Photo Credit: Adidas Hockey

The Edmonton Oilers jersey release… for real this time.

Tonight, the new Oilers jerseys dropped and I want to know whether you’re buying or selling.

Over the weekend, a picture of the new Oilers jerseys was leaked by a sports blog and it set the Internet ablaze. When I posted those leaked pictures here on Saturday morning we weren’t really sure whether what we were looking at was our new threads or just fake news. Were those prototypes? Were they just fakes? What was the deal with that thick, white collar? We really didn’t have much to go on apart from the teasers that Adidas has put out over the past couple weeks, but that all changed tonight with the official release.

While the new jersey is similar to the one that leaked over the weekend, I was happy to see that the Oilers bailed on that wide white collar that was laughing stock of social media and went with something thinner and more subtle. That leaked jersey looked like something you’d order from $12 from a Craigslist ad. Even though there’s still a sliver of the white collar showing it’s not nearly as wide and grotesque as the leaked pictures had shown. I’m not sure what I think about the thin striping around the arms, and it’s going to take me a while to get over losing the blue and orange beauties, but I think this jersey¬†could grow on me.

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Now that you’ve seen the real, official jerseys that the Oilers are rolling with I want to know what you think. The prototype/fakies that I posted on Saturday didn’t get much love around these parts and I’m curious to know what you guys think of this new version. What say you, Nation?

  • Oil9744

    Enough negative feed back on here yet? Holy crap what a bunch of whiners, I heard the same things when the orange reebok jerseys came out and now every one is saying the same thing about these jerseys, I actually like the new jerseys, and please stop saying that your not going to get a new jersey cause cause everyone knows that you are gonna get it anyways

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      Starts off by falling everyone with a contradictory opinion a whiner then finishes by whining about folks saying they won’t buy a jersey… Hypocrite much?

      I assure you, when I say I won’t buy something I mean it. This candy-striped nerd-jersey won’t be finding a home in my collection. Maybe next year’s will be better…

    • socaldave

      I honestly don’t know a single person who didn’t like the orange 3rd jerseys when they came out. It’s the only one I’ve ever actually gotten a name/number on the back of.

  • Tombstone

    Orange is a very SAFE colour. It’s used in construction and in other industries. Now the Oilers can look like giant pylons on the Ice. No reason why any of them should get hurt next year.

  • Jay (not J)

    I kinda like em. I flipped through them all and they all look pretty good. During the playoffs when all the orange lights were on all the blue looked navy anyway. League should have gone back to home whites though.

  • X Man

    Dear God, the ORANGE! is so terrible… Are they going to change the name to the Edmonton Traffic Cones too?… I drove by Labor Ready off 99th this morning and thought that the Oilers training camp had started early, until I got closer and saw it was just a bunch of hungover homeless guys in their safety vests… Why this disgraceful, obnoxious, obscene ORANGE!!??… Mcdavid deserves to be attired in something respectable… Worst jersey in all of sports….

    • Rhino

      Agreed. Mcdavid should be wearing the jerseys 99 made famous. In other news- MTL, Det, Chi, NYR left their jerseys alone. Because that’s what great franchises do