WWYDW: Alternate Jerseys

Over the past few weeks, I’ve asked Oilersnation about depth forwards, defencemen, and how best to optimize the team’s superstars. Currently, the website is overflowing with discussions about how best to handle Kailer Yamamoto this year and the hot issue of athletes and politics.

So for this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday, I want to go in a completely different direction and ask everyone what the Oilers should do when it comes to an alternate jersey?

The league partnered with Adidas for a brand-new batch of sweaters this year, but nobody has a third jersey yet. Should they keep it this way? Is there any purpose in having third jerseys that get worn occasionally? Should the Oilers bring back the spawn logo of the mid-2000s? Or should they go in a completely new direction?

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The Oilers rocked these iconic orange and blue jerseys when they entered the league in 1979 and stuck with them until the mid-1990s. There were minor changes made along the way to the numbers on the back and the logo, but the general concept remained the same. These are the colours associated with the glory days. All five of the Oilers Stanley Cups were worn wearing these colours and all the legendary photos of Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Fuhr, and Co. feature them. Beyond the good memories, this is also an objectively nice colour scheme.

Then, in 1996-97, the Oilers pivoted to a new colour scheme. It involved moving from the orange and blue colours to a midnight blue and copper with a red trim, though the logo remained largely the same. The Oilers also implemented a brand-new alternate logo, as the “Rigger” showed up on the shoulders of the jersey. This is the colour scheme the Oilers rolled with until 2010-11, with some slight changes along the way. They made a pretty major change in 2007-08 for the league’s shift from CCM to Reebok, moving to these terrible practice jerseys that looked like pyjamas.

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The midnight blue and copper themes jerseys are what a person born in 1993 like myself associates with their childhood Oilers, while an older person would associate them with dark, unpredictable days of the mid-1990s. I think most people would associate these colours with gritty Oilers teams that weren’t all that skilled but were hard to play against. The best memories from these jerseys, of course, was the 2006 Stanley Cup Final run.

In 2001, the Oilers went completely off the grid and introduced their first-ever alternate jersey. This logo was designed by Todd McFarlane, who, at the time, was a minority owner of the team with the Edmonton Investor’s Group. This thing is incredibly polarizing. Many view it as corny and emblematic of the movement towards cartoony jerseys during the league’s expansion in the 90s, while others enjoy it for being sleek and unique. It was the first jersey I ever owned as a kid so I have a soft spot for it, though I do agree it pretty corny and strays ridiculously far away from the general idea of what the Oilers are doing with their colour schemes. These lasted until the team switched to Rebook jerseys in 2007-08.

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In 2008-09, the Oilers circled back to the good old days with a return to the orange and blue jerseys as an alternate. These were so so sooooo much better than the damn pyjamas they were rocking otherwise, so in 2011-12, they made both their home and away sets orange and blue designs. In 2015-16, the Oilers introduced an alternate jersey with an orange body, a homage to their WHA days in the 70s. When the league pivoted to Adidas this year, those orange jerseys became the home set.

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Back to the question… What should the Oilers do about their alternate jerseys moving forward? 

Should they go in a new direction while also keeping in mind the history of the 2000s?

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Should they go all the way back to the metallic sperm?

Maybe stick with the same colour scheme but go the classic handwritten font route?

Or mix a blend of new and old and finally give the good ol’ Rigger a chance to shine?

Maybe they can do something to go along with the Green and Gold colours of the city, as we see the Eskimos and Golden Bears wear.

What do you think? Should they bother with a third jersey? If they do, should it be in line with what they already have, the orange and blue scheme, a homage to the midnight blue of the gritty days, or should it be totally off the grid and in a new direction?

  • WhoreableGuy

    I love the 1995-1996 home whites, the first season where they changed their colors and the only season where they had the blue shoulders.

    My favorite Oilers jersey of all time were the home Nike jerseys they wore around 1985-1988 where it was more baby blue and the red stripe outlining the shoulders.

    I think the safe thing would be just to do the usual blue home jersey as the 3rd.

    • ubermiguel

      I always thought it was a vastly superior design to all other alternate jerseys out there. It likely has something to do with it being designed by an actual artist who cared about the team, as opposed to a corporate-focus-group-design-by-numbers-piece-of-garbage other teams put out. I think it should make a return for it’s 20th or 25th anniversary.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        I like it better than the logos that just say the team’s name like the senator’s jersey that just says “sens”. The senators really need to go back to their old logo too. The new logo with the face is just terrible.

    • Ty Guy

      while i like those Mcfarlane jeseys too they will only be valid for a year, maybe two more. The bolts were meant to represent cup wins on the crest…gonna need more bolts

    • GCW

      Take the blue and silver jersey and flip the shoulder patch to be the crest and put the meteor crest as the shoulder patch and you have a pretty sweet jersey.

      I could care less about the blue and orange colours. The blue and silver combination looks way better.

