Real Life Podcast Episode 38: Wanye, Baggedmilk, and Marc Majeau talk Nation History

This week there was a shakeup on the Real Life podcast. With Strudwick on a luxury cruise for singles over 55 and Jason Gregor opting to see his favourite star Bruno Mars in concert Wanye went full Castro and completed his coup, taking over the podcast this week.

A coward to the core who knows he could never talk for 43 minutes uninterrupted he called in backup – Oilersnation site manager Baggedmilk and show producer Marc Majeau – to have a chat.

In this episode, the boys covered the first time they ever went on the Internet, sharing an office with Nexopia, the history of the Nation Network, and all the Star Trek references you can handle.

Next week, the boys will pick up where they left off and continue on with part 2 of the history of the Nation Network and what it’s like being anonymous online.

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