Real Life Podcast Episode 42: Wanye Gets Arrested

On this week’s Real Life Podcast, the boys talk about why the hell there was no show last week. The answer? Wanye got arrested. Find out why and more on this week’s episode of the Real Life Podcast.

This week’s episode starts off with Wanye telling the story of why there was no Real Life Podcast last week. As it turns out, Wanye is a hardened criminal that got hauled down to a police station and taken to task for his wild ways. From there, the boys get into their own stories of run ins with the law and try to compare notes as to who is the hardest of them all.

Next up, the guys talk about the beauties of anonymity on the Internet and how Daft Punk has made a career out of it. They also touch on the Oilers at UFC 215 and Marc Majeau brags about the amazing seats he landed on press row.

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