GDB -5.0 Wrap-up: Winning is fun!

The Oilers pre-season dominance continues. Final score: 5-3.

Who wants to play a game? Let’s try name every Vancouver Canuck player that was in the lineup tonight. You can hardly name anyone? Good, we’re on the same page. I’ve actually heard of MacEwan before! But only cause I went to school there… anyways, tonight was another almost-AHL roster playing an arguable AHL roster and it showed.

Since all of the Canuck veterans are still coming back from China or wherever the h*ck they are, this is the time for the newbies to step up and prove themselves. The Oilers excelled again and will soon be named the 2017 pre-season champions if they keep winning like this.

Tonight’s game was a combination of boring, effortless, AHL quality skill with the odd entertaining moment. Most importantly, we got to see some serious skills from our first round pick, which will create quite the story line come the regular season. Let’s wrap.


  • Kailer Yamamoto had another unreal game tonight and was without a doubt the most dynamic players on the ice. Unfortunately I don’t think in any circumstance we will see him make the team, it’s too bad because he’s doing everything right.
  • Alright back to this Yamamoto thing.. he keeps scoring and he keeps making me re-think his future. He’s going to make it the hardest decision ever to send him down. Four goals in three pre-season games? His hockey sense is unreal, and definitely deserves a nine-game look if you ask me.
  • Draisaitl was an absolute beast tonight as per usual. The guy is playing like he just signed the contract of his lifetime and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.
  • As soft as both Iiro The Hero’s goals in the second and third period looked tonight as they floated past Bachman, they really were lasers. Iiro has a great shot and I really hope we see it more this season.
  • Auvitu played a really smart and strong game. He’s extremely poised with the puck and is playing like he really wants a roster spot on this team. I wouldn’t mind seeing him getting one after his pre-season performance so far.
  • AHL roster or not, it always puts a smile on my face seeing the Canucks lose and suffer.
  • Good on Callahan for dropping the mitts against LaPlante. Wasn’t the greatest tilly I’ve seen but you gotta do what you gotta do to get noticed.
  • Laurent Brossoit didn’t have his greatest game and I’d like to blame the lack of shots for that. He still made a couple huge, timely breakaway saves when we needed them, and that gets a bright side bullet point in my books!
  • It was nice seeing a couple local boys in Oilers sweaters tonight. For me personally, I remember following Ty Rattie and Keegan Lowe when they were younger and in the Edmonton hockey world so it was cool seeing them back.


  • A game without Connor McDavid is a game I lose majority of my interest in.
  • In pre-skate today Iiro pegged Cam Talbot once in the collar bone, and nearly a second time up high. For the first time in his life, Cam got angry showed it. Not cool Iiro, not cool. Good thing he had a solid night tonight!
  • It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, there are too many preseason games. This can make for some action-less games as guys are playing at 75% while trying not to get injured or exhausted.
  • Brossoit didn’t get tested a lot tonight which makes it very mentally exhausting. He let in a 45 footer in the third period which I’m sure he’d like back.



13:17 Vancouver PPG – Michael Carcone (1) ASST: Evan McEneny (2), Jalen Chatfield (3) 1-0
19:24 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (1) ASST: Milan Lucic (2), Drake Caggiula (1) 1-1


05:17 Edmonton Kailer Yamamoto (3) ASST: Chris Kelly (1) 1-2
09:31 Edmonton SHG – Iiro Pakarinen (1) ASST: Mark Fayne (1), Oscar Klefbom (2) 1-3


04:04 Vancouver Anton Rodin (2) ASST: Jayson Megna (3), Evan McEneny (3) 2-3
04:41 Edmonton Iiro Pakarinen (2) 2-4
12:38 Edmonton PPG – Kailer Yamamoto (4) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (2), Drake Caggiula (2) 2-5
14:23 Vancouver Jalen Chatfield (2) ASST: Nikolay Goldobin (2), Michael Carcone (1) 3-5

