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Oilers place Mark Fayne on waivers

According to Jason Gregor, the Edmonton Oilers have placed defenceman Mark Fayne on waivers once again.

After signing his four-year deal with the Oilers in the summer of 2014, Mark Fayne has had an up and down ride with the Oilers, with arguably more downs than ups. Fayne was signed out of New Jersey as an analytics darling and was expected to help calm the madness that was the Oilers defensive zone coverage, but things haven’t really worked out as planned. Instead, Fayne found himself as a healthy scratch, yoyoing through waivers, and likely looking at another year in Bakersfield until his contract expires.

While some folks still feel as though Fayne can contribute to the Oilers’ defence, especially with Sekera injured for a couple months, it appears as though Todd McLellan would rather go in a different direction on his third pair. Over the last year, Matt Benning has stepped up his game considerably and it appears as though the Oilers would rather run with him and Eric Gryba rather than having Fayne take up that spot in the lineup. Personally, I would be surprised if Fayne was claimed on waivers and it seems likely that he’ll be hitting the Condors roster shortly.

Regardless of what happens, placing Mark Fayne on waivers yet again is another reminder of Craig MacTavish’s moves that have gone sideways. I still want to know what it’s like for MacT to be sitting around the boardroom table as Chiarelli systematically dismantles every single move that he made in his brief tenure as the GM. Does Craig’s face turn red? Does he let out a “my bad” whenever this kind of thing happens? Does he throw his hands in the air like Shaggy and say it wasn’t him? That’s the real story here, but unfortunately, we’ll probably never have the chance to find out.

What do you guys think of Mark Fayne being placed on waivers? Do you think his time with the Oilers is finished? What say you, Nation?


After the truck attack and police stabbing that happened in downtown Edmonton last night, I wanted to take a quick minute to thank our first responders for jumping into action and to Edmontonians for banding together. This is one of those moments that we never expect to read about in our city, but it happened and we must now look to move forward together. We must all come together and unite in the face of terror. One thing that I’m certain of is that we are all stronger together and it’s times like these that will serve as a reminder of the strength in our community. Oilersnation will be putting something together to help raise funds for the victims of the attack in the coming days so keep your eyes out for that, but in the meantime, I ask that you hug your loved ones a little bit tighter today. Be safe and watch out for each other.

Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 10/01/17, 10:08 am MST

    • m3sh

      As opposed to punching him with your… head?

      That said I agree with the sentiment. I still get shudders when I think of that press conference from MacT before the drawing of the Golden Ticket, something along the lines of .. “eat it tier2 fans, we’re probably going to suck for another couple years”

    • Oilerchild77

      Well, let’s look at the bright side here: He’s entering the last year of his contract and the Oilers will have his 3.6M cleared off the books and then they can finally spend that roster spot in Bakersfield with a player that actually has a chance and won’t screw up the cap.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      What IS MacT’s job with the Oilers? He’s not overseeing trades, I doubt he has a hand in player development and/or scouting. So what does he do? Is he Chiarelli’s butler? Is he Bob’s?

    • Shameless Plugger

      He may not be G.M. material but it doesn’t mean he isn’t an astute hockey mind. What does it matter to you is a more poignant question. Didn’t seem to hurt the team last year that he had a job now did it ?

      • Spydyr

        If someone has to explain to you the horrendous hockey decisions Mac-T has made in the past then explain to you why they would not want him making any more hockey related decisions. Well that explains a lot about your congnitve abilities.

      • McDavid's Comet

        @ Shameless Plugger

        You said “He may not be G.M. material but it doesn’t mean he isn’t an astute hockey mind.”, I respectfully disagree with that statement. If he was was an astute “hockey mind” why did he hire Eakins and fire Kruger over Skipe? Nicholi Khabibulin? Nikita Nikitin? Advertising “bold moves” to all GMs’ in the NHL? In fact what did he do for the team that has been noticeably positive other than failing for McJesus (if you consider that positive)? Please don’t take credit away from Charelli and place it on him. Katz’s son probably did more for the team than Mac T did last year. I’d love to play poker with him, he’s the one guy you can count on to play with his cards facing the wrong way. Nothing astute about him.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Couple of things here. 1st, the Oilers sent Puljujarvi down to Bakersfield according to their twitter. Second, MacT was another GM who was of the arrogant type. While he didn’t flaunt his “stanley cup rings” as credentials, he was of the mind that he would succeed because he wasn’t Lowe or Tambelini (is that how you speel Steve’s name?). As for him having to be a part of those meetings, let’s think of some comedic ways he has to sit through them.

    1. He has to wear a “DUNCE” hat.
    2. He has to stand in the corner as “punishment”
    3. He wears like a jacket with the words “Kick Me” actually stitched into it
    4. Or maybe, maybe, he’s had to write one of those “I won’t do this again” mantras on a board or something.

    What do you guys got?

  • Connor McFly

    This er—preseason has shown me the D is my biggest concern. Nurse and Gryba were a pair of bumblers each game I see them play. Nurse looks lost out there. He regularly loses puck battles. Gryba is just plain awful. I am sure they are fine boys. NHL D? Not so much. The fact Fayne lasted in camp this long speaks volumes. Larson is just another big slow D man. Without clutching grabbing and stickwork what good is he. Right wing is the least of their problems.

  • 813.52

    Mr. Milk, I appreciate your sentiments at the end of the column. You said we must “. . . . be safe and watch out for each other.”

    Can you elaborate what we must be safe from and watch out for?

      • 813.52

        You made the statement, baggedmilk, and I agree with you 100%. We all know what this is about.
        But I, for one, have decided to no longer be cowered by political correctness. My line was crossed last night.
        BTW, that police officer was trying to care for those around him last night.

        Sports should be an escape from real life for a few hours, I wish this site was politics-verboten. But, sadly it’s not.
        The writers here have made political statements in recent days. It’s your site. If you want to censor thoughts that you don’t approve of, ban me now.

        • Oilerchild77

          I’ll tell you who I am. A hockey fan. And one that would prefer others like yourself to stop stirring up trouble where there isn’t any. Baggedmilk made an innocuous comment about the incident and you tried to turn it into an interrogation so you could make it into something more. Don’t lie, you wanted to stir up $h!t and you know it. So I say piss off!

        • Oilerchild77

          I’m sure someone like you has been called any name I could think up because people like you are good at antagonizing others. I doubt I could shut you up because people like you don’t know when to shut up.

  • Oilfaninvan

    For what it’s worth, I judged wanted to send my best wishes from the west coast to all those affected by the terror attack in the great city of Edmonton.❤️

  • Abagofpucks

    my take on why mact is still here is …. maybe he makes a great cup of coffee with beans that were processed by monkeys that poop out the beans and katz is rich so he can afford that chit lol……. as for fayne put him in a dark deep hole in the hockey system till we can tottaly get rid of that piece of …….. ya