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Hearing chatter about the NHL Awards not being worth watching and maybe in some years I would buy the argument. Not this year. For the first time since 1990, and the first time on live television, Oilers fans are going to be able to see an active player accept a major award. Maybe more than one.

Sometimes I think the verbal on things gets so strong we trick ourselves into thinking these moments don’t matter. They do in fact matter. You may not get another chance to see this for a long time (27 years is a long time!) so drink it in, enjoy it.

When Connor McDavid steps up and accepts the Art Ross Trophy, tweet and facebook and instagram and pinterest yourself silly! And do the same for the Lindsay and the Hart, should he win one or both.

Oilers fans have waited a long time for this, and tomorrow night is a big damned deal. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

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Based on opening night ovations last fall, Todd McLellan is a wildly popular personality among Oilers fans. He is nominated for the Jack Adams Trophy tomorrow night, and if McLellan wins he will be the second man to win it as coach of the Oilers. The first winner, Glen Sather, won in 1986 in what was a ridiculously late honor (Slats had coached Edmonton to Stanley’s in 1984 and 1985). It’s a tough trophy to win, but McLellan has a story to tell.


Peter Chiarelli is up for general manager of the year, a relatively new award given out since 2010. This award will eventually be known as the Sam Pollock Trophy.

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Enjoy tomorrow night! Please! Back in the 1980’s I was young and stupid and thought the Oilers would win Stanley and run off with the hardware every year. All good things must pass, so drink it in. Enjoy.

  • Ssseth

    This article rings true! LT, you’ve been a constant in the former decade of darkness. Thanks for being there along the way!

    About the post, I seriously was just explaining similar old man ranting (and appropriate) comments about this to my wife as I set the recording on the ol’ PVR (thank god no more worries about trying to figure out the VCR recording options!).

    I plan on soaking up every moment. Enjoy it nation!

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    McDavey wins the Hart. No player was more valuable to his team. Crosby is still the best player, and will get lots of votes, but I’m predicting a close one in favour of McD. McLellan has a good year, but Tortorella didn’t have McD and coached Columbus to their best season ever. Chia also has a good year, but he also has McDavey who would make any GM look good. What works in Chia’s favour is the Hall trade. A gutsy move that worked out wonderfully.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    McDavid will collect his Art Ross.
    McDavid will win the Hart.
    McDavid will win the Ted Lindsay.


    Mike Babcock will win the Jack Adams. Well deserved.
    I’m not sure about the GM of the Year. It’s a tossup. Maybe a slight edge to David Poile since he seems to be well-liked by everyone? This award is pretty dumb; it’s hard to reward a GM based on 1 year’s worth of work.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Yup, I too doubt that I will watch but I hope the Oilers win the trifecta with coach, Gm and player awards, though somehow I think eastern bias might rear its ugly head and screw us out of what is rightfully ours.