton’s defence, and a loss doesn’t change that. Benning, Klefbom and Russell all had painful moments and stayed in the game. Adam Larsson played 45 minutes, holding the fort as seemingly the entire blue line went down. Darnell Nurse played less than Larsson and suffered less than the others, but he too managed to keep his cool in the third period when Corey Perry slashed him on the hands. It wasn’t enough for the win, but it was still impressive to behold.
  • Draisaitl picked up a goal in his first game back at centre. If he can stay there and be effective, it gives the Oilers a real good shot at three scoring lines: McDavid, Draisaitl and Nugent-Hopkins.
  • Connor McDavid got a ton of credit online for the 2-0 goal, and rightly so, but Mark Letestu’s last-second flip pass was a thing of beauty, too. He knew he couldn’t get the shot, and he got the puck to McDavid’s general area. That’s never a bad play.
  • Drake Caggiula scored his second in as many games and didn’t look out of place on McDavid’s line. Tying this back to the first point, if he can thrive in that position it makes it a lot easier to leave Draisaitl at centre (and gives the Oilers a shot at a Conor Sheary/Jake Guentzel-type bargain deal on McDavid’s wing).
  • The third line didn’t score, but looked like it had some jump. Special teams, injuries and the like kept it from getting as long a look as I would have liked but I though both Jordan Eberle and Benoit Pouliot looked more like their old selves.
  • The league got the call right on a disallowed Anaheim goal in the second period; there really wasn’t any question that Nick Ritchie made contact above the crossbar and both the initial decision and the subsequent review came to that conclusion.
  • There’s a range of opinions on both fighting ion the game of hockey and The Code, but one can’t fault Zack Kassian for making it clear to Ritchie that the hit on Russell was beyond the pale.
  • I’ve got a follow-up to this in the facepalmers, but watching Corey Perry not get the call after a head snap and a pirouette didn’t hurt my feelings any. My assumption is the officials saw his spin and assumed he was embellishing, something he has a well-earned reputation for. I’m a little torn because I like to see penalties called, but that’s a live by the sword, die by the sword kind of moment and it’s kind of nice to see a dirty player pay for his reputation.
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The Face Palmers

  • Anaheim’s 3-3 goal definitely should not have counted. If that’s not goalie interference, nothing is. It’s baffling that the league could miss Kesler grabbing Talbot’s pad; it’s equally baffling that they could see it and chose not to call it.
  • That first period. Woof.
  • That third period. Woof.
  • If you were hoping for a game of unquestionable officiating, you must not be familiar with the NHL playoffs. At any rate, this game wasn’t it; an early penalty shot call was highly debateable as Lucic battled for position with Getzlaf. We just didn’t know it was going to be a harbinger of things to come.
  • I winced both at the hit that Kris Russell took from Ritchie and the (unpenalized) slash to the hands that Zack Kassian took from Shea Theodore. This was a hurting game for the Oilers, a lot of times legally but in those two cases not so much.
  • Edmonton’s 3-0 goal could potentially not have counted, thanks to Patrick Maroon doing stupid things with his stick behind the play. Mistakes by the officials tend to even out, given enough time. Of course, you can win or lose a series while they’re in the process of evening out, and the Oilers are at risk of that here. Beyond that, Maroon’s had a problem with dumb penalties all playoffs and needs to dial it back.

Scoring Summary

First Period

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  • No goals

Second period

  • 0:15: 1-0 Edmonton. Leon Draisaitl (3), assists to Oscar Klefbom (3) and Adam Larsson (3)
  • 2:55: 2-0 Edmonton. Connor McDavid (5), assists to Mark Letestu (4) and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (4)
  • 12:28: 3-0 Edmonton. Drake Caggiula (2), assists to Connor McDavid (4) and Kris Russell (3)

Third period

  • 16:44: 1-3 Anaheim. Ryan Getzlaf (8), assists to Jakub Silfverberg (3) and Ryan Kesler (5)
  • 17:19: 2-3 Anaheim. Cam Fowler (1), assists to Jakub Silfverberg (4) and Corey Perry (4)
  • 19:45: 3-3 Anaheim. Rickard Rakell (5), assists to Corey Perry (5) and Cam Fowler (3)

First overtime

  • No goals

Second overtime

  • 6:57: 4-3 Anaheim. Corey Perry (2), assists to Ryan Getzlaf (7) and Rickard Rakell (4)


  • Spiel

    For a site that prides itself on puck possession and analytics, I’m disappointed to hear all this whining about refs.
    Anaheim outshot Edmonton 68-34 in this game.
    Edmonton got a lucky bounce on the first goal.
    The 2nd goal was a 5 on 3.
    Anaheim dominated large stretches of this game and could have easily had the lead in the first period when a shot when through Talbot’s legs and out the other side.
    Oilers have scored 3 goals in each of the last three games and still lost.
    The Oilers style of play, getting outshot and being opportunistic is not sustainable, why whine about refs?
    The Ritchie hit was the same hit Kassian was throwing against SJ in round 1. Toughen up boys!

