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Oilers trade Jordan Eberle to New York Islanders for Ryan Strome

Well, there it is. Jordan Eberle, the final remaining member of H.O.P.E, is no longer an Edmonton Oiler. Eberle has been dealt to the New York Islanders for Ryan Strome.

Strome, a right-handed centre/winger, was drafted fifth overall by the Islanders back in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins draft of 2011. It took him quite some time to get going, spending two seasons in junior after being drafted, but after a 17 goal and 50 point season in 2014-15, Strome appeared to have found his footing in the NHL. But over the next two seasons, Strome struggled, scoring 28 points in 71 games in 2015-16 and 30 points in 69 games in 2016-17.

Eberle also fell out of favour in Edmonton recently. After cementing himself as a perennial 60-point player and elite scorer, Eberle’s production took a massive dip the last two seasons. His 47 points in 2015-16 was his lowest total since his rookie season, and he only managed 51 points in 2016-17 despite spending a lot of time on Connor McDavid’s wing.

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A big reason for Eberle’s struggles this year in terms of production can be chalked up to poor puck luck, as his 9.6 shooting percentage is far and away the lowest of his professional career. That said, his poor showing in the playoffs, no goals and two assists over 13 games, ultimately seemed like the nail in the coffin for Eberle as an Oiler.

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Strome can essentially fill in Eberle’s role as a right winger, but can also provide a little more versatility in the lineup as centre is his natural position. This is obviously a big cap savings for the Oilers who need to not only upgrade at a few positions, but also give Leon Draisaitl a raise as his entry-level contract expires on July 1.

Eberle is signed for two more years at $6 million, while Strome has a $2.5 million cap hit for one more season before hitting restricted free agency for the second time in his career. Strome also has three more years of team control before he’ll be able to hit the market as an unrestricted free agent.

Edmonton’s salary cap situation can be viewed at NHLNumbers. 

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  • McJesus_for_100

    Perfect, now we can take that 3.5 mil and spend it on Rim it our Russell. That’s twice now Garth Snow (allegedly worst GM in the league) has fleeced Crazy Pete.

      • McJesus_for_100

        Really? has he? Love Larson but we could have got a better D for Hall, the Reinhart trade speaks for itself. He did good on the Talbot trade and Maroon. Mcdavid inflates all of his moves. This trade makes since from a cap perspective if all of it doesn’t go back into Russell but that’s going to happen. I love Russell compete level and shot blocking but his passing and puck control is terrible. Stomes highest points was 50 and ebs lowest was 51. No way Eberle doesn’t fetch a good D man. Carolina is actively shopping a d man for a forward. Its all done anyway but you can not say Cherelli has done a fantastic job.

        • Randaman

          You are so obviously wrong. You are one example of how Oiler fans over value our players. Hall got us what he was worth, a first pairing RH defenceman. In what world did we lose that trade? Eberle’s value was low and it wasn’t going to get better. Cap space & Strome = a fair trade. Get over your crushes and think TEAM

        • Freddie the fog

          How can you say that ? Dont u think that Chia probably tried to get the best RHD he could for Hall ? Larsson was the BEST return. How do u know that Carolina even likes Eberle ? I guarantee you a long list is made when Gms are looking at returns on a player their trading…they start at the top of the list and work their way down to the player another team is willing to deal.

    • Mike Krushelnyski

      A decade out of the playoffs, a laughing stock of an organization that could only find success in draft lotteries, “tier 2 fans”…and signing Russell is what would finally push you over the edge??

      • btrain

        Can’t a guy vent a little here? I mean its not like I said any thing definitive about abandoning the Oilers here. With that said, I wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they moved from Full-time invested to Part-time see how things unfold for a bit after some of these idiotic moves because it is reminiscent of the moves that helped this organization become a laughing stock for years.

    • Freddie the fog

      Ya right. You’ll stick with the Oilers. You’ll just b one of those guys complaining about losses/ trades/ ice time/ roster selection / scratches..etc…everyone knows one of these guys..your it

  • btrain

    There better be more to this. The Islanders were desperate to search for a top 6 winger to play with Johnny T and all you get back is Strome? Someone who’s ceiling may be equivalent to Sam Gagner. Don’t’ get me wrong I recognize the cap savings but this type of deal is easy to find and should have waited until the deadline or next summer when the cap was going to become an issue. Hamonic, that works; Strome on his own does not. Rather disappointed in this move if Strome is it.