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  • Randaman

    He’s going to be a star but let Yamamoto go down and dominate the Dub and play in the WJHC. I wonder how many Edmonton fans will be cheering for him when the Chiefs come to town this winter? Lots I expect

  • madjam

    Back of the bus boys , as Yamamoto looking like the major driver in rush to RW if he keeps this up . Test 3 score A+ . Bam Bam Lowe showed some moxy . Pakareinen solid . Broissoit was weak tonight , hope it’s only temporary . Like to see Kailer play with McDavid tomorrow and press Strome and/or Jesse .Pakareinen pressing Jokinen by the looks of it , and Slepychev yet to show his stuff . Overall , another entertaining game and victory .

  • Hemi

    Yamamoto….having one hell of a camp! Everything logical says to send him back but his performance thus far says ‘I am here to show you all’. One hell of a pick. Gotta like this kid’s drive.

  • Oil9744

    Yamo ALREADY replaced Drake on that top line with Drai tonight and he KILLED it, no way Oilers are sending him down with the way he is playing, the way I see if Yamo already has a spot on opening night and the guys who have got to earn a spot back are Drake and especially JP cause Yamo has been better then both of them by far

    • BobbyCanuck

      Keep Yamo up in the bigs, only if he can handle a hit, a hit like Lucic laid on that Nashville player towards the end of the season, the one behind the net, when the Pred player did a somersault mid air (Cred. the player for getting right back up). IF Yamo can handle a hit like that, he is ready

    • Crazy Pedestrian

      Then I fear he be outbidding himself come the end of his ELC, and we will be forced to trade him (unless either cap goes way up or chia works some magic with getting rid of some NMC players…

    • madjam

      Todd just commented this about Yamamoto ” the more structured the game is the better he plays” . I think we all know how Todd emphasizes and feels about being structured .

      • camdog

        Structured means high hockey IQ. Players that have skill and get it can be special players. Every coach in the league wants these type of players on their team.

  • DerpSolo

    Send him down, let him simmer and roast the minors, and then bring him up next year with an extra 25-30 pounds and he’ll make Vancouver look even more pathetic. It’s gonna be so hard sending him down with this awesome preseason production, but I believe it’s probably necessary. One player I WISH was ripping up preseason was Jesse. He’s not making a strong bid to stay in the bigs, I haven’t heard much about him this preseason

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    With McD’s cap hit setting in next year and the multitude of RFA and UFA’s, we need player’s like Yamer Jujar Slepy and down the line Bear Jones and Benson to preform on a budget. I see a lot in William Lagesson as a future stay at home rock. The wild card is Jesse Puljujärvi, if he hits his stride and matures into a healthy 6ft 4in 235 pound beast whens he’s 21. we could have something special here

  • O.C.

    The ticket prices go up (a lot!) in the playoffs. Why doesn’t one of the reporters ask rather Oilers how they justify charging Joe Public regular season prices for crap lineups in a nothing game?

    Are they scared?

    • NoBuBlackOPS

      It’s real simple if the “joe public” as you put it are willing to pay those prices the oilers well charge those prices. Dont blame the oilers for something that all joe public has to do is not pay those prices. As long as rogers is sold out the prices aren’t going down.

      • O.C.

        Disagree… totally disagree.

        You want to buy season tickets but you don’t want to buy the playoff tickets…? “No problem!”
        You want to buy season tickets but you don’t want to buy the pre-season tickets…? “Screw you ticket holder, you have to buy them and we’ll charge you as much as regular season tickets for an inferior, meaningless product.”

        • NoBuBlackOPS

          Let me get this straight your complaining that you have to pay for the 4 preseason games that you don’t want? Ever think of using one of the many ticket reselling sites or putting them on kijiji. There’s many ways to get rid of unwanted tickets and recoup the money invested in them. If your willing to put a little time and effort in. But at the end of the day your in the minority nothing is going to change until the fans stop paying these prices. But that’s not going to happen seeing as fans were paying top dollar for a decade of horrible hockey.

