Real Life Podcast Episode 43: Nerding Out With The Dynamic Duo!

This week it was down to two stout hearted men – Majeau and Wanye. With baggedmilk in Vegas – what he doin? Getting secret married? – the nerds were left in control of the show and they made no mistake with the game on the line.
Wanye started off the show talking about the horrible earthquake in Mexico City and expressed his love for the City and Mexicans in general. Then the boys went Full Nerd talking about Wrestling and the Nation Network’s imminent foray into the Wrestling business.
Then things really went off the rails and talked about the New Star Trek series and the directing career of JJ Abrams. Wanye found a way to squeeze in some Connor fanboying right at the end so if you are looking for hockey talk you might want to fast forward right till the end.