Nation Appreciation Night presented by West Edmonton Mall

If there’s one tradition that Nation readers have come to expect it’s for us to throw a yearly draft party to reap the rewards of our failures. Edmonton has been so bad for so long that the only thing we’ve ever really been able to celebrate is the collection of another top prospect at the Draft in June. We’ve turned those failing seasons into plenty of draft party memories and we want to do it again. The only problem with our tradition is that it really depended on the team being bad so now that they’ve turned things around we’re confused about what we should do. The answer? Party anyway.

When we were trying to figure out whether or not to throw a draft party this year we were racking our brains about how we could make this year’s draft fun and what we could do to get the Nation together. The team picks 22nd for the first time since 2008 and being forced to wait around that long before Swag Daddy is allowed to pick someone is something that we’re not used to around these parts. Let’s be honest, we’re usually four or five shots deep by the time the 22nd pick has rolled around so was there going to be an appetite to party for a pick so late in the first round? We’re betting on “yes.” The Nation loves to party and we’re giving you another chance to do so.


After deciding that we are indeed going to throw another draft party we had to figure out what was going to be the theme. Even though there wasn’t going to be any dishonour for Connor, Fall for Hall, or anything close to the exhilaration that comes with drafting first overall we kept thinking back to all of the laughs we’ve had with you guys at these events. *leaves pause for ‘awwwwwwwww moment’ from the crowd* The community that we’ve built here is a lot of fun to be around and any time we can get together is always an event worth doing. With that in mind, we decided that this year’s draft party should be free (FREE!) to attend but still have all of the giveaways and chances at prizes that you’re used to. With no tickets required, the only thing you have to worry about is getting to the Pint early enough to grab your swag bag and a table before the draft starts.


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As always, the Nation Appreciation Draft Party presented by West Edmonton Mall will be happening at the Pint Downtown on Friday, June 23rd, with doors opening at 4pm and the actual draft starting at 5pm. Aside from making sure we’re all well hydrated on NationBeer, we’ve got plenty of prizes to give away and swag bags for the first 200 people to walk through the door. Going to be late? Fear not, my friends. We’ll still have raffle tickets available for every person that shows up to the Pint for the party.

At the end of the day, what I’m really telling you is to get there as early as you possibly can, but, if you can’t, just to get there whenever you can. In fact, I would actually encourage you to start playing up a cough or something so that your boss won’t be suspicious when you call in sick next Friday. Besides, you’re going to want to get your greedy little mitts on this year’s swag bag. What’s in the swag bags? Over $100 worth of stuff and a chance at the grand prize, that’s what.*clears throat* Now, pay attention and let me learn you something.

In the swag bag you get:

  • An Oilersnation Collector’s Poster (above)
  • A raffle ticket for our door prizes (signed memorabilia and other swag) and a chance at the grand prize provided by our friends at West Edmonton Mall
  • One Ed’s Bowling voucher per bag
  • Gift cards to Oodle Noodle, the Pint, and Jiffy Lube
  • We’ll buy you one NationBeer as a thank you for all of the years of support.
  • Access to the NationGear Summer Sale Pop-Up Shop
  • Memories to last a lifetime
  • The Grand Prize presented by West Edmonton Mall (package valued at over $600)
    • Fantasyland Hotel and World Waterpark Experience that will include:
    • a one night’s stay at the Fantasyland Hotel
    • Four (4) Admission Passes to World Waterpark
    • Four (4) passes to SkyFlyer Zipline
    • Private Cabana

Tickets: You don’t need one, homie. This is a FREE EVENT!

After all of the support and love you guys have shown us over the past 10 years the least we can do is throw a bash, give away a bunch of stuff, and have a great time together as we watch the Oilers draft another shiny new toy. Thanks for everything, Nation. I’m excited to have a beer with as many of you guys as possible. See you next Friday!

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