    • Clayton

      Couldnt agree more. Oiler fans seem to miss the fact their team is being outplayed significantly for most of these games. They also fail to see the calls the refs miss against the oilers too. For example Maroons high stick on Perry seconds before the Oilers 3rd goal. Or the generous hooking call that Connor McInvisible suckered the ref into…you clearly see him drop his arms onto the ducks stick and calls out ‘hey’ to draw the refs attention and put his team on a 5 on 3 powerplay. To recap…Oilers Goal #1 – Lucky Bounce. Oilers Goal #2 – Gift 5 on 3 powerplay. Oilers Goal #3 – Missed high sticking call that lead to the 4 on 2 goal. And then the Oilers have a 3 goal lead with just over 3 minutes to go and give up 3 goals with the Ducks net empty. How do Oiler fans think the Oilers even remotely deserved to win?

      • LAKID

        Truth hurts. Take off those ugly orange glasses and realize, the oil are FAR from the only team that’s ever had some calls not go there way. Tuffin up ladies.

    • commonsense

      Who are you. No one is saying the mighty disney ducks didn’t play hard and dominate a lot of the play. A lot of us are disturbed by the blatant no call on Kesler grabbing hand on a Talbot’s pad. Hard to make a save when you have a player literally got a death grip on your pad.

  • Ultimately we are going to lose this series now but it really is a solid lesson for the boys. I hate it as a fan but at the end of the day this is the biggest adversity they will face and they will be thinking about this game all summer. Obviously the refs are against the team but it has become apparent that this is just what we will have to deal with. I really am comfortable with where this team is going, with one exception: the Lucic signing. For a marginal fourth line player at 6 million a year, we are really killing our ability to sign free agent talent for deep playoff runs. Otherwise if we cut some dead weight and continue with our amateur procurement from college and junior I really think we will be in good shape moving forward. This is not our year but we have shown we can compete, and once we gain the respect of the NHL and the referees (comes with playoff experience) we can really do some damage.
    Oil fan for life. I love this team and I am looking forward to their bright future.

  • Clayton

    Losers make excuses, champions overcome them! Love how all you Oiler fans blame the refs. Did you miss the BLATENT high stick by Maroon on Perry that opened up the 4 on 2 that resulted in the Oilers 3rd goal? Should have been a double minor on Maroon and thus no Oilers 3rd goal. So then delete the Ducks third goal and you have 2-2 game going into OT. This series is textbook Randy Carlyle. He has the Oilers thinking about everything except how to win a game!

      • ET

        Things must be slow on flames nation hey fool? Spent a lot of time in cowtown over the years so i know how it makes you all so angry that not only did we get gretzky and win 5 cuos but now we get mcdavid, boy it feels great to know that whatever you write it spurred by outright and total jealousy, its fantastic for me and makes me smile thinking about it? Thanks for making me remember all that we Oiler fans have to be grateful for that you flames fans will never have, made me laugh and smile on an otherwise disheartening morning!!

        • SedinsForever500

          A loser like you doesn’t deserve to live anywhere but in the City of Whinners. Cowtown doesn’t need more crybabies like you, and especially not Vancouver.

  • Clayton

    What is wrong with all the Alberta Reffing conspiracies? Oiler fans mocked how the Flames fans complained about biased riffing ever since the Wideman assault. Now they buy into the biased riffing theory as it fits their storyline in Edmonton? If you truly watch the game back without an oiler or duck lens and just watch from a hockey perspective you will see:
    – an oilers team that has be vastly outplayed for most of the series except for pockets or periods here or there.
    – reffing that has missed calls for both teams and called some things questionably tight at other times. Welcome to the world of professional sports reffing. It isn’t an Oilers issue. It isn’t an NHL issue. It is a pro sports issue. They call it game management.
    – an oilers captain that has been invisible most of the series and playoffs.
    – a goaltender (talbot) that has played out of his mind to even keep the games close.
    – a team that gives up a 3 goal lead in less than three minutes doesn’t deserve the win. Ice the puck…you are up by 3. Oh yea, can’t win a faceoff.

