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Ryan Strome beat Jussi Jokinen up last year, gift basket makers on alert

I was doing a few Internet laps to see what people thought of the Jussi Jokinen signing when I was alerted to this scrap between new teammates Ryan Strome and Jussi Jokinen.

Before I get started, I know that there won’t be any bad blood between these two guys now that they’re teammates and have fought before, but it’s still fun to point out that fist kisses were once exchanged between two of the newest Oilers. Unfortunately, the first and only fight of Jussi Jokinen’s career didn’t go so well for him as Strome punched his face as a price to pay for giving John Tavares a few cross checks to the back.

Check out the fight courtesy of HockeyFights.com:

Most of the time, when Jussi Jokinen is causing a ruckus a stern warning will probably be enough, but, with that said, channelling one’s inner Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is always a good boost for the grit chart rankings. Now that they’re teammates, maybe Strome might have to send Jussi an edible arrangement full of whatever’s for dinner in Finland or, at the very least, a macaroni card that says ‘Sorry for punching your face.’ Either way, I’m sure these two new teammates will have a secret handshake by Christmas.

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Fight Fact: Over at HockeyFights, 96% of users gave this fight to Ryan Strome while the other 4% were likely Jussi Jokinen‘s friends and family.

Shout out to Reddit user collinstumpf for pointing this fight out.