Real Life Podcast Episode 32 – George Kingston

With the Expansion Draft on the tip of everyone’s tongues right now the intrepid trio chatted with George Kingston this week – Head Coach of the San Jose Sharks when they broke into the NHL in 1991 as well as Assistant Coach of the Expansion Atlanta Thrashers when they joined the league in 1997.

Coaching brand new teams requires a special disposition and double helping of patience and George Kingston fits that billing to a tee. Kingston also discussed his time helping Norway build it’s Ice Hockey program and now works with the Canadian Sledge Hockey program.


But because we can’t have nice things around here even a show with a renowned gentleman like George Kingston turned into name calling, smack talking and general nonsense. Try and guess who said what below and you can be entered in for a chance to win a prize!*

“There are a lot of hookers in the expansion draft this year.”
“I beat the tits off him that night”
“I never played any sports I have no idea what you are talking about”
“Ray Ferraro was a porcupine with thorns in those days”
“The trainer would always tell me ‘We gotta get the pins going tonight!”

*No such prize, no such luck.

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