  • Hemi

    No doubt that a third jersey is strictly a “printing cash” practice but if I were to buy, it would be the Derick-Man in the new Orange Jersey. My second choice would be the Blue Jersey.

  • Ryan Jones Is Still My Hero

    I like the green and gold idea. They could go with a throwback to the Edmonton Eskimo teams that played in the 1920’s, kind of similar to what the Leafs do with the St. Pats jerseys, and make an awesome retro jersey.

  • Yes, the blue home ones we wore for the last 6 years. They were the nicest jerseys in the league. The orange is nice and all (much better with Adidas thankfully) but the blue was way better. Hope adidas brings it back – with an updated navy – and roll with blue, white, and orange again.

  • Oil9744

    Black Jersey!! Oil is Black so I’m surprised they have never had a Black jersey before, A black jersey with an Orange Oil drop and outlines would look real sharp I think

  • Cowboy Bill

    The midnight blue & cooper is the best .Strong colors . If they want a third jersey bring back that Mcfarlane jersey it’s very cool . Everything else is uuugllly .

  • WELLS WAS ALREADY SE……wrong post. I honestly think the Rigger guy is the most underrated logo in this team’s history and would love see it comeback. The green and gold idea though is my favourite, would be a momento to the city and green/gold already look great together. Green and gold would be a huge change but most of the time the point of a 3rd jersey is to splurge and try something different from the team’s traditional colours and striples.

  • Semenko27

    Stick to the old school stuff we came in with. You don’t get to have the iconic team symbols and looks like the habs and bruins etc. by changing the colors and look of the jerseys every couple of years. The OG stuff was the best, stick with it.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    If we have an alternate, I think it has to have the classic Oilers logo or the McFarlane logo. Those concept jerseys are pretty bad.

    The only thing I don’t like about the cup run jerseys in 05-06 was the bit of red they added to the jersey. It seemed out of place.

    I’d like to see the 05-06 jersey remade with our current colours and no red. All dark blue with the orange stripe.

  • Spoils

    fun stuff. I for one LOVE the McFarlane jersey’s. the darker colour is tough – but classy. the lace-up. the nut is iconic and reflects Edmonton’s bluer color roots… AND when we add a cup the nut changes to have 6 edges. if anybody has one for sale…

  • Happy McDavid Decade

    What I would like to see:
    Todd McFarlane’s jersey as a third. The midnight blue with the comet and namebar font was sick. Maybe could add in the Rigger logo as shoulder patches and the look would be complete. A definite off the grid look for the Oilers that worked really well at the time; I don’t see how it still can’t. The comet logo might need to add a sixth cog soon though… 😉

    What likely will happen:
    Classic original Oilers blue with orange shoulder yolk, with the possibility of making the blue the same darker shade as on the new Adidas jerseys this year. Might work.

    I’m still not sold on the new Adidas colors on the home orange, but it’s growing on me. I’ll reserve judgement until once we see them on October 4th in game action. I’m guessing the Oilers are sticking to the road whites for all preseason games; nice marketing move on their part I suppose.

    In other news, Dylan Wells has been sent do… oh wait…

  • JohnnyAlberta

    I’m also a pariah McFarlane jersey fan, but I don’t think it needs a redux. Our orange jerseys suffiently recognizes the WHA years.

    I think the idea of a Green & Gold jersey is inspired, but so ight a tribute to the Edmonton Flyers of the days of yore?

  • @S_2_H

    Wow a geeen and gold jersey would be rad, however I’ve always thought that rig-hand would makes sweet main logo – but never saw a concept of it until now, that’s very cool as well.

  • gregolas

    Screw you, Cam…
    The reebok edge series home jersey is my favorite. I love the color, I love how simplistic it is , I love the very breathable fabric and I love how the way it form fits (not insanely baggy like literally every other jersey)

    The reebok edge series jersey line is the best line of jerseys not only the oilers had, but the entirity of the NHL.

  • gregolas

    In the future for an alternate jersey, I want ‘Edmonton’ to be written somewhere on the the logo. It would be nice homage to the people who paid for the fancy new arena…

  • Florescent Oil Orange

    As a child of the 80s I resent you saying I should like the powder blues the best.

    If you want a third jersey go with the best Oilers jersey. Midnight blue and copper orange. The best color scheme the team ever had

  • Max Powers

    I think I’m in the minority but I find the McFarlane jersey just atrocious and the rigger guy is a bit much. Would love to see a new ‘Edmonton’ logo on a third jersey, similar to the Golden State warriors bridge logo… throw in the new bridge and the power plant.

  • Jack Dupp

    I want to see them in a black and copper variant of the orange and blue. Throw in some white and grey as accents, (white for the logo background), and I think they’d have a hit.

  • bendoc55

    I’ve wanted them to go in a completely different direction. Same regular logo, but incorporate silver black and white (basically Raider colours). Always seemed a natural fit for the Oil theme.