Real Life Podcast Episode 35: Jordan Eberle

Dreams really can come true. Or nightmares can come true depending on how you would interpret Wanye coming face to ear with Eberle on a podcast.

At long last one of the top modern Oilers and one of the worst Oilers bloggers got to talking and as expected fireworks ensued. Gregor said 3 words, Struds maybe 10. Wanye clocked in at 174940682930 words and Eberle patiently tolerated all the excitement.

“What some call stalking I call ‘a one-way bromance’ and I must have accidentally interrupted Eberle a half dozen times to ask another question or tell him one of my memories of his career. Gregor warned me not to interrupt before the show but too bad. I asked him every question I ever had in my brain and heart and felt that in an alternate universe where he isn’t a hockey God and I’m not a Twitterbot we could get along great.” – Wanye when asked for an email summary of the show.

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