The Semenko Tribute Charity Tee

Last week, the hockey world lost one of its all-time greats as Dave Semenko lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. To honour him, we decided to release this limited edition collector’s tee with all net proceeds being donated directly to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

While others have told Semenko’s story far better than I ever could, including Robin Brownlee’s tribute, we wanted to use the platform we have to try and make some kind of difference. With that in mind, we decided to release this limited edition Semenko tribute tee and donate the net proceeds to cancer research.


Effective immediately, this collector’s tee is now available as a pre-sale on the NationGear website. We will collect orders until Sunday at midnight (July 9th) and ship all the shirts as soon as the production run is complete. Even though we could never truly thank Dave Semenko enough for the memories and the time he’s invested into our community we wanted to do our part to make a small difference.

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If you can’t purchase a shirt, or are unable to, we ask that you still share the link to this story. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for the Alberta Cancer Foundation and every click and share will help us reach that goal. As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to read and share this article. Your support on these type of initiatives is always appreciated.