We Need to Up Our Chant Game

Last night, Predators fans had their chant game on point and it made me think that we Oilers fans need to up our game heading into next season. 

I don’t know what you guys think of taunting players in a public forum, but I love it. I remember being at Game 6 against Detroit back in 2006 and seeing the Rexall faithful drop a two-minute “Maaaaaanny, Maaaaaany” chant on Legace during a commercial break. It rattled him. It had to! On a human level, there’s no way that something like that wouldn’t start to get to you after a while and I think it’s a bullet that Oilers fans should add to the arsenal.

In case you missed what went down in Nashville last night, you can check it out here:

Personally, I think adding the “It’s all your fault” punchline after the standard “Muuuuuuuurray” chant was some classic crowd taunting by Nashville fans. Some purists may say that this kind of stuff doesn’t belong in the game, but I completely disagree. If you can give your team any edge by rattling the cage of the opposition then I think it is our duty as fans to make it happen. Besides, fans pay good money to be entertained and giving them a chance to join in the festivities makes sense on every level.


If there’s one thing that college kids do well (apart from drinking and recreational drug use, allegedly in my opinion) it’s finding creative ways to taunt their opposition. Check out this video of Cornell fans with their “sieve” chant that breaks out after goals are scored.

How about this beauty out of Minnesota? Gophers fans don’t call opposition goaltenders sieves they just let them know that they’re not good at sports.

Over at St. Cloud State University, their fans incorporate the “sieve, you suck” chant with the classic Rock N Roll Part 2 goal celebration song.

A hat tip goes out to Winnipeg Jets fans for the creativity on this one. They started chanting “Crosby’s better” at Ovechkin when the Caps were in Winnipeg and Crosby wasn’t even in the country when it happened. That’s taking trolling to a higher level.

If you think I’m being too negative with these chant ideas then how about something similar to what the kids at Utah State University are doing? Nothing negative here – just belief.

Having a hard time keeping track of the score? Utah State has a helpful chant that will remind everyone in the building who is winning and who is not.


At the end of the day, if a chant doesn’t cross the line and get too vulgar then I think these kinds of things should be encouraged at Rogers Place. Not only do chants get the crowd engaged in the action, but they can also give your team a mental edge over the opposition. Even if you don’t buy the idea that it gives your side an advantage, how can you look at the videos above and think it would be a bad time? From where I blog, I think we Oilers fans need to put our heads together and come up with something that makes Rogers Place a horrible place to play for the opposition. Anyone agree?

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    I think chanting in or near the arena has been banned by the Oilers proletariat… I think I saw it listed on the forbidden activity sign, right beside politely expressing your opinion and having fun.

  • JumboJim

    @baggedmilk, I started @homeoilchants during the playoffs and posted here on ON a few times to get people to join up. It didn’t take on, but my idea is that we have the technology (Twitter) via the ON platform to organize this. I closed down my account, thinking the lack of response meant there was no way Oilers fans would be into it, but perhaps I at least planted a seed.

    Here are a few of my choice chants I tried promoting during the playoff run:
    – vs SJ at Thornton and Burns: Two Beards, No Cup. Two Beards, No Cup.
    – vs ANA after Maroon goal on the Ducks paying part of his contract: Pay Up! Pay Up! Pay Up!
    – vs ANA, pointing at Carlyle: Elmer Fudd, Elmer Fudd. Quit whining. Elmer Fudd.
    – vs ANA, obvious candidate: White Glove Treatment (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
    – vs ANA, at Kesler: Expletive expletive expletive Kesler. Expletive expletive expletive Kesler.

  • toprightcorner

    Needs to happen. Oilers need a different good chant for each team in their division. This should be done by the Oilers and either a seperate chant person who roams the crowd or on the score board.

    ANA – “Be very, very quiet………………….it’s duck hunting season, kill the Ducks, kill the Ducks”
    CGY – “Flames suck, burn ’em to the ground, burn ’em to the ground, burn ’em to the ground”
    VAN – “Kick the Canucks in the nuts, kick the Canucks in the nuts, you suck Canucks”
    SJ – “Sharks can’t walk, Sharks can’t skate, all they do is mater bait”
    LAK – “You’re old, you suck, thanks Lombardi”
    ARZ – “We have fans, you don’t, you’re moving to Seattle”
    COL – “How many points….48, how many points…..48, how many points……48, you guys suck, you guys suck, you guys suck”
    Vegas “Snake eyes, snake eyes, snake eyes, you lose”

    During shoot out – “don’t miss the net, don’t miss the net, don’t miss the net. (when they miss the net) Loser, loser, loser

    When the Oilers score – “goalies name, swiss cheese, goalies name, swiss cheese, goalies name, swiss cheese…you suck”

    When the Oilers score their 4th goal of the game “goalies name, GIVE HIM THE HOOK, goalies name,GIVE HIM THE HOOK, goalies name, GIVE HIM THE HOOK, send him down to the AHL”

    That was 10 minutes of thought, they can be way better but the fans need to make Rogers Place visitors hate to play at.