Photo Credit: CTV Windsor

Hockey players are the best

One of the things that hockey players are known for is spending time in the community, and that’s exactly what a few guys were doing in Windsor for a 14-year-old hockey fan named Parker Tessier.

Parker, a lifelong hockey fan, suffers from a rare condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) which attacks his muscles and prevents him from doing some of the things that he’s passionate about like playing hockey.

“It doesn’t just affect my legs, it affects my whole body. I can’t even lift my arms up anymore.”

DMD causes the muscles to deteriorate and rather than get down about it, Parker put together a list of things that he wanted to do while he is still able.

“Why not make a bucket list and do some cool stuff?”

One of the things that Parker wanted to do was to get back on the ice, and he did exactly that with a group of NHLers that were doing their thing in Windsor. One of the guys included in that group was Zack Kassian and, as it turns out, Parker is an Oilers fan that was pretty excited to meet him.

Along with Steve Ott, Matt Puempel, and Dalton Prout, Kassian and his NHL peers took Parker out on the ice and gave him an experience that he will always remember.

Keep fighting, Parker. There are still plenty of things on that list that need to get crossed off.

Check out the video below courtesy of CTV Windsor: