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I Thought the Oilers Were Supposed to be Whiners?

Before the Oilers and Ducks squared off for Round 2, Randy Carlyle called the Oilers out for whining about faceoffs and officiating. Fast forward to Anaheim’s Game 6 loss to the Nashville Predators and it was the Ducks’ coach that was, once again, doing the whining.

Admittedly, this article has nothing to do with the Oilers but I did want to take a minute to laugh at the Ducks.

If there was one thing that Carlyle has done consistently throughout the playoffs it’s been complaining about basically everything. The guy could win a million dollars and would then complain about what kind of paper the cheque came on. Whether he was calling the Oilers whiners about the refs and then complaining about them himself or blaming the schedule as part of the Ducks’ reason for losing, Randy Carlyle has been playing the world’s saddest songs on the tiniest violin ever since the regular season ended.

After the Ducks got bumped last night, I was just waiting to see what kind of nonsense Carlyle would spew to make excuses for his team and he did not disappoint. Rather than admit that the Predators were the better team, Carlyle took a shot at the schedule makers for putting his team at a disadvantage.

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“I don’t think we played poorly in the series. I think that the toughest part I have about the whole thing is that this was our seventh game in 13 days.”

Awwww baby’s team was tired after too many games. Baby’s team didn’t have enough rest to be able to figure out how to win at home. Baby’s team’s endless parade to the penalty box wasn’t a problem, it was the schedule. So sad. So, so sad. I thought it was the Oilers that were supposed to be the whiners? What else did he say?

“Now, there are various reasons for that, but I think there’s got to be some consideration in the scheduling in the future between series. We finished on a Wednesday and had to open again on Friday, whereas other teams had to open on Saturday.”

The team Carlyle was referencing is the Pittsburgh Penguins and the argument is laughable. The Pens wrapped up their second round on the same Wednesday that the Ducks beat the Oilers, but were seemingly gifted an extra day to “recover.” Recover? Pittsburgh has been missing most of their defence so far and that didn’t get any better with that extra day off. Extra rest? C’mon. That’s a flimsy premise, Randy, and you know it. What about your decision to play Kevin Bieksa instead of Theodore? Nothing on that, right?

“An extra day would have given us a chance to recover. And we know how tough these games are. And that was a tough hand that was dealt to us.”

When a team is as hateable as Anaheim, having them lose was enough to send the Internet into a joyous frenzy. The schadenfreude that came with the Ducks being trounced was spectacular, and to have Carlyle add to it with his man-boy excuses was the cherry on the top of the sundae. Carlyle’s complaints and sadness sustains me, and having his ageing, overpriced team take another step closer to their impending demise is something we can all enjoy. Thanks, Randy!

  • Consultant

    Nice. Very true. Nice to see their window of opportunity start to close.
    Kesler held our goalie’s legs open, and somehow got away with it, otherwise we win. I’m still shocked by it. Thank god we won’t have to watch him raise the cup…

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    What a garbage organization.

    It’s hard to watch the league allow the rules to change in the playoffs such that “veteran” teams get the advantage. Teams that slow down the game by clutching, grabbing, setting little picks, obstructing skating, and who clip the other team’s goalie every trip down the ice get the advantage in the playoffs when refs start to let that stuff slide.

    I know the playoffs are a grind every year, and I’m biased because I’d love to watch McDavid skate freely all the way to the Stanley Cup Final, but I honestly think the NHL would to well to re-evaluate how they officiate playoff games in the future. This feels too muck like watching Peyton Manning try to win NFL playoff games before they started cracking down on pass interference.

    • oilman3

      totally agree. there is obviously no consistent standard and the players must be going crazy trying to figure out what is and isn’t a penalty. the point about veterans is bang on imo. that must be the explanation for players like getzlaf and kessler to continually get away with murder. the thing that kills me is that they then have the audacity to yell at the refs and whine about non-calls. it’s a joke and something needs to be done

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    Love that window closing. Have that, Randy.

    I’ll still take Silverberg off the ducks hands, as they are in trouble in the expansion. All praise be to Chia Pete.

  • Drill Bit #97

    Hey Carlyle, suck it up buttercup! For a ‘veteran’ Quack team given as much leeway to hook, hold and cross check, not even mention the obvious goaltender interference, I guess it is a hard pill to swallow to still lose. Especially when you know the Oilers and the rest of the league are just getting better and faster, while your ‘veterans’ need their days of rest and afternoon naps! Suck it Quacks!!!! GO PREDS!!!