    • gr8haluschak

      I agree, the Oilers were in the position of strength in this trade partnership yet came out looking like they were in the situation last year – the team in weakness. Travis Hamonic would have also saved cap space.

        • btrain

          True but that is what Chia needed to hold out for as this was not a situation or a trade that he had to make. If it was all about the cap savings, there are a plethora of Strome like players to choose from. Chia got lazy on this one and just double backed to a deal he had already had on the table from months ago just to get this thing done. I sure hope Strome can help this team but there is no denying the team is currently worse off then it was at the start of the day.

    • Derian Hatcher

      Other Gm’s watched Ebs in the playoffs…unless he gets a sudden infusion of heart and desire, he is what he is…butter soft, no one-timer and did little with Mcdavid. Will he be better with JT ? Maybe – but there some sever holes in his game that may never get filled. I would guess that this was the best deal offered to Chiarelli – I trust he knows what he is doing.

    • Ryan68

      We waited years to get a REAL GM. Let’s just wait and see. The Larrson deal helped to get us into the playoffs. Eberle isn’t a top 6 forward anymore. $3.5M just about covers Draisaitl’s raise.

      • Freddie the fog

        Not to mention he’ll still b under team control after his contract is up for at least a couple more years. This is an overlooked but key part to this deal

  • Clayton

    Should the Oilers be concerned with all the draft picks the LVK’s have accumulated? Are they lining up to do something crazy like sign RFA Leon Draisaitl to a huge deal? A multi-year $7.3 Million Dollar offer would only cost Vegas a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick. They have plenty to give up! Or throw in another 1st and they can offer up over $9Million per season. With the picks they have stockpiled and the cap space they have…may be a worthy venture!

    • Shameless Plugger

      Vegas can offer whatever they like. Draisaitl has to sign it. And that falls into the highly unlikely category. Mcdavid is his best bud and Vegas is gonna suck for at least three to five years. Not going to happen. I’d give it about a 0.0000000000000000001% chance.

      • Clayton

        And what makes you think that he won’t jump at a deal that could be 3+ million more per season than what the Oilers are said to be offering? Multiply that over 7 seasons…thats $21 Million. Really think he would leave that on the table to be Connor’s #2 rather than be THE guy in Vegas?

        • Oilerchild77

          Yes. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what we think. He’s not signing on with a dung-dwelling expansion team when he can resign with a team on the verge of challenging for a Stanley Cup for the next 10 years!

  • Mo Playoffs Mo Problems

    How did Chia not get Strome + some kind of sweetener out of NYI for this deal?

    That’s two summers in row paying a pretty high price on 1 for 1 trades.

  • 24% body fat

    This all started when he signed the contract. When you have leverage and you don’t use it you lose in the long run. If Eberle was bridged or paid less than Hall he might still be here or fetch a larger return. No we lose our leverage and might lose the trade. Same thing when we gifted two good picks to the Islanders for nothing.

    Not that I hate Chia, but he was giving a wealth of assets and other that Talbot and Maroon, has given away a lot to get less. Even if the team is better. A lot of GMs could have done that. Credit to Chia, but Credit to Chia

    • Jordan88

      Eberle is only as valuable as his current value. McDavid and Drai are goliath signings the league knows it and Eberle’s cap was our kryptonite. This trade had to happen.

      I love the trade Stromes a good player…. like really good.

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      Chia-Pete may have been given a wealth of assets but they were loaded on the forward side and massively deficient in the defence area and any areas that help teams compete in the big and heavy Pacific Division. Essentially it was a turd sandwich dressed up like Cedar Planked Salmon. If you think any GM could have done what he’s accomplished in two short years your nuts.

      Also I don’t blame Chiarelli for the Reinhart decision. I believe that was his litmus test to see if MacT and Howson could be trusted to give good advice… After they saw the results you could see Chiarelli ignoring the ‘KLowe brain trust’ and going his own way.

      Ebs for Strome + $3M cap space is a good deal that’s going to benefit the team. Also, Ebs will have an easier time playing against the softer teams on the east coast. This might be one of those trades where all sides win.

  • I like this trade. Oilers desperately needed a decent third line two-way centre who can also play wing. More versatile, bigger.

    Forward lineup as it stands now has 7/12 guys who can also play centre*.

    Maroon – McDavid* – Draisaitl*
    Lucic – Nuge* – Puljujarvi
    Caggiula* – Strome* – Slepyshev
    Pouliot – Letestu* – Kassian
    Khaira* – Pakarainen

    I also believe there is a Nuge for Duchene potential deal in the works.