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Connor McDavid doesn’t care about your hockey team

After taking a summer hiatus, Elliotte Friedman’s 31 Thoughts is back and it is once again a must read for any hockey fan. In this week’s edition, Friedman touches on a couple of McDavid points that I want to dig into a little bit further. 

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One of the weird questions that players always seem to get asked is whether or not they were pulling for a specific team after they had been knocked out of the playoffs. When Connor was asked this question his answer was everything that you’d want from a competitive warlord like him.

“I did not, no,” he replied. “I took a little trip, got away from it. If we didn’t win I didn’t care who won. I got a lot of questions, (asking) who I was cheering for. For me, it didn’t matter at all. If not the Oilers, I don’t care who wins.” Competitive guy. Bodes very well for the organization.

Now, I don’t think saying that Connor doesn’t care about your hockey team is a big deal but I do still think it’s hilarious. Why? Because I think it hurt someone’s feelings. You just know that there are fans out there that were hoping that McDavid would pick their team as his Stanley Cup favourite. The fact that he didn’t give a shit means that there’s probably some dude out there that is mad at him for not caring about his favourite team.

That’s the kind of hilarious sadness that is going to keep my spirits up over the next 10 years. We’ve suffered through a decade of feasting on dog turds and I am going to take every opportunity possible to throw it back in the faces of every hockey fan that’s not on our level.

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Ok, just one more time…

“If not the Oilers, I don’t care who wins.”

Excuse me while I go “clean my room.”


Ever wonder why Connor McDavid is good enough to sign a $100 million contract? It’s because the guy is a robot that thinks about hockey before he thinks about himself. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Great summer rumour that was confirmed last week: the morning after Connor McDavid signed his $100 million contract, he took the earliest flight back to Toronto so he didn’t miss a workout with Gary Roberts. “We spent the night in Edmonton, so with the time difference, it was a little tricky,” the Oilers captain said. You went right from the airport to go see Roberts? “Yes. Absolutely nothing has changed. I would have done it playing in junior, so it’s still what I do now.”

Put yourself in Connor’s shoes for a minute. Can you see any scenario where you would jump on a plane to go to the gym almost immediately after signing a $100 million contract? I can’t. I remember this one time when I won $200 playing Keno and immediately spent it all on booze and chicken. Not only did I spend my winnings the minute I got them, I actually ended up falling asleep on a park bench covered in 7/11 chicken and the stink of rum.

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The fact that McDavid is so committed to being the best player on earth that he will literally fly across the country to make a training session only hours after signing a nine-figure contract blows my mind. I can’t even make sense of this decision, but that’s why he’s in the show and I’m just writing about him. That’s the kind of dedication that will make him the best hockey player on earth, and, Gord willing, lead us to a Stanley Cup. Have I mentioned lately how lucky we are to have him?