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Who did the pizza better?

We have to talk about the old-school Mike Grier hockey card that popped up on the Internet this week of him clearly holding a 10/10 pepperoni pizza. If you grew up in the 90s and collected hockey cards, you’ve probably already seen this one. I think it might be one of the greatest hockey cards of all time. It brought up a lot of comparisons to the Jesse Puljujarvi pizza photobomb that occurred at the beginning of last season, so I thought we should compare.

Mike “Pepperoni” Grier

Why Upper Deck chose this to be on a hockey card is beyond me, but I’m not complaining one bit. Mike Grier sitting on a couch Eric Foreman style, repping the most 90’s style watch ever on his right wrist, holding a pepperoni pizza in his left hand. There are a few other cards out there that don’t make any sense at all, and Luke Richardon’s is one of them.

That is a pepperoni pizza, right? Do you think it was a fresh slice? Did they bring it in specifically for the photo shoot or was it leftover and Mike thought it would be a good addition to the card? I have so many questions. I’m also wondering whose idea it was to get the pig nose angle of Mike. Everyone knows not to take pictures from below the face!

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Jesse “Eat It All” Puljujarvi

Jesse Puljujarvi photobombing Connor McDavid’s interview by mowing down a piece of pizza is probably the greatest thing I’ve seen on the Internet to date, and will probably remain at the top for a while. Here’s a kid who’s new to the organization and has already built the reputation of having a face built for a meme. THEN he gets caught chowing down pizza on camera and gets outed by Todd McLellan about how much food he eats. Here’s a quote Todd had told an NHL reporter about Jesse’s appetite:

With the No. 14 overall pick, the Oilers select... Connor Zary?

“I have never seen a youngster who eats more than he does. He is literally shoveling food inside him. Somebody asks “How’s it going, Jesse?” and he just lifts his head from over the plate, replies “fine” and continues shoveling.” “And that was just the breakfast. After a while when you come back and he is having a snack. He can’t read the menu yet, so he just points “two of those” and “one of those”.  And when he leaves, he takes a pile of lunch boxes with him. He is like a little boy.”

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse Puljujarvi could fit an entire large pizza in his mouth at once. He’s one of the funniest personalities in the league and I couldn’t be more happy that he’s ours.

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This leads me to my question. Who did the pizza better, Jesse Puljujarvi or Mike Grier?

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