Oilers provide sneak peak at new jersey

In September 2015, the NHL and Adidas announced a seven-year partnership to make Adidas the league’s official jersey supplier. They will produce on-ice uniforms as well as licensed apparel and headwear for the league.

The deal is to begin this season, and thus Adidas and the NHL’s club have begun teasing the new threads.

On Monday, the Oilers along with other NHL clubs teased new jerseys with the catchline “Form The Future.”

Based off that alone it’s not the easiest to see what the changes are. However, this morning the Oilers provided a better look as to what things may look like.

What we can tell is that the blue colour has changed. It appears to be more of a midnight blue, rather than the blue seen with past jerseys. It almost look like the same colour that the Oilers sported with the Reebok Edge jersey they used in the late 2000’s.

By looking at the photo, I would hope that the nameplate gets blown up larger than it actually is. The letters seem to be bunched in pretty tight but that could just be done as a part of the marketing for the release.

It was reported by the Minneaplos Star-Tribune’s Michale Russo in January that there would be no third jerseys in order to “make the initial implementation of new sweaters easier.”

Adidas has teased June 20 as the release date for the jersey. Just spitballing, but I think a really cool way to release the jerseys would be to do it on draft day. That way it would give draftees a chance to sport the new threads, as well as release them publicly.

I haven’t gotten a new Oilers jersey for four or five years now, so this fall I might have to pick up one of the Adidas threads.

      • socaldave

        Oh, and I forgot to add – I think (just my opinion) that the three stripes will start at the bottom of the jersey on the sides, and go up maybe 6 or 8″. I don’t think they’ll be the length of the whole jersey.

  • Robbiezyg

    You’ll have to shell out $370 if you want the Adidas version! “Fanatics” will be making the replicas and they’ve gone up to $170 a pop. Look for knock offs to make a pretty big resurgence

  • deferoiler

    I for one, am glad they are sticking with orange. Not sure how I feel about the midnight blue vs royal blue. Also worried about the stiching of the jerseys, they look pressed on rather than stiched. But whatever ill probably but one anyways.

  • Finnish Oiler fan in Edmonton89

    I think I’m alone in this

    But the reebok edge jerseys are my favorite. Nice simple design, the jersey is light and breathable and very comfy to wear, plus it’s more form fitting and not as baggy


    As long as theres no logo change and the colors are blue and orange i’d be cool with it. That logo and color scheme are sacred to us at Oilersnation. We’re not some micky mouse club like Vancouver. At some of their home games it looks like their wearing plaid. Yes i remember the Mcfralane Jersey , wasn’t a fan.

  • Rhino

    They should have stayed in their dynasty jerseys. Blue with the Orange shoulders. No one cares about tradition anymore. Why are we trying to copy the flyers??

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Someone on reddit did a Photoshop of the orange jerseys with the darker blue. It looks really slick. I think only one retina searing color makes the jersey look better.

    The away jerseys looked pretty awesome too.