Real Life Podcast Episode 34: Todd Woodcroft

This week Wanye jumped the gun thinking that Jordan Eberle was coming on the show this week instead of next.

But instead of running to the studio to speak to former #14 for the Edmonton Oilers, he and the boys were lucky to speak with Todd Woodcroft – assistant coach for the Winnipeg Jets and a member of the Swedish Coaching Staff that won Gold at the World Hockey Championships and Silver at the World Cup Last September.

Todd is the brother of Jay Woodcroft – Assistant Coach for the Edmonton Oilers – but apparently, Jay is so secretive with his career he has never formally confirmed his employment to his brother Todd nor his other brother Craig who is a head coach in Switzerland.

Todd is presenting at the Team Snap Hockey Coaching Conference in Vancouver on July 14th and 15th…

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Are you constantly on the move? Do you have approximately 7 minutes to spend on listening to the podcast? Check out the breakdown below and jump to your favourite part of the show you speed demon you!

0:00 Wanye is heartbroken Eberle isn’t on this week. He misread his texts and tweets and is generally something of an idiot.

6:15 Todd Woodcroft joins the fellas and discusses the Woodcroft family coaching secrets.

7:45: How coaching conferences help coaches from all levels of hockey

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9:20: Learning from coaches in non-traditional hockey countries.

10:30: Woodcroft discusses Struds skating, and shares what Sweden does not allow their coaches to do in minor hockey and why it correlates to Sweden becoming a factory for developing NHL defenseman.

13:20: Is Canadian coaching philosophies changing. Should they?

15:40: Faceoffs and how to take them correctly.

18:30: How important are faceoffs. Is NHL data correct?

25:50: The relationship between goalies and D-men. Is it overlooked?

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32:40 Struds shares a story of Pat Quinn and his video sessions.

41:00 We debate if the NHL is evolving only with a defensive mindset

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