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Cam Talbot unveiled his new mask and it’s beautiful

David Gunnarsson, legendary NHL goal mask painter has outdone himself once again. He’s been working hard on Cam Talbot’s mask all summer and, after a long wait, the masterpiece was finally ready to be unveiled. Instead of more teasers, we finally got some close-ups showing off the amazing details on the mask, and it looks like he got an upgrade from last year. 

Well there you have it, in all its glory!

As expected, Cam went with the Ghostbusters theme again this year. Cam’s been known to have a Ghostbuster theme on his mask in the past, and as you can compare with last years mask in the picture below, he got another little upgrade. In honour of his newborn twins him and wife, Kelly had last year, he’s now repping ‘ghost twins’ on the side.

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Admittedly, I do believe in ghosts, and in certain circumstances would be afraid of ghosts if I came across something along that nature in real life, BUT if all ghosts were as cute and adorable as the little ones on Cam’s helmet, then we all have nothing to fear! Make sense? Good.

Dave Gunnarsson has been known for his amazing work with goalie masks around the NHL, and it was no surprise that he crushed it with Talbot’s mask again. Just like last year, Dave added the GLOW Tech FX to make those adorable ghost twins shine bright like a diamond in the dark. From a goalie equipment fan, Cam’s masks have never disappointed and I can’t wait to see what he puts out in the future as an Oiler. For now, we all have this classic to enjoy and stare at for the next calendar year and for that I’m thankful.

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What do you think of Dad-bots new mask, yay or nay?

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  • Ivan Drago

    That mask is awesome.

    What’s not awesome is this comments section. Cmon BM how long can it possibly take to add an edit button. Why didn’t you guys use the same comment format as the last site version? Where comments were numbered, and paged? This site it’s difficult to navigate the conversations. But I guess what’s most important is generating add revenue, not what the readers want.

    • We’re going to have some site edits coming for the start of the season that are taking priority right now. Plan is to make the site more streamlined. We’re far from done, and your patience is appreciated.

      • dabears318

        hope you learned from this. build your critical platform in-house instead of outsourcing whenever possible. the extra cost pays dividends in product quality and, more importantly, providing agility and clarity when it comes to updates.

        • Gravis82

          Anything purchased off the shelf never works for the end user without significant investment. The only thing it does it line the pockets of the company that sold you the bill of goods. There is an incredible amount of talent out there who could have built you a custom site that would have stood out from the crowd. What we have now is what everyone has…looks like buzzfeed, gizmodo etc. etc. Boring. Those sites are designed to one thing, catch your attention with a headline from facebook and once there, highlight exactly what they want you to see (quick headline, and ad and a chuckle) because you won’t be there for long.

          This is not that kind of site, people come here to use it and interact in the comments. This is a community. We are the only reason why you exist, us and our incessant 100 pageviews a day and hours spent debating in the comment section.

          I have whined about this before, sorry. I still come here just as much, and I appreciate all you guys do just to keep the thing rolling (because it still is the best Oilers site by far), but man, it’s just not as good as what we had before, which does not make sense considering the investment you likely made.

          • Svart kaffe

            I’m all the way from Sweden and check in here pretty much every day and agree with everything you say.

            The previous site was ugly and dated but it worked. This one hasn’t even got an edit button and half of the time there’s a problem even with logging in.

            I read 99% of the articles but the comment section is the reason I check many articles twice or more.

            For the record I do like the new site. It’s just that it isn’t very user friendly. It looks slightly better than the old site, but it has also borderline turned into just another news site and less like a community which I think is missing the point. I read Cult of Hockey as well (from Sweden, mind you) but I don’t look for the comment section in the same way.

  • Billions McMillions

    As a father of boy/girl twins I was sure the Oilers were in big trouble when I heard that the Talbots had their newborns. Then I remembered that he’s a millionaire and can afford a small army of caregivers to watch his kids.

    • oilerjed

      I have twins as well and wondered every time the Oil were on a long home stand I wondered how Cam was making out with game day routines etc. Twins are BUSY! I bet a part of his brain was counting days til the next road trip.
      Its really quite amazing that this didn’t affect his game noticeably.

  • I'mNotThatGuy

    I’m thinkin the NHL won’t be saying, “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts!” – this guy is amazing and playing with his twins on his helmet will only add to the Oilers this season.