  • Leaking5w-30

    Let’s. Not get to excited about preseason scoring. Remember Magnus puliarvii! Eight games for Yamamoto… he only stays if he scores 4 goals or keeps a ppg pace. Let’s not rush him unless he forces our hand (also worried about injury potential if he makes jump before filling out a bit)

  • Mitch92

    Yamamoto is earning his 9 game look to start the season. Would love to see Kailer and Drai become a ‘pair’ with Looch riding shotgun to make sure nobody takes any liberties with the prepubescent scoring machine. One thing that is surprising me is that the younger members of the supporting class are really coming into their own. I think the play of Cagguila, Slepyshev, Pakarinen and Puljujarvi is going to provide a strong element of youthful exuberance to balance out the experience and veteran savvy of Jokinen, RNH, Strome, Maroon and Letestu. Will be an entertaining group to watch develop into a winner.

  • Explicit

    I still don’t understand why they send the Canucks to china if they’re trying to sell the game over there. You’d think they’d send a hockey team over instead

  • West Ed Mall

    Man, i have a bad feeling about Connor this season. He will be a marked man after that 100 pointer and the Flyers already admitted they trashed him on purpose in season one. Let’s face it guys, no McDavid no playoffs. Hope he can stay healthy but I am very dubious with so many dirty teams in our division like the Ducks, Flamers and Ca-sucks, who all intent to injure.

    • Mitch92

      There will be severe consequences for anybody who attempts to take liberties with Connor with the likes of Maroon, Strome, Looch and Kassian there to take care of business. Every great player plays with a target on their backs. Nobody is more aware of that than Connor and he thrives on it. There is no point worrying about worst case scenarios. Injuries happen and that is why it is so important to have a strong supporting cast to pick up the slack when unfortunate circumstances occur.

    • giddy

      Nuge was roughly 6′ 170 lbs iirc. Bit bigger than Yamamoto’s 5’8″ 155 lb frame.

      I still think he might grow a bit. I know lots of guys who grew a few inches after highschool ended. Not saying Yam is gunna be 6’4″ by next year, but wouldn’t doubt if he grew to 5’9″ or 5’10”.

      Even at 5’8″, Johnny Hockey is the perfect example of how you can’t write off any small guys in today’s league.

      • madjam

        Having a growth spurt and major weight gain forces most to readjust their games and get comfortable in doing so , while still trying to retain the skills you already had at the smaller and slighter weights . Hopkins an example , how the extra weight does not always bear the fruit you might expect , and actually makes you often more prone to injury . Will Kailer be as effective and skilled at 165 or 175 lbs. ? Will his game be positively better and still as slippery ? The additional weight can often be a burden because you feel you can use that weight to outmuscle and take bigger opponents straight on rather than use your smarts when you were slighter . That leads to injuries . Maximum play for Kailer might be weight he now is playing with . Additional weight and/or height no guarantee he will get better .

  • ricardo2000

    Giving Yamamoto a nine game tryout isn’t a good idea to me. I think we should spend those minutes on a player who should make the team, based on age, experience, and positional need.
    It should be Puljujarvi, Auvitu, Parkarinen, etc. In effect it should be a reward for excellence in the AHL, a chance for the big club to coach and mentor a young player, a means to refine or improve particular aspects of their game.
    Yamamoto should be seasoned so that the intense, physical nature of NHL play doesn’t damage his confidence or body before he is ready. His goal should be developing foot speed, cardio, man muscle, and hockey sense. After all, the pre-season is not the NHL at full steam.

  • oilerjed

    For everyone thinking that Yamamato should play in the bigs this year please ask yourself how long his 150+lb frame will last in the corners against 200+lb dmen or go full tilt into the boards against wingers willing to take his head off. Id be surprised if he made it the whole nine games without a major concussion of spending the year recovering from shoulder surgery. let the kid finish growing before putting him up against men no matter how many preseason goals he scores.