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Oilers trade Jordan Eberle to New York Islanders for Ryan Strome

Well, there it is. Jordan Eberle, the final remaining member of H.O.P.E, is no longer an Edmonton Oiler. Eberle has been dealt to the New York Islanders for Ryan Strome.

Strome, a right-handed centre/winger, was drafted fifth overall by the Islanders back in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins draft of 2011. It took him quite some time to get going, spending two seasons in junior after being drafted, but after a 17 goal and 50 point season in 2014-15, Strome appeared to have found his footing in the NHL. But over the next two seasons, Strome struggled, scoring 28 points in 71 games in 2015-16 and 30 points in 69 games in 2016-17.

Eberle also fell out of favour in Edmonton recently. After cementing himself as a perennial 60-point player and elite scorer, Eberle’s production took a massive dip the last two seasons. His 47 points in 2015-16 was his lowest total since his rookie season, and he only managed 51 points in 2016-17 despite spending a lot of time on Connor McDavid’s wing.

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A big reason for Eberle’s struggles this year in terms of production can be chalked up to poor puck luck, as his 9.6 shooting percentage is far and away the lowest of his professional career. That said, his poor showing in the playoffs, no goals and two assists over 13 games, ultimately seemed like the nail in the coffin for Eberle as an Oiler.

Andreas Athanasiou and Matt Benning will hit the free agent market

Strome can essentially fill in Eberle’s role as a right winger, but can also provide a little more versatility in the lineup as centre is his natural position. This is obviously a big cap savings for the Oilers who need to not only upgrade at a few positions, but also give Leon Draisaitl a raise as his entry-level contract expires on July 1.

Eberle is signed for two more years at $6 million, while Strome has a $2.5 million cap hit for one more season before hitting restricted free agency for the second time in his career. Strome also has three more years of team control before he’ll be able to hit the market as an unrestricted free agent.

Edmonton’s salary cap situation can be viewed at NHLNumbers. 

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    • Mike Krushelnyski

      A decade out of the playoffs, a laughing stock of an organization that could only find success in draft lotteries, “tier 2 fans”…and signing Russell is what would finally push you over the edge??

      • btrain

        Can’t a guy vent a little here? I mean its not like I said any thing definitive about abandoning the Oilers here. With that said, I wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they moved from Full-time invested to Part-time see how things unfold for a bit after some of these idiotic moves because it is reminiscent of the moves that helped this organization become a laughing stock for years.

    • Freddie the fog

      Ya right. You’ll stick with the Oilers. You’ll just b one of those guys complaining about losses/ trades/ ice time/ roster selection / scratches..etc…everyone knows one of these guys..your it

  • Jay (not J)

    ‘Poor puck luck’ that’s all. I forget sometimes that hockey is all about luck. Here’s hoping Ryan Strome sits on a horseshoe waiting for his flight.

  • I like this trade. Oilers desperately needed a decent third line two-way centre who can also play wing. More versatile, bigger.

    Forward lineup as it stands now has 7/12 guys who can also play centre*.

    Maroon – McDavid* – Draisaitl*
    Lucic – Nuge* – Puljujarvi
    Caggiula* – Strome* – Slepyshev
    Pouliot – Letestu* – Kassian
    Khaira* – Pakarainen

    I also believe there is a Nuge for Duchene potential deal in the works.

  • Clyde Frog

    Well Jeberle you will be missed 🙁

    I don’t hate the return when you look at Eberle’s last two years of production. At least with Strome, if he isn’t scoring he has a few more dimensions to his game. With that being said, I hope Eberle crushes in New York and makes me super sad.

    Although we didn’t do a lot of winning with him, he was a pretty amazing player while we had him.

    • super6646

      Good to finally see one reasonable reply here. Oiler’s fans should be ashamed of themselves for their reaction last year, you guys really could’ve used him.

  • Derian Hatcher

    Im sure hes a nice guy and I hope he does well with JT on the Island, but his soft and perimeter play no longer fits here. He will always puzzle me as it takes zero skill to put in maximum effort….and everyone knows he is skilled.

  • GinYCC

    Strome @ 2.5M >> Eberle @ 6M.

    Strome is cheaper.
    Strome can play center.
    Strome is younger.
    Strome is grittier (impossible to not be).
    Strome has very similar offensive upside to Eberle.
    Strome is stronger defensively (again impossible to not be).
    Strome is under team control longer.

    I liked Eberle’s sweet hands when he had time and space, but this is a good trade for the Oilers.

      • Petrolero

        Chia fleeced Snow, glad he got revenge on the Reinhardt deal. He saddled Snow with 9.5 million for the next two years and got a younger, more aggressive player with similar offensive potential plus he can play center. Snow is having a bad summer, he got taken to the woodshed by Vegas yesterday. Ebs and his wife/wife to be must be very happy. She gets to live in luxury in NYC and Ebs can have bro dates with Hall on Broadway any time now. Win Win for all but the Islanders.

  • Mcjesuslaz

    Wow whoever is saying trade nuge for duchene you need to check yourself. Hall got us Larson Schultz got us a mid to late pick and now eberle got us strome. No way in hell nuge gets us duchene. Nuge isn’t going anywhere yet. Our forward group looks good hopefully 98 can become a legit goal scorer and hopefully poo is replaced. Now all we need to do is get a couple decent defensmen. No chaireli isn’t going to sign russel for 4×4 he is building this team the right way. Get a grip people

  • McJesus_for_100

    Perfect, now we can take that 3.5 mil and spend it on Rim it our Russell. That’s twice now Garth Snow (allegedly worst GM in the league) has fleeced Crazy Pete.