    Enjoy the run. You guys in in round #2…beats being out of it by November doesn’t it? Enjoy the run as you never know when you will be back. The Oilers have a good team that should be back plenty…but you just never know. Lots of good teams never get it all together.

    • BubbaZanetti

      They didn’t give up a 3 goal lead. They give up 2 goals in a 3-2 game. Third goal was illegal according to rule book. What’s more pathetic….the people on here complaining about bull$#it goals or the idiots that constantly “b!t ch about the people complaining ?? Get the facts straight Clayton

    • paul wodehouse

      srelio…that’s sure a lotta words to say that the refs are mission bound…right on track … count bettman dracula’s order has filtered down and the fix is in … the road to the championship goes through an american franchise city … the california newyork scenario best fits the the view from the grassy knoll…it’s not the Oilers turn and yet I DO believe the franchise [players] must go through all these crappy things this year to better prepare them for next years’ run…

      …reviews…pivotal reviews that go against a team …a young team like this one takes it’s toll on the psyche and when these individual calls reviewed for 90 to 4000 seconds they matter little… the striped ones know the outcome of their review before the iPad’s ever given to them…yes the oilers got jobbed …just as they got jobbed by the perry GI non call the game prior … think big picture… the last thing count dracula wants is a demoralized somewhat beaten up team to go into the SCF series and get swept like the sens did a few years back … short series short bottom line …the Oilers never swept anyone to win the Cup in the final best of seven…and they unseeded a Dynasty!

      …I for one would not like the job of a referee in this horribly fast paced… filled to the nuts with technology game… where ALL SORTS OF SH*T gets by …nothing can be done srelio…the winnkwinnk nudgenudge is well underway…period!

      I would on the other hand like an EDIT BUTTON TO FOLLOW…

    • srelio

      Man, i didnt mock the flames for thinking the refs were biased against them cause it certainly looked like they were. With the nhl reffing ive seen in the past 3 years alone i find it hard to believe that human error is the entire issue. By now these “conspiracy theories” just seem more plausible than the supposed best referees in the world being that bad at their jobs. Clearly the system the nhl uses regarding its officiating is flawed.

      Also in their statement of why the goal was allowed they didnt even address the entire reason we thought it should be taken back which was kesler grabbing talbots pad. This is an offense regardless of whether nurse pushed him in or not. In the 90 seconds the refs took to review a game tying goal in the Stanley cup playoffs they either saw kesler grab talbots pad and didnt think it warranted interference (which by popular consensus of more than just oilers fans is blatantly wrong) or, more likely, they took a quick look at nurse pushing kesler in and didnt bother to take a closer look at whether kesler made a reasonable effort to avoid contact.

      Now if the refs did see the grab why on earth was the review so short? Given the usual review time for similar decisions I think any logical person can be fairly confident that the refs didnt notice kesler grabbing talbots pad. If they had noticed, the review likely would have taken much longer. Thus, it appears that the refs didnt do their due diligence in reviewing the goal. It was the refs job to notice the grab and given what fans pay i think that we have a right to be pissed off about this blunder. This wasnt a split second decision and cant be viewed the same as a ref missing a penalty, this was a play that the refs had time to watch from multiple angles in slow motion yet within 90 seconds where convinced that they were right all along and that the goal was good.

      Also I think that most nhl fans, not just oilers fans, are upset with the inconsistency of how games are officiated as well as how goals are reviewed and should be demanding better from the nhl. When a goal like this is allowed it doesnt just hurt the oilers, it damages the integrity of the game.

      I for one get upset when any team (except the ducks) falls victim to a botched call like that.

    • paul wodehouse

      …Clayton you foking troll…picture this …you can keep the dunce cap on or take it off…”…– an oilers captain that has been invisible most of the series and playoffs…” 97 has been ‘shadowed’ for at least one game…that tactic was abandoned…yes he has 5 points going into game 6 and if that’s being invisible according to you Clayton…fine but what about your blatant statements NOT including the chickensh*ts on the second line [including 27] making 12 million dollars…both of whom have done the classic “foldola” in these playoffs…see if those two were actually earning their wages 97 would have more room to get visible… contradicting yourself from one sentence to another doesn’t help your lameness where you say “… Enjoy the run as you never know when you will be back. The Oilers have a good team that should be back plenty…” “…but you just never know…”…I DO know you could maybe find AN EDIT BUTTON TO FOLLOW…

  • Tombstone

    The NHL is the most corrupt leagues when it comes the officiating. This old school mentality that the refs can pick and choose what to call should be illegal. Seriously take them to court for unfair work practices. This is a multi- billion dollar industry.
    Instead of hiring off-ice officials to monitor
    Off-sides and goalie interference they put it on the Coach to challenge at the cost of his time-out. WTF is that.
    Their is so much evidence now to show how inconsistent the NHL is. Bettman is already under hot water with the concussion allegations. Doing this will raise awareness that can be used against him.
    Regardless how Oilers play that doesn’t give the NHL the right to deviate from the Rule book. A rule book that was written by lawyers.

