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Is Eberle Really That Bad?

I’m fascinated how often the analysis of a player often focuses on what they can’t do, rather than what they are good at.

If you were just new to Edmonton and had never watched an NHL game, you’d think Jordan Eberle is the worst player in the NHL based on many of the conversations and articles being written. Eberle had a down year and then didn’t score a goal in 13 playoff games, so according to many he is worthless. He should be traded away for pennies on the dollar, because he simply has no chance of helping the Oilers again.

You’re sure about that? You’re certain?

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Yes, Eberle struggled in the playoffs, but he isn’t the first scorer to do so and he won’t be the last.

He had a tough season, but an off-year for him still included 20 goals and 51 points. The haters will point to no game winning goals, like somehow that is the meaningful stat of the week.

If you want to evaluate a player, you evaluate their career, not just one playoffs, or even one season.

Eberle needs to play better than he did this season. He needs to finish plays like he did the previous six seasons. Eberle actually made strides in his defensive game for the first time in his career, but his main job is to score, and while some people want him to be more than he is, the numbers prove he is a consistent scorer.

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The hardest thing to do in the NHL is produce points consistently. Very few can do it. Sadly only five players in the NHL averaged one point-per-game the past two seasons.

Eberle is not a driver. He is not a superstar, but he is a proven, consistent point producer, and last I checked goals and assists still matter a lot in the NHL.

Since he entered the NHL in 2010/2011, Eberle sits 24th in goals and 30th in points. In the entire NHL only 23 players have scored more goals since he debuted in the league, but one 20-goal season and suddenly he is worthless?

It boggles the mind.

Be frustrated with Eberle. Expect him to produce closer to 27 goals and 60 points, but making emotional comments about the player makes some look foolish, especially when you take a step back and compare his offensive numbers to the rest of the NHL.

Since he entered the league he has scored more goals than Marian Hossa, Zach Parise, Claude Giroux, Bobby Ryan, Matt Duchene, Milan Lucic, TJ Oshie and others. Of course there are other elements to the game, and I’m not saying he is better than Hossa or others, but when he has proven to be that productive you don’t just give him away for nothing.

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This isn’t an article defending the player. He needs to be better next season. Instead, it is here so you can look at his production and see how it compares to the rest of the NHL.

I’m sure some of you are yelling at the screen, saying, “Who cares about his first few seasons? He hasn’t been good the past two!”

Okay, let’s focus on the past two seasons.

What to expect from Mikko Koskinen this summer

Eberle, the coaches, management, fans and media all felt he had a down year offensively. No one argues that.

Okay, but somehow even with a bad season, he still finished 58th among NHL players in goals.

Not even two players per team have averaged more goals than Eberle. He sits 46th in EV goals over the past two seasons.

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Scoring goals has value, and considering Todd McLellan used Eberle in much tougher matchups this season, it is accurate to say he did actually improve defensively.

He struggled finishing. He needs to regain his confidence, get a bit stronger and rediscover his scoring touch.

The ironic part about his season is he fired the most shots on goal, 208, in his seven year career. He simply didn’t finish plays, and while some will state his shots came from the outside, if you compare his shot distance to previous years his average was actually closer to the net this year than in some previous ones. He wasn’t a perimeter shooter, he just didn’t finish.

I wonder how much changing his stick impacted his game. He didn’t look comfortable with it from the start of the season. I noticed he wasn’t able to push the puck, instead he had to stickhandle it more and that slowed him down. Would a small tweak to his curve help him? I’m not an expect on it, but it was noticeable to me how often he came through the neutral zone or entered the offensive zone with the puck, and his speed was impacted by his inability to just push the puck.


It seems this has become a thing lately. This season many have said he only scored against non-playoff teams. He had 24 of his 51 points against playoff teams, but only seven goals.

In his career, however, the suggestion he has only feasted on bottom feeders is incorrect.

