WWYDW: Making the call on the Oilers’ unrestricted free agents

The Edmonton Oilers have 10 players bound for unrestricted free agency this summer. In this week’s edition of WWYDW, we ask our readers which of those players should be brought back, and which should be allowed to depart. Decisions have already been made on two of those players. Goaltender Jonas Gustavsson is bound for Europe…


Obscure Alternatives

It feels like the summer of crazy when it comes to NHL trade possibilities. The changing of the guard in the Western Conference, the closeness of competition in the Eastern Conference, and the upcoming expansion draft have a large pool of possibilities in play. I spoke to prospect expert and former scout Simon Boisvert today…


Practice? I Guess We’re Talkin’ About Practice

Everyone’s favourite colour commentator, Drew Remenda, appeared on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer yesterday and for the second year in a row, he was talkin’ practice. This time, the practice talk had to do with Jordan Eberle and it set the Internet on fire – to the point where Todd McLellan had to step in. 


Nation Network Prospect Profiles: #61 – Austen Keating

Ottawa 67’s center Austen Keating has flown under the radar for most of the 2016-17, appearing in very few lists for the upcoming draft. Digging into both statistics and scouting reports however, there doesn’t seem to be many well founded reasons for that to be the case. Between cohort data, adjusted scoring, on-ice statistics and…


Pakarinen and Expansion

The Oilers made the Iiro Pakarinen signing official yesterday, although the Nation Network had already reported it over the weekend.  The signing makes sense on many levels, and it should clear up the Oilers expansion draft list.


Saying Goodbye to Matt Hendricks?

If there’s one thing pro sports is good at, it’s making you feel old as hell and tossing you to the curb like that kitten stamp collection you got from your Aunt Cindy for your birthday. And, at 36 years of age, that’s the crossroads that Matt Hendricks has found himself at these days.


Because It’s The Cap: Arizona Coyotes Offseason Preview

This article is part of a 30-team series based at NHLNumbers.com. Each Nation Network team page will have articles posted relevant to the team’s respective division.  Nobody really expected the Arizona Coyotes to come out of the gate flying, although they took something of a step forward in 2015-16. If you’ve forgotten: They finished the year…