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A little over two years after his arrival as Edmonton Oilers general manager, Peter Chiarelli has turned over (almost) the entire pro goalie depth chart. The only holdover is Laurent Brossoit, whose minor league audition has finally ended with his apparent ascension to the NHL roster this fall.


  1. Laurent Brossoit 31gp, 2.66, .920
  2. Eetu Laurikainen 18gp, 3.42 .907
  3. Ben Scrivens 10gp, 3.47 .893
  4. Ty Rimmer 6gp, 3.89 .880
  5. Niklas Lundstrom 4gp, 3.90 .872
  6. Anders Nilsson 2gp, 2.01, .935
  • The Oilers have liked Laurent Brossoit since he was acquired from Calgary, but the young goalie had to prove himself in the AHL over several years. The 2015-16 season represented his best year and was the second strong campaign in a row. I expect many in the organization felt he was bona fide and worthy of the backup role beginning 2016-17.
  • Eetu Laurikainen had his moments with Bakersfield, but spent just this one season with the AHL team so the die was cast.


  1. Nick Ellis 34gp, 2.69 .918
  2. Laurent Brossoit 21gp, 2.67 .908
  3. Jonas Gustavsson 20gp, 2.42 .917
  • Nick Ellis signed out of college with a solid resume. His AHL performance was exceptional and we may be looking at a goalie with an NHL future. Including his final season with Providence, the Nick Ellis story is becoming very interesting. He spent two seasons with the Friars before becoming the starter, basically behind star goalie Jon Gillies most of the time. If he has another strong season in Bakersfield 2017-18, Ellis could get some work in Edmonton by the time we see April 2018.
  • Laurent Brossoit posted another excellent season (three Christmastime outings dragged his numbers) and was rewarded with a recall to Edmonton (8gp, 1.99 .928).


No one will remember, but Jonas Gustavsson took his demotion like a man and played well for Bakersfield down the stretch. He will play for Linkoping (SHL) next year.


  • Edward Pasquale. Pasquale is a capable AHL veteran who should be able to play up and down the entire depth chart in the coming season. If the NHL depth chart is Cam Talbot-Laurent Brossoit, then Nick Ellis is the likely starter in Bakersfield. Pasquale would be the odds-on favorite to be the AHL backup.
  • Shane Starrett. Impressive starter for NCAA Air Force club for the last two seasons, Starrett has some things in common with Nick Ellis a year ago as he entered pro hockey. I’m unsure where he’ll play this coming year, but time in both the ECHL and AHL seems logical.


Peter Chiarelli’s game plan to rebuild the Oilers organization is apparent with each goalie move. While trading for Cam Talbot for immediate NHL help, he also signed college goalies in 2016 and 2017 and has drafted one goalie (Miroslav Svoboda, Dylan Wells, Stuart Skinner) each draft summer.

If  Cam Talbot remains a quality goaltender well into his 30’s, then these names will either find NHL jobs elsewhere or peak a little below the world’s best league. The college goalies are intriguing and I’m very interesting in seeing what Ellis can do as the No. 1 goalie in Bakersfield.

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    • Carl the tooth

      Yeah I agree it’s not working we need to fire the entire scouting staff and. Chia has got to go before he makes another seguin. Trade.or hall or eberle and nuge next .shultz.dubnyk.like what’s going on here .gilbert .petry ?

      • Brossoit31

        i think our pro scouts are quite competent, chia has made a few questionable moves, but the hall for larsson trade is one of the reasons why we are playoff contenders now. the eberle trade will hopefully bring similar effects. all you can say about the others is sometimes all a player needs is a new environment to really come out of their shell.

  • OriginalPouzar

    I think its prudent to note that 2 out of the 4 goalies at the Canadian World Junior Evaluation Camp are Oilers prospects – Dylan Wells (who had a great draft plus 1 year) and newly drafted Stuart Skinner.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      Wells and Skinner are a good start to restocking the shelves with goalie prospects. we’ll have to see if the Oilers perhaps even take one again next year.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      he’s still spinning his wheels in the Czech league, is now 22, and in my opinion needs to come over to North America and play more than the 25 games he go into last year and the 29 total games between 2 teams he played in the year before that. even if he started in the ECHL, i’d still like to see him get out of the Czech Republic and play way more games than he’s been playing. he’ll never develop if he doesn’t play more but hey, he’s only a 7th rounder after all. if he doesn’t turn into anything, oh well !

  • One thing you notice as opposed to the previous regime is Chiarelli’s heavy emphasis on scouting goaltending. Nick Ellis wasn’t the most hyped college prospects but he’s playing well enough for us to actually start talking about a future NHL career, wasn’t something we could discuss with Nagelvoort, Bunz, Perhonen,Tuiohimaa, or Roy. Even with Talbot and a deep pool(Svoboda, Ellis, and Wells are developing nicely) he traded for Stuart Skinner. When you look at the Starret signing you can see the clear difference, a dominating numbers at a lesser known level? I seriously doubt MacT and Stu would even think of looking at Air Force Academy for NHL talent or if they even knew they had a hockey team.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      former head scout Stu MacGregor LOVED his long shot goalies! that’s why we have nothing to show from the guys he took….Nagelvoort, Bunz, Perhonen, Tuohimaa or Roy. all flops and Stu didn’t like to “waste” a pick on a higher ranked goalie because after all goalies are “voodoo”. it’s that kind of nonsense that left us with no goaltending depth during Stu’s years as head scout and although Chia’s pick of Dylan Wells was iffy at best, Stu Skinner was at least ranked the #5 goalie in North America on the NHL.com’s final draft rankings so the Oilers FINALLY gambled a decently high draft pick on a higher ranked goalie, and only 4 goalies went ahead of Skinner. i hope it pays off down the road !

      • fasteddy

        Finally gambled on a high pick?! I have two words; Devon Dubnyk. I don’t care if he wins 4 Vezina’s moving forward he was a nervous Nellie in e-town. And no I don’t blame MacT saying “if you have to ask the question”…..the statement was 100% accurate and if a professional athlete can’t take a comment like that they are not in the right line of work.

        • Dubnyk has benefitted from having an excellent defense and possession team in front of him, where you could not in any way shape or form say that about the Oilers when he was here, yet he still had a decent save percentage. He was a typical scapegoat.

        • HardBoiledOil 1.0

          @fasteddy….you proved my point. who was the last Oiler drafted goalie who had success in the NHL? Dubnyk and where was he taken? 1st round ! continuing to take mid and lower ranked goalies hasn’t worked for us so it’s nice to see the Oilers finally take a higher ranked goalie.

          • fasteddy

            Good point….though I’d be curious to see what percentage of NHL goalies are 1st round draft picks; I’m guessing it’s not the majority by any stretch

  • ColoradOIL

    I have seen Starrett play on several occasions at the Air Force Academy and can say I am fan. He played well with an injured d corps in front of him. I doubt we will ever see him play in Edmonton but he sure will be a quality backup for any AHL team.