**PTSPG is points-per-game***

Calgary 33 14 18 32 0.97
Colorado 29 14 13 27 0.93
Vancouver 35 16 9 25 0.71
San Jose 29 11 13 24 0.83
Chicago 23 8 15 23 1.00
Minnesota 26 6 15 21 0.81
Arizona 30 6 14 20 0.67
Nashville 21 12 8 20 0.95
Columbus 18 8 11 19 1.05
Toronto 12 10 6 16 1.33
Anaheim 27 6 9 15 0.55
St. Louis 21 4 8 12 0.57
Carolina 10 5 6 11 1.1
Dallas 19 3 8 11 0.57
Ottawa 12 6 4 10 0.83
Philadelphia 9 3 7 10 1.11
Boston 10 1 8 9 0.9
Detroit 17 6 3 9 0.53
Florida 10 6 3 9 0.9
Los Angeles 25 3 5 8 0.32
Pittsburgh 10 4 4 8 0.8
Winnipeg 14 3 4 7 0.5
New Jersey 9 2 4 6 0.67
New York 9 1 5 6 0.67
New York 10 1 5 6 0.6
Tampa Bay 10 2 4 6 0.6
Buffalo 9 2 3 5 0.55
Montreal 11 1 3 4 0.36
Washington 9 1 2 3 0.33

He has 20+ points versus eight NHL teams and four of them — Chi, SJ, NSH and MINNY — have been quality teams the past seven seasons. There isn’t an obvious difference in point production on average versus good or bad teams. He has produced against some good teams, and struggled against others, and he’s done the same against some bad teams. He has struggled mightily against the LA Kings, however, oddly enough this past season he produced four points in five games versus the Kings. He’d only had four points in his first 18 games against them.

A massive rainstorm appears to have caused flooding in Edmonton's Rogers Place

Eberle is not above criticism, far from it. I spoke often this season about how he needed to be better, especially in the playoffs. There is nothing wrong with accurately evaluating a player’s game and his potential moving forward, but scouting a player involves assessing their areas of strengths and their deficiencies.

The Oilers could trade him. I won’t be surprised if they do at some point, but I think it is ridiculous how people want to ignore the strengths of his game when debating his value. You can dislike him, but if you only focus on the areas of his game you don’t like, then you overlook the positive attributes of his play.

He is a proven NHL point producer. He has proven it for seven seasons, and despite falsehoods about only scoring against weak teams, scoring is extremely valuable. I wouldn’t just give him away and think Jesse Puljujarvi, Anton Slepyshev or Tyler Pitlick will easily replace his points. It is very difficult to produce consistently in the NHL, and even when Eberle has a few down years he is still among the top-60 goal scorers in the NHL.

To me, that has value.

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Recently by Jason Gregor:

  • Consultant

    Wasn’t it just last year that our coach said something to the effect that playing with Eberle brought out the best in his line mates? Something to that effect, he was the one you put on the line when you wanted to jump start some production. Key to organization success is asset management, not selling low and buying high, let’s see what Chia does. I hope the check in with him during the summer and see how his training is going, if he’s on a boat with country music stars everyday then maybe pull the plug but I bet he is more driven this summer than ever.

  • TruthHurts98

    The reason I believe most fans are upset with him is the lack of desire to drive the net and play with passion that other players exhibit. The cherry on the top is the 6 mil contract. If he was making 2-3 mil and not producing fans wouldn’t care near as much IMHO. Hall couldn’t find chemistry with Connor and was traded. I think the same might happen with Ebs. GM’s have to make tough decisions with individuals to make the team into a contender.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    No – he’s not a bad player. But the entitlement train has left the station here in Edmonton. No more room for passengers that are all talk but find themselves in a different zip code when it really counts.

    I say this as one of his staunchest defenders during the regular season last year. However Your choices matter – and Eberle’s choice to come out with plunger in hand for his first trip to the post season and lay down a complete lackluster turd of an effort have shown exactly what his character is made of.

    Connor and Leon don’t deserve to be saddled with that sort of lead weight tied to their ankles as they do everything they can to take the Oil to the cup.

  • Derian Hatcher

    Million dollar statement: “Eberle needs to play better than he did this season”

    Million dollar question: ” Is he CAPABLE of playing better then he did this season, and especially in the playoffs.

    Miliage may vary.

  • Kr55

    He’s a very talented player, no question. Great stick skills, good anticipation, elite wrist shot and backhand (before his shooting coach messed him up last summer).

    However, there is a trend over the last half decade of of a decline of ES production. No one can honestly say Ebs looks like he’s added strength in the last 4-5 years. His speed has not improved either. IMO, he kind of exposed how he hasn’t been really working hard on his game for years with the whole deal where he tried to learn how to 1-time shots last summer, after 6 years in the NHL, because he thought it would help him keep that RW spot with McDavid. A decision that unfortunately backfired badly on him.

