Photo Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Oilers’ Home Opener Announced

Mark your calendars, Oilers fans because the 2017-18 season is kicking off on October 4th at Rogers Place against the Calgary Flames. That means you have 105 days to wait, get yourselves hydrated, give your livers a break, and plan your Flame related taunting before the NHL kicks off for real.

After wrapping up their final preseason game on September 30th against the Canucks, Edmonton will open up the new year against the heathens from down south before making their way to Vancouver for their home opener on the October 7th.

For the second straight season, the Oilers will open up at home against the Flames but, unlike last year, they won’t be playing back-to-back BOAs to get the party started. From where I blog, I hope that means that the Battles of Alberta will be spread out a little bit better than they were last year after the two Pacific Division rivals didn’t end up facing each other after the month of January. That’s weak and the schedule makers should know better.

Personally, I hope the NHL leaves a couple of the Edmonton/Calgary games for late in the season when the points actually matter so it gives the fans another reason to hate each other. With both teams looking like playoff contenders, this rivalry could have some bad blood brewing if the schedule makers can get this right.

The full schedule will be released tomorrow, so be sure to check back for the complete breakdown.