Game 6: Best Of The Internet

The beauty of the NHL playoffs now, from when we last participated in 2006, is the Internet. Everything is documented, everyone has phones, and we now have incredible outlets to vent our emotions on, make hilarious jokes, and post cute gifs of hockey dogs. In last night’s 7-1 win we saw some great things on the Internet, almost too much to keep track of. So here’s a recap for you.

Sign game on point. 👌 👏: Kevin B. #MISSION17 #nhl #oilersnation

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The signs at Rogers Place were fantastic last night. So many creative signs. So many laughs at the Ducks’ expense.

Pretty sure Zack’s face on “The Scream” upped the value of the painting immensely. Kassian’s goal celebration was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see more images of his face on things.

For some reason, Maroon got a penalty when Nate Thompson tried to ride him like a horse in the third period. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how, but this beautiful photo came from him trying to make his case to the ref so I’m not even mad anymore.

The sound of five dozen rubber ducks at the same time is appalling but yet I can’t stop watching this video. Whoever did this…. well done.

Not all heroes wear capes. #MISSION17 #oilers #nhl #oilersnation

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First of all, shout out to Alex for living in this amazing location. Also, shout out to everyone who felt the urge to take a stroll through 104ave and Jasper Ave to honk their horns endlessly until midnight. It kept me awake but I don’t even care. The excitement this city is experiencing right now is riveting. Honk away, my friends!

This little man stole the show last night. He was pumping the crowd up all night and ended up in tears when the game ended. Don’t worry buddy, I wanted to cry when it was over too.

As expected, post-game celebration was intense out on 104th ave. I see they’ve added barriers between the glass and the general public no so there’s no more banging on the glass during post game interviews. ☹️


I’m so proud of Edmonton right now because some of the signs people brought into Rogers Place were amazing. Take this one, it’s a fake cheque signed by Gary Bettman made out to the officials. Genius I tell you.

Gotta love this baby’s dad having some fun with her during the scrum that took place at the end of the game. Playoff hockey can get pretty violent sometimes, gotta protect the little ones!

This was only a small sample size of the awesome #content that came about online last night. Let’s hope the Oilers continue to win, and we continue to see some awesome images.