The idea that waiting five years after a draft to assess each selection makes sense based on history. For defenseman, it counts double, as playing the position is a bloody difficult thing to do. Even very good defenders can look foolish against a creative opponent, and there are dozens of sorties to defend each game….


A Letter to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

With the 2016-17 season in the books, I wanted to take a minute to write a letter to my beloved Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to give him some homework and words of inspiration to take into the summer. 


Trade Jordan Eberle

Trade Jordan Eberle. If I’ve heard that once over the last two months, I’ve heard it 100 times. The complaints by those who’d like to see Eberle and the horse he rode in on shipped out of town have reached a crescendo in the wake of the Edmonton Oilers being eliminated in Game 7 at…


Should the Edmonton Oilers extend Kris Russell?

2016-17 Edmonton Oilers: No. 4 RD Kris Russell One of the biggest questions facing the Edmonton Oilers this summer is whether or not they should re-sign Kris Russell, who was brought in on a one-year stopgap deal and played important minutes for the team in 2016-17. The answer to that question is not something we’re…


An Abrupt End

The playoffs can be cruel. In a blink of an eye the Oilers 2017 playoffs ended in Anaheim. Oilers fans were completely engrossed with playoff fever, but suddenly you woke up and the season was over. In an instant, the great ride Oilersnation endured is over. Now the focus turns to the expansion draft, the…


The Roundup

How the Canucks can use cap space to their advantage, Leafs may be interested in Dumba, what the Flames need to be a contender, crazy playoff ride comes to an end in Edmonton, what makes a Top 6 forward, 2017 draft rankings, looking at free agent Joe Thornton and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by…