    I hope the taste of playoffs has lit a fire under his butt and he is going to have a good summer of training. Fixing his shot, working on speed/strength.

  • dolenupnorth

    Well that was a good read!! I sure hope the fan base doesn’t run him out of town by booing him! It would be great if Peter could hold onto both ebs and nuge for one more year! I’m sure both could be gone due to cap reasons when mcdavids next contract kicks in, but would love for them both to get a shot at the cup here again!

  • Yelak

    This entire discussion is happening 1 year too soon. We have the cap room for his 6mil this season, he is our best offensive RW. To me its a no brainer to keep him for one more year, see how things go and then make decision on what they want to do with him. He had crazy amount of pressure on himself going into playoffs and not that he shouldn’t or that he wont again next year, but it was his first year and for whatever reason he didn’t get it done. I believe he will come back better next year, probably have one of his best seasons yet.

  • tileguy

    A totally irrelevant statistic. NHL cap $71.4M, Eberle’s $6M=11.9% of it.
    Total player points scored by Oilers = 634, Ebs share 51= 12.4%.
    Conclusion, he is worth every penny.

    • Bagged Almond Milk

      And actually, this stat is not accurate at all…. I don’t think Goalie salary should be included in Total Points, right there, he already owes money, and that doesn’t mention Defensive Defensemen or PP opportunity ect…. It’s the same old same old, the sooner Ebs is out of town the closer the Oilers are to winning a cup……… If he was not on the team this season, they would have beat Anaheim. Savor That for one second.

  • TKB2677

    Here is what is driving me a little nuts about some of the media guys who keep beating a similar drum as Gregor about him being ranked where ever in scoring over the last years or goal scoring or whatever.

    He had a bad year, people aren’t happy about it. But that isn’t the main point. With McDavid and Draisaitl probably making combined close to 20 mill. YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF SOME SALARY. Could the Oiles wait 1 more year before shedding salary? Sure they can. But how does that help Eberle’s value? It doesn’t.

    Eberle could easily have a bounce back year and score mid 20’s in goals and get 60 pts. That’s great. I think Eberle has value. Like Gregor pointed out, he can score and has been a good scorer. I think there are many teams who look at the same numbers as Gregor posted and would say that this year is just a bad year, a one off. Players have that. I bet there are teams who think Eberle would be poised for a bounce back year. Then you look at the Oilers. Their backs aren’t against the wall with a gun to their head absolutely needing to sell. They have the option to keep him. So they can turn down the low ball offer and actually say truthfully. If you want him, you better do better. We are a contender now and we can use Eberle. We don’t need to trade him right now.

    If they wait a year and then McDavid’s contract comes up plus who ever else they want to resign. Now the Oilers are like the Hawks and they HAVE TO shed salaries. So now a team swoops in and trades for Eberle for less than they worth. OR they force the Oilers to keep Eberle and they have to sell someone else they don’t want to get rid of. Just like the Hawks for year after year. Did the Hawks want to sell off Saad , a young, on the rise, power forward? I doubt it. I bet they wanted to dump Hossa. But nobody wanted aging Hossa, they want Saad. So they had to dump Saad who’s taken off for the Jackets and keep the declining Hossa.

    The Oilers have the luxury of having 2 Elite centers. Like the Pens, you don’t have to pay high end wingers to score because the guys down the middle are that good. So take advantage of that. I think Eberle’s peak value is right now. Sure it would be better if he scored a few more goals and pts. So maybe his value is slightly less than it could be, but not that much. However, the longer you wait, the more you have to trade him because you will need the cap space in a season. The more desperate a team gets to trade a guy, the less the guy is worth regardless of the numbers he puts up.

    • fisherprice

      Waiting another year to shed Eberle’s salary could potentially help his value, even if it’s not guaranteed. Trading him now would absolutely guarantee that he was sold at the lowest price, his value as a trade chip has never been lower. Even if the Oilers trade him at the deadline or at the end of next season, I fail to see how his value can drop any lower at this point. I like how waiting 1 year supposedly won’t help Eberle’s value but then you immediately present a situation where his value would go up, in the case of a bounce back season. Cap crunch or not, it’s absurd to think that him putting up a 60 point season wouldn’t help his trade value.