  • AndersKwan

    I really don’t like the Ducks and haven’t since the Getzlaf/Perry era began, and now with Kesler and Bieksa there the Ducks are officially the dickiest team in the entire NHL. Despite that though I actually have a lot of respect for how they are run. Their GM and scouting staff (pro and amateur) are among the best in the league. That’s why the hiring of Carlyle confuses me. He’s not a good coach and his teams are always among the most undisciplined/reckless in the league. I felt like the Ducks won in spite of Carlyle and their success is also in spite of him.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes. This article might as well have come straight out of my own brain. I am so excited for the Preds to be moving on to the Cup Finals, but I was even more jacked for the Mighty D-bags to get eliminated. Suck it, Ducks! Go Preds. I would cheer for Ottawa, but their own city can’t even be bothered to show up for a pretty amazing playoff run, so they can suck it too. Thanks BM, I think you would get some hits if you did post game blogs on the Cup finals. It would be better than Willis publishing more graphs about what Chiarelli is going to do, or reading yet another article on how much a couple of kids in their 20’s are going to earn (we get it, it’s going to be a buttload). It would also be refreshing to read the ON team’s thoughts on hockey when the diehard-fan-emotions aren’t in the mix. Thanks a ton!

  • Hemmercules

    Kessler holding Talbots pad is still stuck in my mind anytime I see the ducks play in this playoffs. Glad to them ousted. Nashville is on such a mission right now I dont know if the Oil could have beat them but they surely deserved to be there over the Ducks. Can’t say I really care what Carlyle thinks, it’s part of the coaches job to do the complaining so no surprise the most arrogant of them all had something to say. I did find it odd though that they had to start the second round so soon, usually you see a two day break there but scheduling the NHL season and playoffs must be pretty tough, can’t please everyone.

    • corky

      League is damned if they do, damned if they dont. Finals go deep into June and people complain. Post season is compressed and theres hate. I always hear by this time of the season every player is banged up and exhausted anyways.

      • Hemmercules

        I honestly don’t have the time for world hockey anymore unless its Olympics. World juniors maybe a little. I never really watched this May tourney even when the few Oilers players made their way there after missing the playoffs. The teams are all watered down versions of what they should be and the same few teams roll over the rest of the bottom feeders almost every time (Sorta like the NBA).

        I dont mind the playoffs running so long. Its pretty fun when your team is still in the race. Drinkin beers in the hot sun with the BBQ on and watching some playoffs is definitely my cup of tea. I feel like they could cut the season down to around 75 games though and get the playoffs started a little earlier.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Didn’t see much of the series but it was fun to watch Getzlaf and the other Ducks freaking out about the few little penalties they took. You know, arguing they didn’t do anything after viciously two-handed whacking an opposing player with their sticks or slew-footing someone after giving three or four vicious elbows to their face first.

    The league embarrassed itself this year. Can’t be happier that the Dicks lack of talent finally showed up and they couldn’t goon their way or ride a wave of horrible calls to the Finals.

    Of course I’ll still watch the Oilers next year but it will take years for me to ever view anyone wearing Stripes with respect again. And that’s assuming that they actually clean up their act…

  • Derian Hatcher

    Dear Ryan Kesler

    You sucked in the conference final. You were -4 in game 6. You can’t play like a punk and thug and not expect me to show up. Have a nice summer – non-winner.

    P.S. Thanks for getting a tatoo of my initial on your arm. You’ll have a constant reminder that I’m around.

    (reposting cause I hate Kesler that much).

    • slats-west

      Chirp exchange during Oilers – Ducks

      Kesler – “you guys are a bunch of effing whiners – you’re the most hated team in the NHL because of it”

      Unknown Oiler chirp from bench “Kesler you’re the most hated player on your own Team!”

  • Oilerchild77

    The Ducks shouldn’t have even made it that far. It should have been the Oil facing the Preds and we wouldn’t have to listen to poor baby Carlyle make his cliche excuses.

    • Randaman

      Or expelling his nostril build up on national tv. Has anybody noticed the complete disappearance of Bettman during the play offs? Not a usual scenario. He must be camping out with the review people in Toronto to make sure his will be done?

    • Hemmercules

      Haha, you guys noticed that too. I think I have seen him do the nostril blow at least 10 times already and I haven’t even been watching all the games since the Oil got bumped.

      Getz is a douche but what a great guy to have on your team. Big and physical, great hands and passing, good leadership and always seems really loose and comfortable.

  • Alberta Ice

    Sure have a lot to whine about after taking out the Flames in 4 (with a nice rest after) and the Oilers in 7 games. So glad the California teams are out. Here’s hoping the Predators can play the Senators so we have a new Stanley Cup Winner. Yep, as mentioned in this article, the Ducks are the 2017 playoff Stanley Cup Whiner Winners.

  • slats-west

    Thanks their crabby McCrab pants…Awww finding it hard to win games when you can’t cheat?

    Great article but makes me pi$$ed off thinking of what could have been….

  • dreierlei

    And thank YOU, baggedmilk, for this exhilarating article! Carlyle’s lamento earns any mockery and these ridiculous statements are just a further reason why I am so happy about the Predator’s victory!

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    So happy these losers were eliminated. Between Carlyle’s crying, Kesler’s cheating, and Getzlaf’s homophobic slur, the Ducks have the most unlikeable collection of players in the league.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Man I used to so hate the Flames in the 80’s but I would sit with a Flames fan any day in the Saddledome vs any game with Ducks or Nucks. Both of those teams just irritate me from the fans all the way down through the organization. I hope none of it rubs off on Vegas or the Sharks. Happy to see the Preds get a shot as they have been class all the way. If they win without their top two centers though it will be a shocker.