Who in the wide world of sports is Yohann Auvitu?

Yohann Auvitu is from Ivry-sur-Seine, France. He plays in the National Hockey League and is a free agent this summer. I noticed him a few times during his 25 games as a rookie in 2016-17 (2-2-4) and wonder if there’s a player there. His bio at The Hockey News tells us he’s an impressive puck mover…


What can the Edmonton Oilers learn from their Griffin Reinhart mistake?

Last week, the Edmonton Oilers lost defenceman Griffin Reinhart to the Vegas Golden Knights in the expansion draft. Reaction on this site and elsewhere was largely muted, both because the selection was expected and because Reinhart wasn’t terribly important to the Oilers anyway. Nevertheless, it’s really worth taking a moment to look at the costliest…


Are NCAA Free Agents Overvalued?

Is there an NHL asset more over-hyped than the NCAA free agent, specifically the undrafted NCAA free agent? Or are they excellent value contracts? Over-hyped is vastly different than overvalued. It doesn’t mean they can’t help a team and it isn’t a shot at the players (most are very good), but more so how they…


But for Five Years She Was so Nice

The great George Thorogood once told a tale of a man down on his luck. The tale had been told before. This man lost his job. When his landlord discovered of his woes she promised not to judge him so long as the rent was paid. The rent was missed just once after five years…


Free Agency 2017: The Market For Goaltenders

Free Agent Frenzy is almost upon us. We’ve gone through an Expansion Draft, the Entry Draft, and on Saturday, the annual tradition of throwing a bunch of money at players will begin. Over the next few days, I’m going to dive into the unrestricted free agent market and map out who’s available and who’s going…


Pay the Man

Connor McDavid was one of the main reasons the Edmonton Oilers were a held pad away from the Western Conference Finals against Nashville last season. Were his stats all worldly in the extra season? No. That said, would the Oilers have made the dance without #97? HELLS BELLS TO THE NO.