      The Hossa comparison is highly inaccurate. Eberle is 27 years old and signed for 2 more years at a $6 million cap hit. At the time Saad’s rights got traded by Chicago, Hossa was 36 years old and signed for 6 more years at a $5.275 million cap hit. Pretending these contracts are equally unmoveable is patently absurd.

      The notion that a guy’s trade value will continue falling, despite improving numbers, because a team is “desperate” is really not true. The cherry-picked example of Hossa might fit this bill but only because of massive extenuating circumstances (a cap circumventing deal that was turned into a bad contract via a new CBA). Those circumstances are not at all applicable to the Eberle situation.

      I’m not saying Eberle’s the long term answer, but the only way his value is going down is if he completely biffs it next season and posts below 20 goals and below 50 points, which is certainly possible, but probably not likely. There is absolutely no reason to trade him now and sell low.

      • ed from edmonton

        Whether Ebs will have a better/same/or even worse 17/18 season is open to speculation and IMO anything is possible. I would however caution about assuming a player’s value is “at the lowest price”. That was often trotted out wrt trading Yak. What do you think the Blues might get for Yak today?

        PS. For clarity not trying to say Ebs is as bad as Yak, just that assuming a player is at his low point is just an assumption.

      • TKB2677

        Today, here is what Eberle is:
        He is a 27 yr old, small, not overly good skating, one dimensional right winger, who’s one dimension is he’s a decent scoring winger. He doesn’t one time the puck, tends to over handle it, isn’t physical or hard to play against and for his entire career, has consistency issues. But he can score. He had a down year at 20 goals, 51 pts. So Eberle’s down year isn’t that back compared to other players. He makes 6 mill. So a little steep for a guy who is one dimensional player who puts up good offense but not elite.

        The Oilers today do not need to trade Eberle because the cap this season won’t be a problem.

        Next season Eberle will be:
        He is a 28 yr old, small, not overly good skating, one dimensional right winger, who’s one dimension is he’s a decent scoring winger. He doesn’t one time the puck, tends to over handle it, isn’t physical or hard to play against and for his entire career, has consistency issues. But he can score. He makes 6 mill. So a little steep for a guy who is one dimensional player who puts up good offense but not elite.
        So let’s say Eberle boosts his numbers back up to 25 goals, 60 pts. Decent numbers. Still a lot for a guy who is one dimensional and put up good offense but not elite. Plus now he’s 28 but he is still the same player.

        So the Oilers waited a year. He had a better offensive year. He’s a year older. Still the same player but now the Oilers are up against the cap and they HAVE to trade him.

        So how exactly does Eberle’s value go up when the Oilers are in a desperate situation to shed salary? I’d love to know. When a team is in a desperate situation, teams usually fleece them, not give them more.

  • OldOilerFan

    IMO, I’m not happy with Eberle’s performance. Like a lot of fans we’re tired of 10 years and some players mailing an effort in. I was on the fence, but his play in the playoffs, specifically when he got called out by the Coach for his effort, then getting BENCHED the next game choked me big time. So there’s a reason why some are choked. IMO.

    But why are we still hashing this out? Need to put this topic to bed already and let Pete play it out if he’s going to do something.

  • ed from edmonton

    So the day after Remenda throws Ebs under a Bus, sparking yet another blog-o-fire on the subject, TMac defends Ebs and RNH on Blob’s show. I think TMac’s defense (not to suggest it was insincere) was trying to prevent a rerun of the Jultz saga he saw last year. He has quickly learned that Oil fans can turn on a player, and once that happens the only option is to get him out of town, usually at a discount. TMac was trying to put water on the fire. Having said that, I am convinced that either RNH or Ebs will need to moved for cap reasons within the next 14 months. PC might pull the trigger sooner rather than later if the deal is right, rather than be forced to take a discount when people know your hand is being forced.

