City of Champions again tonight?

I know people have tickets to Metallica. I know the Oilers fan base is spread across the world. I doubly, triply know this is baseball, and that this is a hockey blog. To those people, I apologize. You’re missing out tonight. Tonight another City of Champions team is playing in a Championship game. Starting tonight at…


The Dynamic Duo is locked up for the next eight years

The time for speculation is over. No more speculation about offer sheets. No more speculation about testing the free agent market at the earliest age possible. No more speculation about wanting to play in Toronto, New York, or wherever else. The Oilers now have their dynamic duo locked up at for eight more seasons. Earlier in…


Is the Leon Draisaitl contract done?

The Leon Draisaitl contact may or may not be done, and it may or may have been leaked by Jiri Poner, an old teammate of Leon’s father. It’s either that or I’m over-reacting and Leon just beat him at a round of golf or something anti-climactic. Let’s take a look.


WWYDW: What would you be willing to do to bring in a franchise defenceman?

Let’s imagine, for a moment, a spectacularly unlikely hypothetical situation: The Los Angeles Kings crater next season. Further, the Kings determine that between their older core, their salary cap problems and their poor performance both during and post-Darryl Sutter, the timing is right for a rebuild. As a result, they determine to shop Drew Doughty…


Top 100 Oilers: Kevin Lowe (7)

With Kevin Lowe’s tenure with the Edmonton Oilers approaching 40 years since he became the first player the franchise ever drafted back in 1979, it follows his on-ice accomplishments fade a little bit with each passing year – even for those of us old enough to have watched Lowe play when the Oilers were parading…