    • ET

      Had one of the current players on the roster’s Dad tell me that Darnell is not a very intelligent person and does not pocess much hockey IQ so that explained it for me. You can see it most games. Hopefully he can have some success with us in spite of it

    • paul wodehouse

      …think about it …your own IQ I mean… Darnell Nurse was 21 years old 3 months ago … he’s so skilled they couldn’t keep him outta the show … and just like you idiot liar buddy below ET says his ‘inside source’ …the father of one of the teams players…says what he says …that’s makes it all true and “so that explained it for me” [you]…wow…

      Gee ET and HOCKEY 123 …did you two dream up a RACIST take on #25 as well??? maybe think on deleting your accounts… I would INSIST on ET & HOCKEY 1 2 3 be banned barred and banished for the duration of the Oilers run!

      • paul wodehouse

        ….AN EDIT BUTTON IS TO FOLLOW … they sent out for it but y’know I.T. types… sketchiest n’air do wells on the planet …write code ? o my gawd NOT CODE!!! an edit button? hmmm 21 days to think about it &21 minutes to write and deploy…oh and that’ll be 8000 dollars please < I'm SOOO glad I'm not holding my breath for this EDIT BUTTON …question is will there be a big T-Shirt give away and PIS UP at The Pint for the reveal?

  • Oil9744

    I have lost so much respect for the NHL, sorry but they did it to themselves, I will always be an Oilers fan for life, but my game watching value and creditability to the NHL has gone all out the window, The officiating of the NHL is beyond ridiculous now, and I for one will not support a leauge that is allowed to ruin team and pick favourites as they please, you call it whatever you want but that’s exactly what’s happening all do to money and not love for the game of hockey, anyways, I’ll probably still be cheering to the day I die for the Oilers, so LETS GO OILERS!!!!

  • commonsense

    Kind of funny how the linesman called off a lot of icings tonight. I suspect more than they usually do. Guess they’re trying to make us believe that the OT game 4 icing being called off was legit.

  • Abagofpucks

    no matter what anybody thinks after you get off blaming everything else that we know was pure bettman served up on a bad toronto biased ( i believe ) review crew if you dont agree i dont give a good god damn this team ffffin blew it . just like a bunch of losers from conner ( dosent matter if he was on the ice ) are to blame for this fiasco todd the toad got out coached by a [email protected]@@@@@kin mile by that pumkin head b#@#@@th carlye and thats the truth ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, next year ……….. RIP oil

  • commonsense

    The irony is that we Oiler fans bleed the oil and we truly care about good hockey officiating. In LA/Anaheim, ice hockey and the NHL is not on their radar and it is truly relegated to the sport back pages like English cricket and the horoscopes.

  • commonsense

    If we lose fair and square, then I for one will congratulate the winner. But I will never ever accept injustice. Gotta get some cojones and strive for what is right. As Dylan Thomas would say, “Do not go gentle into that good night…”

  • How

    Why blame the refs? The Oilers had a 3-0 lead with 3 minutes remaining.

    They were out shot 22-10 in the 3rd period, then out shot 14-10 in the 1st OT, then again out shot 6-0 in the 2nd OT. Don’t blame the refs.

  • Play Dirty

    We did not initiate any physicality and did not respond to theirs.

    We gave up two goals in the final minutes. That CANNOT happen.

    After we come back and win this in seven, I hope every player on this team circles the first game against the Dicks on next year’s schedule. That should be a game where the score on the board does not matter but when several scores are settled.

    • a-twig

      Actually we did lol. Edmonton outhit Anaheim in the first period. We did extremely well in the second period too, less so in the third but still acceptable (sans the last 3 minutes).

  • mannicch

    We can’t keep getting outshot and outchanced like we have been, we just can’t. We all know the officiating is awful but we haven’t been outplaying the Ducks this series. Think how much sweeter this series victory will be when we win in 7. I have no doubt it will happen…