The Oilersnation Sugar Skull: Anatomy of The Nation

This year marks ten years since Oilersnation was born and our newly-designed sugar skull was specially crafted to mark the occasion! While you may have seen it and know how rad it looks, you probably aren’t aware of the details within the skull. Because we didn’t want to let the details of our creation go unnoticed, here’s a breakdown of our new Oilersnation sugar skull that showcases the anatomy of The Nation:

  1. We’ll start out with one of the most obvious symbols in the skull: the Oilers’ Stanley Cup winning seasons.
  2. The Nation fist with the oil drop: the symbol of pride that connects Nation fans near and far.
  3. BaggedMilk has long been a staple at Nation HQ. One of the faceless faces that makes up Oilersnation — ask for his autograph and this is what you’ll get!
  4. Another one of the faces of Oilersnation: Chris the Intern. Last year we ran a Mini Chris Contest where Nation fans took a paper cutout of Chris on their summer adventures and it now rests in the sugar skull.
  5. Two goalie masks to represent the two goaltenders at Nation HQ — Chris and Kyla! Many around Nation HQ believe it’s two goaltenders too many, but no one ever complains when there’s two goalies on the ice at the ODR.
  6. Zambonis to represent a clean slate. As we’re all well aware, the Oilers made the playoffs this year, marking the end of the Decade of Darkness. After ten years of missing the playoffs, we’re happy to bid adieu to the DOD and welcome a clean slate with plenty of playoff hockey.
  7. Speaking of clean slates, we’ve included two hockey sticks with roman numerals on the blade representing a big reason the Decade of Darkness ended: the one and only #97.
  8. With sticks, you must have pucks. Included between the BaggedMilk symbols is also a wheat sheath made of pucks to represent Alberta.
  9. Beer. This one doesn’t need much explanation, but there’s a lot of ways beer has been involved in Oilersnation:
    1. We’ve all used it to drown or sorrows throughout the playoff drought
    2. We’ve all drank it at the Nation parties hosted at The Pint DT
    3. And, lastly, we launched the delicious goodness that is Nation Beer
  10. The barn where the magic happened the same season it opened its doors: we’ve only just seen the beginning of the memories this place will hold.
  11. The Nation Network logo surrounded by five petals to represent the five championships. Notice the shape? Looks a bit like the Hart Trophy Connor took home this year and the Alberta Wild Rose, doesn’t it? That was no mistake!
  12. A couple of goalie pads to not only represent the two puck-stopping interns, but also the highs and lows of the Oilers’ goaltending since Oilersnation came about (I’d make a list, but I don’t think its necessary).
  13. What’s a hockey player without a missing chiclet or two? And, for the long-standing Nation fans, an ode to our first ever t-shirt!
  14. The Wanye Gretz strongman! Many have never seen the face of Oilersnation co-founder Wanye, but you’ve likely seen his signature autograph. Another faceless face of Oilersnation!
  15. And finally, the phrase that is stitched into many of our NationGear items and has gotten the Nation through the hardest days of the past decade: Hope Will Never Die.

Now you’re probably wondering even more where you get your hands on this beautiful creation. You’re in luck! The first 200 people through the door tonight at our Nation Appreciation Draft Party presented by our friends at West Edmonton Mall will receive a free collector’s poster of the sugar skull! And fret not if you can’t make it to the Pint DT tonight due to adult responsibilities! We’ll have the Oilersnation Sugar Skull Stickers available at NationGear.ca for you to purchase!

Thanks for a great ten years, Nation! Here’s to many more beers and memories to add to the next sugar skull!

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