    • JDogg

      You are correct. One of them is going. And the Sekera injury probably made it more necessary. The sad sad sad fact is that Ebs isn’t going to bring EVEN CLOSE the return that RNH will…. I fear for the Nuge 🙁

  • Gordie Wayne

    Eberle has value to this team, he also has value to other teams. Anyone wanting to leave him unprotected in the expansion draft is crazy. At worst, Oilers could offer Eberle to Las Vegas for a decent dman and even a pick I bet. Let’s say Vegas gets Josh Manson from Anaheim or Jonas Brodin from Minnesota. Oilers could get a d-man of that caliber and a decent pick from Vegas for sure (they would jump at the chance), so leaving him unprotected makes absolutely no sense. He has value if we keep him and would have value in a trade – giving him away for nothing is just bad asset management.

    • Explicit

      I don’t think there’s any way you can get a Manson or Brodin for Eberle. Maybe you could but I’d have to see it to believe it. Eberle couldn’t get them Hamonic. Good young Dmen have a lot of value compared to a overpaid soft wingers

      • Gordie Wayne

        Vegas is going to need someone to score goals. Eberle would be a nice fit for them. I am not saying just Manson or Brodin, but Vegas may pick another D that the Oilers would be interested in – you just never know.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    First off, I think its crazy to give #14 away for nothing. As the stats show, he is a solid producer. I was completely disappointed by his playoffs, and so was he….all things that have been said since the playoffs ended.

    But I just had a thought pop into mind. Not even sure if it is possible…but…he goes nothing:
    What if we traded Eberle to New Jersey for Ilya Kovalchuk?? I believe their cap hit is in around the same ballpark. I am really not a huge fan of Russians or Kovalchuk for that matter, but one thing I can say is that he is an all out Sniper (yes with a capital “S”). The thoughts of having a legitimate one timer on the power play from 97 is one enticing thought. Just my change of pace thought of the day.

  • RJ

    Since Gregor and JW love Eberle, it would be nice to see what his stats look like with each coach.

    Different coaches bring different systems and philosophies, along with different usages.

    In his best season, he scored 76 points in 78 games or 0.974 PPG. Whenever Eberle fans in the media want to pump up Eberle they always make sure to include this season in their averages.

    In the 151 regular season games under TM, he had 98 points or 0.649 PPG.

    How big of a sample size does Eberle need to have before Oilers media starts recognizing he’s nowhere close to a 0.974 PPG player, and start recognizing he’s a 0.649 PPG player?

    Is he brutal? No. But there is a large enough sample size showing he’s not an elite scorer anymore.

    If there’s a trade that makes sense, go for it. If not, hold onto him for a little while.

    It’s up to Eberle to put in the time this summer to show who he is as a player. If he continues to decline, then that’s on him. If I was his trainer I’d keep reminding him he played on the fourth line for a little while against the Ducks.

  • Explicit

    Eberle isn’t a that bad, he’s just not that good either. If chia can move him and his contract and make the team better than he’ll do it.

    It’s pretty clear he won’t be here much longer.

  • oilers1168

    Jordan is valuable to the Oilers full stop. Unfortunately if you are a veteran Steve Austin you need to produce no way around it. When it is reported by the media you have been working on your shot all summer with a shooting coach , your shot better be better. People will be expecting a one timer not a dingle dangle of the puck Playing alongside Connor you need to produce that is a must. When you put all that expectation together and he get poorer results than previous years fans will be on your case. That is expected unfortunately for you.

  • madjam

    Eberle had always been a good scorer in playoffs (junior and international)and especially on international ice surfaces for Canada , and was expected to be a major contributor come NHL playoffs . Did not happen for him , Pouliot and Hopkins . The 3 of them were unexpectedly poor on the scoring end of things . Might they fare better now they have a year to adapt seeing as it was their first NHL playoff ?

  • Oilers70

    There is a reason you are writing articles and not running the team…. good god, are you Lowe and MacTavish in disguise.

    He is a deteriorating asset who coughs the puck up, only score against weak teams, and who shows no get up and go.

    Players are paid 1,000,000 at a minimun to check, play hard, and play defence. Of which he does none.

    He was paid 5,000,000 to put pucks in the net, for which he didn’t do as well as some less paid players.

    Take the 6 million, find two players for 3 mil who will be tough and score 10 to 15 goals and thats better than the Eberle.

    Gregor, put down you pen and think.

  • JDogg

    The facts of this article are exactly the problem the Oilers have. There are aspects that give the seller a sense that the asset has value…. yet, the open market doesn’t agree. If Ebs could have been traded without the Oil losing face, he would have been already.

