Real Life Podcast Episode 39: Wanye, Marc and Baggedmilk – Little Bit Of Everything

In this week, Wanye, Baggedmilk, and Marc Majeau return for Part 2 of their walk through the history of the Nation Network, what’s the toughest part about blogging, and whether or not Twitter is dying. 

Picking up from last week’s episode, Wanye tells the story about how the Nation Network progressed from a Ryan Smyth tribute website into a 10 site Network with over 160 million annual pageviews.

From there, the boys talk about the birth of Nation parties, their lowest Oilers moments from the decade of darkness, and reveal whether or not there were any times when they had lost hope in the team they love.

We’d also like to know your feedback about what you think of the podcast. Are there things that can be improved? Things you love? Leave us your feedback in the comments below.

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