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Young Stars GDB 3.0: Oilers vs Canucks

The Oilers rookies will look to stay perfect at the Young Stars Classic as they take on the 2017-18 punching bag also known as the Vancouver Canucks.

Despite the fact that there are no Connor McDavid/Leon Draisaitl/first overall picks on this year’s rookie tournament roster, the Edmonton Oilers are rolling through Penticton with a path of destruction in their wake. In the first two games, the Oilers have outscored their opponents 7-2 and have looked much more in tune with each other than their opponents have been. Maybe I’m being biased (read: probably), but I see more precision and standout goaltending coming out of Edmonton than anywhere else. Often times these rookie tournaments can be a little bit sloppy, but the young Oilers are working their way through the weeds with focus and polish.

Edmonton will wrap up the Young Stars Classic against a Vancouver Canucks rookie team that won against Winnipeg in the opener but got trounced against Calgary yesterday. While there are no trophies given out for sweeping the Young Stars tournament, the Oilers will look be looking to maintain their 9-0-2 undefeated streak that goes back to 2014 (they’re 13-5-2 all-time). Even though these games don’t necessarily mean anything in terms of who wins and loses, you know that the young Oilers will want to finish on a high note as they look ahead to the main camp that’s coming up later this week. Besides, no one wants to be the team that ended a multi-year tournament winning streak.

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The game starts at 3:00pm MST and you’ll be able to find it streaming on the Oilers site.

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Gambardella – Butcher – Yamamoto
Pawlenchuk – Szypula – Safin
Polei – Bauer – Coleman
Maksimov – Glover – Wolansky

Jones – Mantha
Paigin – Khaira
Schioler – Strand



Note that these are the lines from yesterday’s game against Calgary. At the time of posting, the Canucks hadn’t put out anything yet but I will update as news comes out.

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Molino – McKenzie – Boeser
Gadjovich – MacEwan – Lind
Carcone – Corneil – D’Aoust
Stukel – Moynihan – Laplante

Juolevi – Irving
Brisebois – Candella
Stewart – Barberis



From CanucksArmy:

  • There isn’t a lot to talk away from a prospect tournament game that falls over the rails. But credit should be given to players who were able to rise about that. For the Canucks, Yan-Pavel Laplante, Boeser, and Molino were the notable players. Otherwise, the players disappeared into the background or struggled.

  • Coach Trent Cull had no update on the injuries to Aaron Irving or Zack MacEwen but described them as upper body injuries that will be re-evaluated.

  • After two games, Brett McKenzie (0-3-3) and Kole Lind (1-2-3) leading the Canucks in scoring.


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  • WhoreableGuy

    Anyone else think recent success even at an exhibiton like the Young Stars Tourney is a trickle down effect from McDavid? I think mentally these young guys are picturing themselves eventually playing at Rogers Place on the same ice as the best player in the League.

    The young kids that are now drafted into this organization have a different mindset than the Pre-McDavid era. Being drafted by the Oilers is now not career suicide, it’s a chance to play on a team that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup for the next 10 seasons.

    This Oilers squad in Penticton has very few pro games collectively under their belt but are performing very well against players with alot more experience.

    Maybe every shift they are thinking inside their head, “Maybe Connor’s watching”. No disrespcet to Chia.

    • BlueHairedApe

      Definitely some truth to what you’re saying but the opposite effect sometimes happens too. As teams get better the minor league guys have less of a shot making the big club. I forget which player it was I listened to in an interview but essentially back in the 80’s everyone dreaded the thought of being drafted by the Oilers because there was hardly a chance of cracking the lineup with a team that was so skilled. Obviously we’re not there yet but eventually this might be the case.

      • Anton CP

        It is a lot different than 80s. We are no longer have a contract that will go for over 10 years and with salary caps that teams will be forced to give up lots of talents and favoring younger cheaper players to fill the roster.

        • OriginalPouzar

          There is essentially zero chance of Yamamoto being on the NHL Oilers this year – that was true even before Chiarelli essentially cemented it over the weekend during his interview with McKenzie.

          Looking forward to streaming the game today – that first line should be fairly dynamic and I’m curious if Mantha will be able to replicate his performance from game 1. I had him as a potential ECHL candidate 4 days ago but he’s been the best of the “fab 4” so far.

  • Bringer_Of_Snow

    Not related to this game but mark my words, Stuart Skinner will be Talbots successor between the pipes for the Oilers in 5 years…. He has everything a goalies needs to succeed!

  • madjam

    The tourney allows players to be judged under game like conditions and show some of their talents in a team setting despite little/no practice time together . Some of better/impressive ones will make it to their respective camps to see how they might fit into next higher level of competition . We have seen some impressive showings so far , and on defence/goaltending in particular . We’ll see if they can continue to impress in the next stage (main camp) under harder conditions to stand out .

  • OriginalPouzar

    Oilers finally showed up for the 2nd and the 3rd.

    What a shot by Safin on his goal – love that pick in the third round – not sure why he was available so much later than his ranking on pretty much all lists.

    Paigin’s goal was a bomb on a one-time – unfortunately, he’s got some speed and mobility issues – he’ll need to get quicker.

    • madjam

      Kind of a sloppy game by Oilers in comparison to last two , as Canucks dominated most of the game . Some small flashes by Polei , Safin , Maksimov , Butcher , Gambardella , Yamamoto , Paigin , Jones and Mantha . No Oiler stood out for most of game . Starrett did well considering all the shots Canucks had . Gambardella was probably our most effective player. Unsure how many might make it to main camp after that less than impressive showing . Game took some of the shine off of some that seemed to be trending well up till then . K.Gretzky did speak well of E.Polei in between periods . Paigin’s got quite the shot , but his speed , among other things , is really suspect . Jones was best of the defence , but was not great either .

  • OriginalPouzar

    Overall, I had a fantastic time watching the tournament.
    We sure drafted some talent this past year in Samorukov, Yamamoto, Maksimov and Safin – and Skinner.
    Our forward prospect pool looks alot better than it did before this year’s draft.
    Lets hope than Benson can play a full season become a real prospect against and bridge the gap until the newly drafted are ready.

  • Oil4Brains

    Chad Butcher 7pts in three games at the rookie tourney. If he keeps up this hot play in the pre season Chia will need to sign him to more than just an AHL contract. This guy may be the dark horse to make the team to start the yr.