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We are seeing lots of Jordan Eberle discussions so far this spring and rumor has it plenty of offers are actually being submitted. Frank Seravalli has Eberle at No. 6 on his trade bait list and Darren Dreger has him being in play and offers coming in.

I’m not certain that means Eberle is leaving, because we don’t know the nature of the offers. We know, based on his own past, that Peter Chiarelli will do his due diligence on each offer and finally settle on what works. A year ago at this time, Seravalli put out a list of assets that included RNH (No. 1), Oilers first-round pick (No. 4), Jordan Eberle (No. 12) and Nail Yakupov (No. 18). No Hall until later in June, that may mean there was no appetite by Edmonton to move Hall until the values placed on Nuge, Eberle and Yakupov made it necessary.

We’ll know soon. I think entering summer the idea of trading Jordan Eberle may be about 50/50, and if PC can’t get real value from 14, he’ll have to look at other assets. Those assets may include RNH, Jesse Puljujarvi, No. 22 overall.

Based on what we’re all reading, Jordan Eberle as an Edmonton Oilers winger this fall may be gaining traction. Have to get value back in this deal and it may not be there, today.

  • tkfisher

    I’m not sure how to even put a value on 22nd OV pick this year. There is such a swing with where I’ve seen guys ranked it’s really tough to gauge anything. I’ve seen Tippet ranked as high as #4, and as low as 20. When you get past the top 10-12 the range for ranking is even bigger. Lots of players ranked in the top 20 on some lists are not in the first round on others. Not sure if this makes me want to trade the pick because it’s a crap shoot, or keep the pick because you may get one of the better players in the draft at #22, 5 years down the road. Definitely going to be interesting down the road to see who pans out and who was skipped over in the future. For me, i’m hoping Nick Suzuki is still there at 22. I’ve seen him at 10, and all the way down to 28, but a guy who scored 45 goals in 65 games is likely gone by then.

  • btrain

    I think most of the names on Frank’s list make sense as they are Free Agents/ Exposed to expansion/Cap concern etc. However, I disagree with Eberle (no. 6) and Hamonic (no. 5) being so high on the list as cap is not an immediate concern, they are not pending UFAs and they do not have to be nor are likely to be exposed. Eberle also represents a position of organizational weakness. As for Hamonic, I’m not sure how he is considered trade bait at all! The guy is a top 4 RHD on a value contract. He receded his trade request over a year ago, so if that’s the logic for placing him so high on this list, I don’t know if that is good logic. Trading Hamonic would be even more idiotic then when the Oilers traded Jeff Petry. As for Dregger’s comments he may as well work for Hotels.com reporting that information. He could literally say the same thing about 100 different players across the league and be correct.

    At the end of the day, I think Eberle could still be traded, but I think Lowetides 50/50 is probably much more accurate in terms of actual probability. Which, if the case, he should likely not even be on a top 30 list let alone the top 10. But as hot topic player, with any chance of being traded, you probably want to throw their name in so people pay attention to your work.

    • Jaxon

      Hamonic did not have a good year in New York. I think that is why he is on the block again. so Hamonic-Eberle may be a good fit for that reason. 2 Players that need a fresh start coming off bad years that address the other team’s needs.

      • btrain

        Not sure how you figure he did not have a good year. His team certainly didn’t have a good year collectively but part of that was due to injury including Hamonic who missed almost half of the season. He still put up 14 points in 49 games and was playing over 20 minutes a night. Even with a little struggle to his game, 49 games in a season after consecutive strong campaigns will not be overly worrisome to any half decent GM. Every GM in the league would be ecstatic to have a guy of Hamonic’s caliber under contract for 3 more seasons making less then 4mill. Having Eberle making 6mill occupying a less critical role and playing a one dimensional style is less attractive for most GMs. The math does not add up for this deal nor does it add up that Hamonic is actually available save a significant overpay (a precedent set by the Oilers in the Hall for Larsson deal). No reason he should be on a trade bait list except that the media is playing on the trade request still from last season.

  • Ever the Optimist

    I think we will see a heavy priority place on defence and center with the wings being a roster time decision every night. My bet is at expansion Chia tries hard to get pouliot out the door say Pouliot with salary retained and a 3rd in this draft for the expansion choice, then ebs out for a long term rhd (Hamonic?) and final move would be signing Hanzal to a 4mx3 year deal.

  • madjam

    Oilers will not trade Eberle until such time as they have a RW player that score as well as Jordan does . Maybe next year , if Jesse pans out , but no GM dumb enough to trade away his only productive RW player without a plan to adequately replace that player . Hopkins , however, is tradable if Oilers decide he is a 3rd line center behind Connor and Leon . Less than 5% chance Eberle gets traded this year .

  • Larry McCue

    I’ve been a hockey fan since I can remember. I’ve stopped watching because of a couple reasons. First, the season is far too long. There’s always a game on. Too much.
    Secondly or maybe firstly, I am convinced that the officiating is fixed.
    Graph the penalties of the last 5 minutes of a game where the home team is losing and then see the results jump off the page. Home fans never argue a call going there way. If they want to send everyone home happy during the regular season then you imagine how the playoffs work. I’ve watched it a long time. It’s the way it is. Business first.

  • Oilerfool

    I’m ok with any trade that makes the oil better. Loves Ebs. He’s on my mancave wall in a few spots, but if Chia can get value and improve the team… ok.

    That’s hockey done right.