      • McJesus_for_100

        Really? has he? Love Larson but we could have got a better D for Hall, the Reinhart trade speaks for itself. He did good on the Talbot trade and Maroon. Mcdavid inflates all of his moves. This trade makes since from a cap perspective if all of it doesn’t go back into Russell but that’s going to happen. I love Russell compete level and shot blocking but his passing and puck control is terrible. Stomes highest points was 50 and ebs lowest was 51. No way Eberle doesn’t fetch a good D man. Carolina is actively shopping a d man for a forward. Its all done anyway but you can not say Cherelli has done a fantastic job.

        • Randaman

          You are so obviously wrong. You are one example of how Oiler fans over value our players. Hall got us what he was worth, a first pairing RH defenceman. In what world did we lose that trade? Eberle’s value was low and it wasn’t going to get better. Cap space & Strome = a fair trade. Get over your crushes and think TEAM

        • Freddie the fog

          How can you say that ? Dont u think that Chia probably tried to get the best RHD he could for Hall ? Larsson was the BEST return. How do u know that Carolina even likes Eberle ? I guarantee you a long list is made when Gms are looking at returns on a player their trading…they start at the top of the list and work their way down to the player another team is willing to deal.

    • toprightcorner

      Strome will play RW, if Nuge is traded, they will bring in a guy like Hanzal. Strome can play center but FO% is 42% so he is likely a McLellan special who is a center but plays the wing.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I don’t mind the trade, Strome is a very “Chia” type player, and we need a young, cheap 3C. My only question is, who are we gonna have on RW? In a perfect world, we sign Foo and he and Pulju both rip it up in camp then start producing immediately in the NHL. I seriously doubt that happens though, and Chia/McLellan would be fools to bank on it. I know they’re not fools, so there’s gotta be something more on the way.

    I’d try Nuge on McDavid’s wing and try to get Draisaitl driving his own line. McDavid-Draisaitl-Strome is pretty damn good centre depth.

    • Hemmercules

      The summer has barely begun and you are already talking moving Nuge to the wing and possibly playing two rookies on the top lines haha. Chia can’t be done already. We still have weeks of trade opportunities, the draft and free agency left.

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        Well, that’s why I said signing Foo and having he/Pulju become top 6 players only happens in a perfect world.

        I can’t see Chia signing Strome to play RW, and I think it’s in the team’s best interest to get Draisaitl centering his own line ASAP. And we can’t pay Nuge $6m to play 3C. With the roster as is, I think logically it would follow to move Nuge up to the wing, then run McDavid-Drai-Strome.

        Like you said though, we still have free agency and the draft, so who knows what’s gonna happen. I like the trade. We were never going to get a king’s ransom for Ebs, so Chia went out and got a cheap, young, gritty centre who can play wing – exactly the kind of forward that he and McLellan like. If he’s no good, they can walk away at the end of the year and take the extra cap space, or sign him to a smaller contract.

        Exciting times!

    • The Whispererer

      RNH is a left shot and has never played the right side, so…in your mind Nuge would replace Maroon on McDavid’s wing ? And if that doesn’t work he would replace Lucic on Draisaitl’s wing ? And if that doesn’t work he would be a $6 million 3rd line winger on Strome’s line ?

  • Spoils

    the missing piece of the conversation is the idea of team chemistry. i think ebs and pou and hall and nuge are stuck in the old oiler mold. here’s hoping nuge can break out of it and start to achieve his potential in the McDavid era.

    sail on ebs. may you and JT light the lamp once again.

  • toprightcorner

    Can’t judge this trade until the start of the season. If Chairelli uses this $3.5 mill to add one of Hanzal, Bonino, Vrbata, Williams, Eaves, Marleau or Mark Stone then the team is better off. If he uses the cap and trades the 1st pick in a package for a Barrie, Savard, Dumba or Tanev, then the Oilers are better off.

    The extra cap hit gives Chairelli a lot more flexibility, which is good

  • toprightcorner

    Strome has the skill to score 25-30 goals a season, that is the Eberle range. Strome is bigger, a better skater and was basically limited to 3rd line the past 2 years averaging just over 14 min/gm. He knows McDavid as he is best friends with his brother and I think they could be a good fit together. McDavid gave Maroon 27 goals, very likely he could give Strome over 30 goals.

    Based on the $3.5 mill saved, if Strome only scores 20 goals in the top 6, that is great value compared to Eberle’s avg of 26 goals a season.

    Sign Spencer Foo, add a 1 to 2 year stop gap for JP with Williams or Vrbata and the right side looks way better. Williams and Strome on right side will be cheaper than Eberle and that is a good deal.

  • toprightcorner

    Everyone is saying Strome will play 3C. That won’t happen, he will play RW. They will split McDavid and Draisaitl for 2 dominant lines, thats what they need for the playoffs so thats how they will play the regular season. Nuge will play 3C. If Nuge is traded for a dman, the Oilers will bring in a bonafied center who can win face offs like Hanzal or Bonino.

    Strome is a 42% face off guy, they didn’t get him to play center, he will be a top 6 RW in the hopes to score 25+ goals.

  • bazmagoo

    If we sign Russell as speculated, I think we just need to add one RW free agent and one RD free agent. My preference would be Williams on a 2 year deal ($3.5 ish per year) and Girardi on a 1 year deal ($3 ish). I think that makes us a cup contender. Thoughts?

  • tkfisher

    Wow. I guess hoping to get Hamonic was stretch. Can’t say i’m a fan of this trade. Unless this part 1 of two part deal where they actually win the second part of the trade, i’m not a fan. Turning Eberle, a First and Second into Strome (and a third pairing D man selected by Vegas) is not a great record vs Snow.