    Ebs lack of size, grit, energy, intensity, etc, turned him into a perimeter player in the playoffs. <> This wasn’t lack of luck, this was lack of the attributes to be successful in the NHL in a playoff environment. Guys like Kassian and Caggiula are the opposite and it translated into playoff success.

  • TKB2677

    If Eberle made 4.5 mill being a small, one dimensional, not the greatest of skaters winger with consistency issues and holes in his game then his usual 25 goals high 50’s to 60 pts would be fine and people wouldn’t have a problem with him. But he doesn’t. He makes 6 mill.

    When you make 6 mill and you are a small, one dimensional, not the greatest of skaters winger with consistency issues and holes in his game then you need to be scoring over 30 goals and pushing over 70 pts every year to make that 6 mill worth it. Eberle signed the contract after his 34 goal, 76 pt season. So he is being paid to be that guy. He hasn’t gotten close since. So he is WAY over paid.

    So when I hear media guys like Gregor and Strudwick who are really beating the “don’t pick on Eberle” band wagon it bothers me a bit. It bothers me because their argument is he is a typical 25 goal, close to 60 pt player. Then they bring up in a bad year he had 20 goals. Totally correct. BUT he doesn’t do anything else other than produce offense and he makes 6 million dollars!! I am not an Eberle hater, I am just a realist. When Eberle doesn’t score he does NOTHING for your team. When you make 6 mill and all you do is score points and when you aren’t scoring you are a liability, you have to be scoring more than what he does even in a usual year. What gets me even more frustrated is the protect Eberle then they bash Pouliot and say he’s way overpaid and almost useless. I don’t even like Pouliot as a player, I would be extremely happy if he was gone for next season. Pouliot had a brutal year and is overpaid by probably 1-1.5 mill. But as crappy has Pouliot was, at least the guy kills penalties. At least he can hit a guy once in a while. At least he’s not a complete liability in his own zone and he can forecheck.

    I feel gross for kind of sticking up for Pouliot but when Pouliot doesn’t score he does something else. When Eberle doesn’t score he does ZERO and if anything hurts your team. AND he makes 2 mill more than Pouliot. So I guess my point is how do you stick up for Eberle who brings less to a game and costs you way more, then dump on a Pouliot who doesn’t score anywhere close but at least does other things that can help you win.

    My preference is they are both gone. Bring in a cheaper 3rd line winger for Pouliot and bring in a cheaper right winger for Eberle. If Crosby and Malkin prove anything, you don’t need high priced wingers for them to produce with centers that are that good. The Oilers have 2 centers who are going to be that good. So dump the high priced wingers.

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    TRADE EBERLE AND POULIOT, and do it now brother. They can go be decent pre madonnas on a non playoff team….. They were passengers in this years playoffs after being a large part of the last decade of losing. I’m tired of losing. The sooner Ebs is gone the better

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    Eberle cost the the Anahiem series!! They would have made the conference finals but for Ebs. It wasn’t anything new, he just did what he always does. He doesn’t fit on this team, he’s probably a good guy, but he’s a loser at hockey. He just is, it’s not in his DNA to be a winner in the NHL, it’s not him. He’s a coaster, a guy who puts up point on bad teams. Gregor, just savor it for one second…. I usually agree with you, but with anyone who just does a reasonable jod defensively (Say Juhjar), who doesn’t cough the puck up like Ebs did, the Oilers might still be playing, and WOULD have played Nashville. I don’t understand how that doesn’t punch his ticket out of town. If he was injured and not playing, the Oilers would have won the series, so why would they pay him to continue to make it harder for Connor, Leon, Talbot, Larsson, Oscar etc to win games. Get rid of him.

    • btrain

      To let this one playoff performance solidify your evaluation of a player is absolutely absurd. Kunitz hasn’t scored a goal in over 30games and puts in 2 to win game 7 last night. If he had been an Oiler he wouldn’t hear the end of how terrible he is. However like most good players who struggle, he found a way out of his slump and did so at a critical time.

      The last guy to get pushed out of town also had a pretty good night. Looks like everyone who made him their whipping boy need to realize that emotional evaluation clouds judgment. And before you talk about how Pittsburg was able to play him to his strengths, think about where he could be played amongst the current Oilers D group.